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Due and engine
Due to the superior cooling of the flat-twin engine with the cylinders across the frame, Harley's XA cylinder heads ran 100 ° F ( 56 ° C ) cooler than its V-twins.
Due to the rotary engine's large rotational inertia, it was possible to adjust the appropriate fuel / air mixture by trial and error without stalling it, although this varied between different types of engine, and in any case it required a good deal of practice to acquire the necessary " knack ".
Due to a 50 % longer stroke duration than a four-cycle engine there is more time to complete the combustion.
Due to the compact size and low weight of a Wankel engine, it has found its way into electric vehicles as range extenders.
Due to the higher energy density of the nuclear fuel compared to chemical fuels, about 10 < small >< sup > 7 </ sup ></ small > times, the resulting propellant efficiency ( effective exhaust velocity ) of the engine is at least twice as good as chemical engines.
Due to velocity change limitations of the Shuttle and the Inertial Upper Stage ( IUS ), this was accomplished by using an encounter with Jupiter to effect the plane change instead of an engine burn.
Due to safety concerns, the smoke is not a result of combustion but is produced by the vaporization of fog oil into a fine aerosol, achieved either by injecting the oil into the hot engine exhaust or by the use of a dedicated device that can be fitted in any position on the aircraft.
Due to the reduced compression stroke of a Miller cycle engine, a higher overall cylinder pressure ( supercharger pressure plus mechanical compression ) is possible, and therefore a Miller cycle engine has better efficiency.
Due to the retirement of the LS1 engine in 2004, Pontiac added the drive-by-wire 400 HP LS2 V8 for 2005 2006 model years at no additional cost.
Station 321 has a Ladder, Medic and Engine and other apparatus and is located on Liberty Road, Station 322 has an engine medic and air unit, they are located off of Sawmill Parkway, they have a distinct slogan " First Due At The Zoo ", because the Columbus Zoo is located almost a mile away.
Due to the reversibility of orbits, Hohmann transfer orbits also work to bring a spacecraft from a higher orbit into a lower one ; in this case, the spacecraft's engine is fired in the opposite direction to its current path, decelerating the spacecraft and causing it to drop into the lower-energy elliptical transfer orbit.
Due to be released in 2013, the Esprit will be powered by a 4. 8-litre Lotus Performance V8 pressure-charged engine delivering up to, capable of 0 100 km / h in approximately 3. 4 seconds.
Due to engine and airco failing and an increase in the number of passengers, NS chose to buy more DDM coaches.
Due to the new standardization, it shared the similar engine ( the KV used a 600 hp V-2K modification of the T-34's V-2 diesel engine ) and gun ( the KV had a ZiS-5 main gun, while the T-34 had a similar F-34 main gun ) as the T-34, was built in large quantities, and received frequent upgrades.
Due to the absence of displacement limit regulations, manufacturers took increasing liberties with engine size.
Due to the large variation in fuel quality, a large number of engines now contain mechanisms to detect knocking and adjust timing or boost pressure accordingly in order to offer improved performance on high octane fuels while reducing the risk of engine damage caused by knock while running on low octane fuels.
Due to the need for a soft landing on the Moon, it was the first throttleable engine for manned space flight.
Due to the vehicles being imported, Yanase had a reputation of selling large luxury cars, because European and North American vehicles did not comply with Japanese Government regulations concerning exterior dimensions, and engine displacement.
Due to a lack of airflow over the elevator from a forward mounted engine ( piston or turboprop ), low speed control is reduced and low speed operation is more difficult for aircraft not designed for low speed operation.
Due to the weight, the engine also propels the mower.
Due to the uniquely wide tracks used ( 1100 mm each ) being completely enclosed within the fixed outer side armor panels that defined its overall hull width, and the inner vertical lengthwise walls of the hull used to mount the suspension components, a narrow lengthwise " tunnel " remained between the hull's inner walls, under and to the rear of the turret to house the engine and generator of the tank's powertrain.

Due and knocking
Due to a quirk in the first past the post system, this decimated the Socred caucus, knocking them down to 25 seats.
Due to the nature of the riding, candidates have a tougher time running a campaign in Calgary Buffalo, as traditional campaign methods have proven relatively ineffective — i. e., placement of lawn signs, door knocking, and voter identification have proven to be of limited usefulness.
Due to the high temperatures at this mixture, detonation of the fuel air mix shortly after maximum cylinder pressure is possible under high load ( referred to as knocking or pinging ).
Due to his horrible advice they crash into a satellite dish, knocking out the city's cable.

