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Dr and Albert
* 1943 – Bicycle Day – Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann deliberately takes LSD for the first time.
* 1938 – LSD is first synthesized by Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann at the Sandoz Laboratories in Basel, Switzerland.
All of the twenty four members of the Sierra Leonean delegation were prominent and well-respected politicians including Sir Milton's younger brother lawyer Sir Albert Margai, the outspoken trade unionist Siaka Stevens, SLPP strongman Lamina Sankoh, outspoken Creole activist Isaac Wallace-Johnson, Paramount chief Ella Koblo Gulama, educationist Mohamed Sanusi Mustapha, Dr John Karefa-Smart, professor Kande Bureh, lawyer Sir Banja Tejan-Sie, former Freetown's Mayor Eustace Henry Taylor Cummings educationist Amadu Wurie, and Creole diplomat Hector Reginald Sylvanus Boltman.
It was supervised by Dr. James Peoples, who was assisted by Dr. Albert P. Crary.
Dr. Albert Abrams
* Also during 1965 through 1968, Dr. Albert M. Kligman was contracted by the Dow Chemical Company to perform threshold tests for TCDD on inmates at Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia after Dow studies revealed adverse effects on workers at Dow's Midland, Michigan plant were likely due to TCDD.
* Dr. Albert Bartlett, 2004 lecture, " Arithmetic, Population and Energy ,"
Dr. Albert Schumacher, former president of the Canadian Medical Association estimates that 75 per cent of health-care services are delivered privately, but funded publicly.
* The Ones That Stain Blue Studies in ethnomycology including the contributions of Maria Sabina, Dr. Albert Hofmann and Dr. Gaston Guzman.
* Dr. Howard Dean ( M. D., Albert Einstein College of Medicine )
Later, at an isolated beach house, Hammer finds " Lily ", who has been revealed to be an imposter named Gabrielle, with her evil boss, Dr. Soberin ( Albert Dekker ).
* Albert Dekker as Dr. G. E.
* Albert Bassermann as Dr. Sigmund Gottlieb Golden
* The Road to Eleusis: Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries by R. Gordon Wasson, Dr. Albert Hoffman ( the inventor of LSD ) and Prof. Carl Ruck
In 1880, Lynchburg resident James Albert Bonsack invented the first cigarette rolling machine, and shortly thereafter Dr. Charles Browne Fleet, a physician and pharmacological tinkerer, introduced the first mass marketed over-the-counter enema.
In 1927-1928, Dr. Albert Carroll Traweek, Sr., an investor in the Motley Railroad, established the Traweek Hospital, which was turned over to the county in 1991 and became the Motley County Historical Museum.
Designed for former San Antonio Mayor Albert Steves Sr., by bat authority Dr. Charles A. R. Campbell.
In 1941, Richard Evans Schultes first identified ololiuhqui as Turbina corymbosa and the chemical composition was first described on August 18, 1960, in a paper by Dr. Albert Hofmann.
In 1914 the sale of a portrait study of D. Hayes Agnew for The Agnew Clinic to Dr. Albert C. Barnes precipitated much publicity when rumors circulated that the selling price was fifty thousand dollars.
In 1907, Dr. George McAnelly Miller, a former Chicago prosecuting attorney and professor, and former president of Ruskin College in Trenton, Missouri, relocated his family to the area, and along with his brother-in-law Albert Peter Dickman ’ s family.
Also, at Bands of America Grand National Championships, the band was a Class A Finalist and National Semi-Finalist, and finished in third place in Class A National Championships. The program is led by director Brian Willett, assistant director Dr. Albert Lilly, and color guard director Colin West.
Dr. Albert Bean School ( 368 students ) and
Harvard University physician, pathologist, and immunologist Dr. Albert Coons grew up in Gloversville.

Dr and Schweitzer
The wedding of Princess Elizabeth to Prince Philip also survives, as do various early 1950s productions such as It is Midnight, Dr Schweitzer and the opening two episodes of The Quatermass Experiment, although in varying degrees of quality.
A few months beforehand he had directed a play entitled It Is Midnight, Dr. Schweitzer for the BBC, and he offered the role of Quatermass to one of the stars of that play, André Morell.
Morell considered the offer but declined the part, which Cartier then offered to another actor who had appeared in It Is Midnight, Dr. Schweitzer, Reginald Tate, who accepted.
While serving in Africa, Charpentier met Dr. Albert Schweitzer and became an advocate for his work.
He met the Austrian television director Rudolph Cartier when Cartier cast him in his BBC production of It Is Midnight, Dr Schweitzer in February 1953.
Tate was the second choice for the part of Professor Bernard Quatermass ; Cartier had previously offered it to his It Is Midnight, Dr Schweitzer co-star André Morell, who declined the role.
However, he now increasingly began to win leading parts on television, and in 1953 was cast by the television director Rudolph Cartier in a play called It Is Midnight, Dr Schweitzer.
Morell considered the not-yet-completed script, but decided to decline the offer ; the part went instead to his co-star from It Is Midnight, Dr Schweitzer, Reginald Tate.
An excellent example is the photograph " Schweitzer at the Lamp " by W. Eugene Smith, from his 1954 photo essay A Man of Mercy on Dr. Albert Schweitzer and his humanitarian work in French Equatorial Africa.
In 2009 he portrayed Dr. David Fuller in the German film production of Albert Schweitzer.
The concept for HOBY was inspired in 1958 by a nine-day visit O ’ Brian had with famed humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer in Africa.
Dr. Schweitzer believed " the most important thing in education is to teach young people to think for themselves.
On April 18, 1950, he sent Dr. Albert Schweitzer the manuscript of his autobiography.
* Dr. Schweitzer of Lambaréné ( 1960 )
" Dr. Albert Schweitzer had overemphasized this doctrine, but we should not compensate by underemphasizing it.
Named after Rev R. A. Lockhart and Dr. Albert Schweitzer
* Albert Schweitzer, with both paternal and maternal grandfathers as ministers, Dr. Albert Schweitzer followed his inner calling to be a missionary.

