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Due and heavy
Due to heavy rainfalls some of the ghetto neighborhoods built at the edge of steep valleys are frequently washed away and buried under mudslides, as in October 2005.
Due to heavy Italian influence during the Italian colonial period, Italian is still widely understood in the countries of Libya and Eritrea.
Due to the heavy, guitar-driven blues rock sound of their first two albums, Led Zeppelin are frequently recognised as the progenitors of heavy metal and hard rock.
Due to the massive quantity of Stooge product available for broadcast, the films were broadcast Monday through Friday, leading to heavy exposure aimed squarely at children.
Due to economic reforms, there has been a shift away from heavy industry, and towards small businesses.
Due to the dangerous and expensive nature of training on heavy equipment, simulation has become a common solution across many industries.
Due to controversies and arguments over the band being heavy metal or not than just with nu metal being heavy metal or not, lead singer Jonathan Davis commented, " I remember when were coming out we were fighting being called a metal band because we weren't a metal band, we were something that wasn't classifiable ," Davis says.
Due to the shift in the Big Three's strategy, many long-running cars like the Ford Taurus, Buick Century and Pontiac Grand Prix fell behind their Japanese competitors in features and image ( relying more on fleet sales instead of retail and / or heavy incentive discounts ); some were discontinued.
Due to its heavy load of silt the Yellow River is a depositing streamthat is, it deposits part of its carried burden of soil in its bed in stretches where it is flowing slowly.
Due to its heavy investment in nuclear power, France is the smallest emitter of carbon dioxide among the seven most industrialized countries in the world .< ref >
Due to heavy road traffic on the aging, one-lane bridge, construction on a new steel and concrete bridge to bypass the covered bridge occurred in the summer of 2006.
Due to 2010 forest and peat fires the Russian government is under heavy pressure to finance re-flooding of the previously drained bogs around Moscow.
Due to the area's vacationers, many of which come from New York and Northern New Jersey, Route 37 is routinely congested with seasonal traffic in the summer, especially on and around the Mathis and Tunney Bridges and at the Garden State Parkway interchange as heavy tourist traffic converges on the shore.
Due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, heavy fogs and low overcasts are common throughout the year, sometimes producing light drizzle.
Due to heavy congestion on the ramp to Route 32 west, the Turnpike Authority replaced it with a new two lane ramp that goes from the toll gate to the intersection of CR 535 and Thatcher Road.
Due to heavy immigration, the population of English-speaking residents of Canada West soon outstripped Canada East.
Due to heavy fighting near Winsen and Walle the British were unable to reach Bergen-Belsen on April 14, as originally planned.
Due to 4Kids ' heavy editing of their properties and refusal to release untouched versions on DVD, some fansubbing groups continue to subtitle and release popular shows owned by the company such as Tokyo Mew Mew, One Piece, and Yu-Gi-Oh !.
Due to their sound and image, they are often associated with the grunge movement of the late 1980s and early 1990s, though they were initially a heavy metal act.
Due to his heavy drinking, he's often late or even absent for performances with his quintet.
Due to its density, cricket bails, particularly " heavy bails " used in windy conditions, are sometimes made of lignum vitae.
Due to the size of its heavy turret and gun, the KV-2 was slower and had a much higher profile than the KV-1.
Due largely to munitions factories located in Nuneaton, the town suffered heavy bombing damage during World War II.

Due and local
Due to rioting and damage to shops caused by incendiary devices, an estimated total of worth of damage had been done to local businesses.
Due to Anson's absence from the club after 22 years, local newspaper reporters started to refer to the Cubs as the " Orphans ".
Due to the respective local East Franconian German dialects, the adjacent northeastern region of Baden-W├╝rttemberg called Tauberfranken and parts of southern Thuringia are also considered as Franconian regions.
Due to the hierarchical nature of Lions Clubs International, members have the opportunity to advance from a local club to an office at the zone, district, multiple district and international levels.
Due to problems with local political parties in his country, President Daud Khan decided to distance himself from the Soviets in 1976.
Due to a lack of competition, local telephone call rates were high and international call rates were even higher.
Its Due Process Clause prohibits state and local governments from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without certain steps being taken to ensure fairness.
Due to his extortionate demands for cash from the local population, most of the Jewish population fled to Jerusalem.
Due to the rural nature of the local population, Roman control of the region remained weak.
Due to perceived neglect of Corfu by the central government in Athens, local businessmen and others proposed formation of an autonomist party to compete in the 2010 local elections.
# Due to the economic modernization and social change, people are separated from longstanding local identities.
Due to its original usage in scattered isolated regions where communication is limited to the local area, the Hakka language has developed numerous variants or dialects, spoken in Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan, and Guizhou provinces, including Hainan island, Singapore and Taiwan.
Due to China's enormous population growth and the body of its appointed scholar-officials being accepted in limited size ( about 20, 000 active officials during the Song period ), the larger scholarly gentry class would now take over grassroots affairs on the vast local level.
Due to the change in up-wash, down-wash, and wingtip vortices there may be errors in the airspeed system while in ground effect due to changes in the local pressure at the static source.
Due to local action by The Save King's Stairs Gardens Campaign, which collected over five thousand signatures, as of March 2011 it seems that Thames water will build the access shaft at an alternative site ; providing that the local community is in agreement.
Due to a collapse in local king salmon fisheries in 2008, residents were unable to generate enough economic capital to buy increased amounts of heating oil at higher prices.
Due to the expense of brick it was hard to convince local business owners to invest in brick buildings.
Due to the large federal, state, and local police presence, Nogales has one of the highest police per-capita levels in the United States.
Due to limited roads and abundant local business, community members did not have to travel
Due to their " difficulties and inconveniences by reason of their distance from the places of Public Worship in their respective Towns ," local inhabitants petitioned the General Court to be set apart as a separate town.
Due to these two destinations and the quaint small-town appearance in a major metropolitan area, Afton receives a fair amount of local tourism in the form of day trips.
Due to the appearance and actions of many of the participants, local enthusiasm is mixed, but the event is responsible for around 20 % of the sales at the few commercial establishments in the area, which include the closest permanent fuel and grocery stops to the event site.
Due to the presence of an earlier Ashford Post Office in New York state, the town took the name " Ardsley " after the name of a local baron's estate, and the first village postmaster was appointed in 1883.

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