Due and detonation
Due to detonation problems, a low-compression version was introduced later.

Due and ),
Due to mutual agreements with foreign clubs, the youth academy has also signed foreign players as teenagers before making first team debuts, such as Belgian defensive trio Jan Vertonghen, Toby Alderweireld and Thomas Vermaelen ( now with Arsenal ) and winger Tom de Mul ( now with Sevilla ), all of whom are full internationals as well as Dutch youth international Javier Martina and Vurnon Anita of the Netherlands Antilles.
Due to deficits with existing anxiolytics ( either in terms of efficacy or side-effect profile ), research into novel anxiolytics is active.
Due to Mugabe's policy toward White Africans, Botswana ( along with the Czech Republic ), closed its embassy in Harare.
Due to widespread and persistent ignorance of HTTP < tt > charset =</ tt > over the Internet ( at its server side ), WWW Consortium disappointed in HTTP / 1. 1 ’ s strict approach and encourages browser developers to use some fixes in violation of RFC 2616.
The phrase soprano maschio ( male soprano ), which could also mean falsettist, occurs in the Due Dialoghi della Musica of Luigi Dentini, an Oratorian priest, published in Rome in 1553.
Due to an affliction affecting bats in the northeastern US known as white nose syndrome ( WNS ), the US Fish & Wildlife Service has called for a moratorium effective March 26, 2009 on caving activity in states known to have hibernacula ( MD, NY, VT, NH, MA, CT, NJ, PA, VA, and WV ) affected by WNS, as well as adjoining states.
Due in part to the climatic conditions of these regions ( e. g. cooler temperatures and semi-arid to arid conditions ), these soils can accumulate significant quantities of organic matter.
Due to an organizational error ( it was claimed ), the fire was begun without any warning to the residents of the city.
Due to concerns about widespread and well-documented corruption in Chiang's government throughout his rule ( though not always with his knowledge ), the U. S. government limited aid to Chiang for much of the period of 1946 to 1948, in the midst of fighting against the People's Liberation Army led by Mao Zedong.
Due to his disobedience regarding the commanded punishment of the Amalekites ( the sworn enemies of Israel ), God dethroned Saul from kingship and vowed that the crown would be given to one that he had chosen.
Due to the dopaminergic action of the drugs and previous findings from electrode stimulation of the brain ( e. g. Bancaud, Brunet-Bourgin, Chauvel, & Halgren, 1994 ), Taiminen and Jääskeläinen speculate that déjà vu occurs as a result of hyperdopaminergic action in the mesial temporal areas of the brain.
Due to Loren ’ s unavailability, the project was shelved and resurrected twenty-five years later as Lovers and Liars ( 1981 ), a comedy directed by Mario Monicelli with Goldie Hawn and Giancarlo Giannini.
Due to its outward similarity to the Razorbill ( apart from flightlessness and size ), the Great Auk was often placed in the genus Alca, following Linnaeus.
Due to its high rainfall ( 900 1200 mm ), mild temperatures and high mountains ( Mount Meron's elevation is 1, 000 1, 208 metres ), the upper Galilee region contains some unique flora and fauna: prickly juniper ( Juniperus oxycedrus ), Lebanese cedar ( Cedrus libani ), which grows in a small grove on Mount Meron, cyclamens, paeonias and Rhododendron ponticum which sometimes appears on Meron.
Due to the diploidy of humans ( and most animals ), there are two alleles for any given gene.
Due to a number of Parisian conventions that had to be honored ( including extensive ballets ), it became Verdi's first work in the French Grand opera style.
Due to its marked differences in its structure and phonology, some early philologists, most notably Warren Cowgill even argued that it should be classified as a sister language to Indo-European languages ( Indo-Hittite ), rather than a daughter language.
Due to the regular encoding of the MOV-instruction ( using a quarter of available opcode space ) there were redundant codes to copy a register into itself ( MOV B, B, for instance ), which was of little use, except for delays.
Due to the Komondor's size, power, speed and temperament, a lack of obedience training, which should start from a young age ( 4 8 months ), can result in danger to others.
Due to the Fourier limit ( also known as energy-time uncertainty ), a pulse of such short temporal length has a spectrum spread over a considerable bandwidth.
Due to Latvia's strategic location and prosperous city, its territories were a frequent focal point for conflict and conquest between at least four major powers, the State of the Teutonic Order ( later Germany ), the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, Sweden and Russia.

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