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Dub and featured
Behind a potent offense that featured Graham, Groza, Motley, Lavelli and running back Dub Jones, the Browns finished the 1950 regular season with a 10 – 2 record, tied for first place in their conference.
In addition to the core band, Soulfly featured Mario C., Burton C. Bell, Dino Cazares and Christian Olde Wolbers from Fear Factory, Fred Durst and DJ Lethal from Limp Bizkit, Chino Moreno from Deftones, Benji Webbe formerly of Welsh band Dub War and now a member of Skindred, Eric Bobo from Cypress Hill and Jorge do Peixe and Gilmar Bola Oito from Chico Science & Nação Zumbi.
Music by Pennington and other UR members was featured in the video game Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition, which is set on the streets of Detroit.
*" Formula of Fear ( Hybrid's Matrix Dub )" was featured on the soundtrack for Need For Speed: Undercover.
The nine track album was recorded at Dub Narcotic Studios, Olympia and featured a line-up of Jon Spencer on Guitar, Vocals and Organ, Judah Bauer on Guitar, Russell Simins on Drums, Jeff Smith on Organ and Calvin Johnson on Vocals and Melodica ( Talk About The Blues was also recorded during these sessions ).
The British musical group Asian Dub Foundation have a song called " Naxalite ", which is featured on the soundtrack to the 1999 film Brokedown Palace.
Asian Dub Foundation's music has been featured in several video game titles ; " Flyover " in Burnout Revenge, " Rise To The Challenge " in FIFA Football 2004 and Test Drive Unlimited, " Fortress Europe " in Need for Speed: Underground and " Burning Fence " in Need for Speed: Undercover.
Their song " What a Life " was part of the soundtrack for the 1995 film The Basketball Diaries, and " Going Under ( Love & Insanity Dub )-K & D Sessions " featured in the 2000s film Traffic, as well as in the mid-season finale to the first season of the television series The O. C.
It featured a couple of tracks recorded in the studio with the participation of Sepultura and Asian Dub Foundation.
The beginning of the 1990s had already featured the prominent alternative rock acts: Dža ili Bu, Darkwood Dub, Presing, Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša, and Block Out from Belgrade, and Bjesovi from Gornji Milanovac.
Music produced by the Asian Dub Foundation has also been featured on the soundtracks for popular video games such as Need For Speed Underground.
Though it brought plenty of fresh DJ talents like David Morales, Darren Emerson, LTJ Bukem, Lottie, Marshall Jefferson, Erick Morillo, as well as Main stage acts like Asian Dub Foundation, Transglobal Underground, Fun-Da-Mental, Smoke City, Blue States, etc., Exit 02 featured too many of the already seen performers like Tony Allen, ManCHILD, Banco de Gaia, Darko Rundek, Roni Size, Van Gogh, and Love Hunters.
In 2004, the German record label Echo Beach released an album entitled Kung Fu Fighting Remixes ( Dub Drenched Soundscapes ) that featured remixes of the track by 16 different artists including Adrian Sherwood, Dreadzone and Pole.
Bickford's animation was featured extensively in the Frank Zappa videos Baby Snakes and The Dub Room Special.
It featured a comic strip that came with the gum starting in 1930, featuring twin brothers Dub and Bub.
This included the instrumental " Angel Dub ," which was credited to Anna Din, and was featured on many compilations such as Renaissance: The Mix Collection by Sasha & John Digweed.
The Japanese version of In Dub featured a second disc of the cuts, previously available only on their early Twelve Inch singles.

Dub and regularly
A prominent venue, The Trades Club regularly features musicians of local, national and international renown performing a wide range of music ; including: Rock, Blues, and Folk, through Punk, Klezmer, Ska, Reggae, Dub and Jazz to Qawwali, Trance, Gnawa and Drum and Bass.
Fraser's Dub Me Crazy series of albums won the support of John Peel, who regularly aired tracks from the albums.
At the end of 2003, running independently from the pioneering FWD night, an event called Filthy Dub, co promoted by Plastician, and partner David Carlisle started happening regularly.

Dub and alongside
Roots and Dub music gained popularity with UK punks in the mid-70s, with Don Letts playing reggae records alongside punk ones at the Roxy nightclub and Johnny Rotten citing Dr Alimantado's " Born for a Purpose " as one of his favourite records in a radio interview.