Dr and theologian
Pastor and theologian Dr. Brian Abasciano claims " What Paul says about Jews, Gentiles, and Christians, whether of their place in God ’ s plan, or their election, or their salvation, or how they should think or behave, he says from a corporate perspective which views the group as primary and those he speaks about as embedded in the group.
Dr William Ames, theologian ( 1576 – 1633 )
Dr. Johann Maier von Eck ( 13 November 1486 – 13 February 1543 ) was a German Scholastic theologian and defender of Catholicism during the Protestant Reformation.
Born at Halle an der Saale and baptized at Kirche St. Moritz on 7 August 1737, Struensee was the third child of six born to Pietist theologian and minister Adam Struensee ( baptized in Neuruppin on 8 September 1708 – Rendsburg, 20 June 1791 ), Pfarrer (" curate ") in Halle an der Saale in 1732, " Dr. theol.
Famous natives of Leeuwarden include stadtholder William IV of Orange, graphic artist M. C. Escher, and dancer-spy Mata Hari, as well as the theologian Dr. N. H. Gootjes.
Dr John Charlton Polkinghorne, KBE, FRS ( born 16 October 1930 ) is an English theoretical physicist, theologian, writer, and Anglican priest.
Dr. Michael Horton ( theologian ) concurs by saying,
* Dr. Jack Cottrell Christian theologian, associated with the Christian churches and churches of Christ, Professor of Theology at Cincinnati Christian University.
In the recent past Dr. Sebastian Kappen, an Indian theologian, has tried to redefine counterculture in the Asian context.
* Rabbi Dr. Shalom Carmy-professor of Jewish Studies and Philosophy at Yeshiva University ; a prominent Modern Orthodox theologian and student of The Rav
: This article is about Dr. William Ellery Channing, the Unitarian theologian.
An Alcoholics Anonymous website reports: " What is undisputed is the claim of authorship by the theologian Dr. Rheinhold Niebuhr, who recounted to interviewers on several occasions that he had written the prayer as a ' tag line ' to a sermon he had delivered on Practical Christianity.
While Oneness theologian Dr. David Bernard indicates that Modalistic Monarchianism and Oneness are essentially the same ( so long as one does not understand Modalism to be the same as patripassianism ), he vehemently denies any connection to Arianism in Oneness teaching.
Morehouse is one of two black colleges in the country to produce Rhodes Scholars, and it is the alma mater of many African-American leaders, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., theologian Howard Thurman, filmmaker Spike Lee, actor Samuel L. Jackson, Olympic gold medalist Edwin Moses, musician Lil Jon, former Bank of America Chairman Walter E. Massey, the first African-American mayor of Atlanta, Maynard Jackson, former Secretary of Health and Human Services Louis W. Sullivan, and former United States Surgeon General David Satcher, among others.
Dr William Buckland DD FRS ( 12 March 1784 – 14 August 1856 ) was an English theologian who became Dean of Westminster, and a geologist and palaeontologist, who wrote the first full account of a fossil dinosaur, which he named Megalosaurus.
* The Right Reverend Dr. N. T. Wright, Anglican theologian and author, born in Morpeth in 1948
The first holder of this post is the Reverend Dr. Fraser Watts, a psychologist and theologian.
Dr. John Behr, theologian
Miroslav Volf ( born September 25, 1956 ) is a Croatian Protestant theologian, intellectual, and public speaker, and “ one of the most celebrated theologians of our day .” Having received two advanced degrees under the famed German theologian Jürgen Moltmann ( Dr. theol.
Dr. Władysław Komornicki, theologian, a relative of the Ostrowski family
* Dr Henry Cooke, a noted theologian, was born at Maghera.
The Oxford theologian, Dr B H Streeter, Provost of Queen's College, made it the subject of the Warburton Lectures, given at Oxford University in 1933-5.
In his book, The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss, he says he considers Theodor S. Geisel ( aka Dr. Seuss ) to be his favorite theologian.

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