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Drivers and smaller
Drivers used smaller current year models featuring V6 motors.

Drivers and feature
Unfortunately, only the VxD ( Virtual Device Drivers ) drivers for pre-NT kernel versions of Windows ( 3. x, 9 #, and ME ) support the physical modelling feature.
He has also appeared on truTV's The Smoking Gun Presents: World's Dumbest ... as a frequent commentator — mainly on episodes that feature the " World's Dumbest Drivers ".
He also appeared in a number of feature films including The Lavender Hill Mob ( 1951 ), Hell Drivers ( 1957 ), A Tale of Two Cities ( 1958 ) and Alfie ( 1966 ) starring Michael Caine and Shelley Winters.
Pizza delivery has also been the subject of non-pornographic films, even to the point of being the subject of such feature length films as Drivers Wanted and Fat Pizza: The Movie, as well as Pizza: The Movie.

Drivers and ",
The convention details ( amongst other things ) that " Every driver shall keep to the edge of the carriageway appropriate to the direction of traffic ", and the " Drivers overtaking shall do so on the side opposite to that appropriate to the direction of traffic ", notwithstanding the presence or absence of oncoming traffic.
Politically motivated bands such as MDC and 7 Seconds in the U. S. were also introducing anti-homophobia messages into their songs at this time and, in a more personal vein, bands such as the Nip Drivers were including songs such as " Quentin ", dedicated to Quentin Crisp, on their albums.
Toivonen started his 1978 season at the Arctic Rally, the second round of both the European Rally Championship and World Rally Championship's " FIA Cup for Drivers ", the predecessor to the official drivers ' world championship which was established in 1979.
Waltrip was named one of NASCAR's 50 Greatest Drivers ( 1998 ), and was awarded the Bill France " Award of Excellence ", in 2000.
Even in the Enterprise Edition of the development environment, there is optional functionality which requires a separate purchase from the creating company ( including but not limited to " IP Data Driver and Server ", " In-Memory Database Driver ", " Dynamic File Driver ", " Oracle Accelerator "," TPS ODBC Drivers ").
Drivers will often try " donuts ", wheelstands and jumps during this segment.
Statements made in the report included: " The closer a driver is to the cyclist, the greater chance of a collision ", " Drivers passed closer to the rider the further out into the road he was ", and " The bicyclist ’ s apparel affects the amount of clearance the overtaking motorist gives the bicyclist ".
He also narrated Drivers eye views for railway filming company " Video 125 ", the most notable ones being Wessex, Connex Express, The Uckfield Thumper, The Royal Scot ( Parts 1 & 2 ) & The Flying Scotsman ( Parts 1 & 2 ).
After Miracles, Angus acted as Marcus Crassus in a more historically accurate version of Stanley Kubrick's film Spartacus, the character of Bill in " The Pleasure Drivers ", and the lead in the dramatic film " The Virgin of Juarez " ( 2006 ).

Drivers and where
On the 7 October 2012, Hill will be driving his father Graham Hill's BRM in celebration of winning the 1962 F1 World Championship, where Graham became the first British driver to win the Drivers ' World Championship with a British team.
Drivers would wait in long lines of cars to enter the square, where they often would invent their own lanes, waiting for a relatively safe chance to cross.
Drivers and EMT's on the squad also answer calls for mutual aid when an ambulance is needed in other towns where one is not available.
One example of this was during the 1994 Australian Grand Prix where, following the controversial crash between Michael Schumacher and Walker's close friend Damon Hill which decided the World Drivers ' Championship in the German's favor, Walker, unlike his fellow commentators at the time, most notably former 500cc Motorcycle World Champion Barry Sheene, declined to blame Schumacher outright for the crash.
The Imp was also successfully raced and rallied in other parts of the world, notably Asia where Drivers like Andrew Bryson and Pardaman Singh regularly won saloon car categories even till as late as the eighties.
Following the demise of the team, he joined Bernie Ecclestone's Brabham team at Weybridge, where he would stay for the following decade, becoming chief mechanic for the World Drivers ' Championship successes of Nelson Piquet in and and later rising to chief engineer, while Nick went on to open a Motor Racing spares shop near the Brands Hatch circuit.
The Drivers Championship quickly became a battle for second place as Michael Schumacher finished first or second in every race except for the Malaysian Grand Prix, where he finished third, thus achieving a podium position in every race.
Reigning world driver's champion Nelson Piquet and his Brabham-BMW were usually the fastest combination on track but appalling early season reliability, where the reigning Drivers ' World Champion failed to score a point due to numerous engine and turbo failures before his win in Canada, meant he was never able to challenge consistently, and by half way through the season it was apparent he wouldn't repeat as champion.
Class 166 units were some of the first trains in Britain to be designed for Driver Only Operation, in cases where a Guard is required they must carry out their door operation duties via a bell system to signal the Drivers to close doors and start the train.
Class 165 units were some of the first trains in Britain to be designed for Driver Only Operation-in cases where a Guard is required, the Guard must carry out their door operation duties via a bell system to signal the Drivers to close doors and start the train.
In 2008 the car was entered into F24 + where Josh drove the car to victory in five races, claiming the 2008 Drivers and Constructors titles.
He is arguably best known for his role in 1972 TV series Kamiondžije ( Truck Drivers ), where he was paired with comedian Miodrag Petrović Čkalja.