Dub and Alan
It was released only on cassette by Alan Gill's own label, Bop a Dub, in May 1986.

Dub and Jr
* Dub Taylor ( 1907 – 1994 ), Walter Taylor, Jr., American actor
More recently Dub Syndicate has worked with Dancehall artists such as Luciano, Capleton, and Jr. Reid.
Matador Records released the Experimental Remixes EP in May 1995 featuring various tracks from Orange reworked by artists including UNKLE, Beck, Mario Caldato Jr., Mike D, Dub Narcotic Sound System, Moby and GZA ( featuring Killah Priest ).
Walter Clarence Taylor, Jr. ( February 26, 1907 – October 3, 1994 ), better known as Dub Taylor, was an American actor who worked extensively in Westerns, but also in comedy from the 1940s into the 1990s.
" Dub " Riter Jr.

Dub and .
For the Dub Pistols album, see Rum & Coke.
* 1907 – Dub Taylor, American actor ( d. 1994 )
Asian Dub Foundation are not huge mainstream stars, but their politically charged rap and punk rock influenced sound has a multi-racial audience in their native UK.
* 2000 – Will " Dub " Jones, American singer ( The Coasters ) ( b. 1928 )
* Horace Swaby ( also known as Augustus Pablo ) A 1970's Reggae and Dub artist famous for using the Melodica ( instrument ) in his music.
Máel Coluim's sons Dub and Cináed were later kings.
As of 2010, Gabay is recording and touring with Asian Dub Foundation, The RULES ( a collaborative band with DJ Krust ), and ongoing collaborations with Roni Size and Reprazent.
Dub Pistols were another hip-hop group that began incorporating heavy Trip-hop influence into their music.
* February 26 – Dub Taylor, American actor ( d. 1994 )
After the band split, Cook formed Beats International whose début album spawned their signature hit, Dub Be Good to Me which was another UK number-one as well as going on to become the 7th best-selling single of 1990 in the UK.
Cook then went on to be a member of numerous other acts including Freak Power, Pizzaman and The Mighty Dub Katz to moderate success.
Their first album, Let Them Eat Bingo, included the number one single " Dub Be Good to Me ", which caused a legal dispute revolving around allegations of infringement of copyright through the liberal use of unauthorised samples: the bassline was a note-for-note lift from " The Guns of Brixton " by The Clash and the lyrics borrowed heavily from " Just Be Good to Me " by The S. O. S.
Cook also formed the group The Mighty Dub Katz along with Gareth Hansome ( aka GMoney ), Cook's former flatmate.
Another track recorded during these sessions entitled " Guaguanco " was released separately under the Mighty Dub Katz moniker in 2006.
Dub mac Maíl Coluim ( Modern Gaelic: Dubh mac Mhaoil Chaluim ), sometimes anglicised as Duff MacMalcolm, called Dén, " the Vehement " and Niger, " the Black " ( died 967 ) was king of Alba.
There are very few sources for the reign of Dub, of which the Chronicle of the Kings of Alba and a single entry in the Annals of Ulster are the closest to contemporary.
The remaining report is of a battle between Dub and Cuilén, son of king Ildulb.
Dub won the battle, fought " upon the ridge of Crup ", in which Duchad, abbot of Dunkeld, sometimes supposed to be an ancestor of Crínán of Dunkeld, and Dubdon, the mormaer of Atholl, died.
The Chronicle claims that Dub was driven out of the kingdom.
The Annals of Ulster report only: " Dub mac Maíl Coluim, king of Alba, was killed by the Scots themselves "; the usual way of reporting a death in internal strife, and place the death in 967.
It is presumed that Dub was killed or driven out by Cuilén, who became king after Dub's death, or by his supporters.
In other places in Asia groups are also known as Black Hmong ( Hmoob Dub / Moob Dlub or Hmong Den ), Striped Hmong ( Hmoob Txaij or Hmoob Quas Npab ), Hmong Shi, Hmong Pe, Hmong Pua, and Hmong Xau, Hmong Xanh ( Green Hmong ), Hmong Do ( Red Hmong ), Na Mieo and various other subgroups.

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