Drivers and long
; Drivers: A one-year long study, conducted by a firm that provides statistical information to insurance companies so they can determine rates, found that drivers of H2 and H3 Hummers receive about five times as many traffic tickets as the national average for all vehicles ( standardized based on the number of violations per 100, 000 miles driven ).
After leaving the sport, Hulme led the GPDA ( Grand Prix Drivers ' Association ) for a brief period, but the cut and thrust nature of the post was ill-suited to his gentlemanly nature and he did not fill the post for very long.
Drivers traveling between central and southern areas of London and East Anglia continued to face long stretches of single-carriageway roads through the suburbs of Leyton, Leytonstone and Wanstead and serious traffic congestion had become frequent in these areas.
Drivers should plan on a driving time of at least two hours for the long trip from Red Lodge to Cooke City.
Gerhard Berger finished third in the Drivers ' Championship, and Scuderia Ferrari | Ferrari were runners-up in the Constructors ' Championship, but both were a long way behind McLaren and its drivers.
Drivers began taking to low-quality roads in search of parks outside the city, but were often disappointed after long drives to find that most of those parks were closed to nonresidents.
NASCAR Drivers: Non-Stop is an hour long television series airing on ESPN2 that profiles at least three different drivers during a particular Nextel Cup or Busch Series race weekend.

Drivers and winter
Drivers often use winter tires.

Drivers and for
The Dutch Grand Prix was a round of the World Drivers Championship for the first time not a Formula One race, as the World Championship was for Formula Two cars that year and in 1953.
* Writing Device Drivers for the Digital UNIX operating system: A Tutorial
A number of Grand Prix racing organisations had laid out rules for a World Championship before the war, but due to the suspension of racing during the conflict, the World Drivers ' Championship was not formalised until 1947.
Sweden's Bjorn Wirdheim won the 2003 FIA Formula 3000 International Championship for Drivers
Drivers have been written to dynamically process data for operations such as converting grayscale to binary image data.
The following year, he was Autocar Formula Two champion in a Cooper, while continuing to score minor points-scoring positions with the small-engined Coopers in the World Drivers Championship and driving for Aston Martin in Sportscars.
Drivers for these games are also included in the multi emulator MAME.
Sonic screwdrivers appear in the 1980s Fighting Fantasy book Sky Lord ( although it is never used for anything in the book ), the Iron Man novel Femme Fatales, and the Red Dwarf novel Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers.
A four-time Formula One Drivers ' Champion, Prost has won more titles than any driver except for Juan Manuel Fangio ( five championships ), and Michael Schumacher ( seven championships ).
In 1991 Nigel Mansell returned to Williams and, together with Patrese, the team became genuine contenders for both the Drivers ' and Constructors ' Championships.
Drivers moving slower than the general flow of traffic are required to stay in the right-most lanes ( by California Vehicle Code ( CVC ) 21654 ) to keep the way clear for faster vehicles and thus speed up traffic.
* They permit re-use of publicly available code for Device Drivers, Web Servers, Firewalls, and other code.
He won five Formula One World Drivers ' Championships — a record which stood for 46 years until bested by Michael Schumacher — with four different teams ( Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Maserati ), a feat that has not been repeated.
Drivers for such behaviour include market expectations, personal realisation of a bonus, and maintenance of position within a market sector.
Hill became the fourth driver in nine years to win the World Drivers ' Championship and not drive for Williams the following season following in the footsteps of Nelson Piquet ( WDC-drove for Lotus ), Nigel Mansell ( WDC-1993 competed in the US based Champ Car World Series instead of F1 ) and Alain Prost ( 1993 WDC-Retired ).
Drivers are required to drive at a safe speed for conditions.
The second-generation RL appeared on Car and Drivers Ten Best list for 2005, and also garnered an CNET. com " Editor's Choice " Award for Top Tech Car.
*" On the Utility of Antiprotons as Drivers for Inertial Confinement Fusion " ( Nuclear Fusion journal article of work performed at LLNL )

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