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Due and extensive
Due to the high sea level there was extensive accommodation space for sedimentation so that thick deposits could form.
Due to a number of Parisian conventions that had to be honored ( including extensive ballets ), it became Verdi's first work in the French Grand opera style.
Due to the late start and extensive delays releasing the second-generation MC88110, the m88k achieved very limited success outside of the MVME platform and embedded controller environments.
Due to its location along the Alabama River and extensive rail connections, Montgomery has and continues to be a regional distribution hub for a wide range of industries.
Due to this reaction, rennin is used to bring about the extensive precipitation and curd formation in cheese making.
Due to the rich and extensive forests of their mountainous country, their houses were mostly wooden huts, and they rarely used stone constructions except in some major fortifications.
Due to his extensive correspondence, Davis ' wife frequently signed his name to his dictated letters.
Due to extensive rain and snow, the lake rose several feet and BBSO was surrounded by water at the time construction completed using makeshift barges in May 1970.
Due to his affinity and links to the region, along with his extensive CV in film, Hill was announced as a new patron and judge of the Norwich Film Festival, that was held on March 2012.
Due to the extensive shelling by the People's Republic of China, Kinmen is famous for its Artillery Shell Knives.
Due to these rivers ' muddy runoff, the bay used to be a highly silty water body, but extensive damming of the various river systems has greatly diminish siltage.
Due to extensive missionary work, Christianity is the primary religion practiced in this region of Micronesia.
Due to this scarcity of places for veterinary degrees, admission to veterinary school is highly competitive and requires extensive preparation.
Due to the city's strategic geographic position and the abundance of water from nearby springs, Neapolis prospered, accumulating extensive territory, including the former Judean toparchy of Acraba.
Due to the river's extensive meandering such possibilities were very rare between Basel and Mainz.
Due to an abundant seafood supply, the traditional Japanese diet featured minimal use of meat ; however, modern Japanese cuisine includes an extensive variety of popular meat dishes.
Due to his increased lifespan, he has traveled around the world and amassed extensive knowledge of foreign languages and cultures.
Due to the introduction of cross-strait flights and future international potential, the airport is undergoing extensive renovations, the first phase of which is expected to be completed by October 2010.
He was also named to the Advisory Committee of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D. C .. Due to his extensive knowledge of folk music he was appointed as a musicologist for the National Geographic Society.
Due to extensive contacts with the native population of Central Asia, the tribe had not only adopted the religion of Islam, but also the Chagatai language, a Turkic language of the Qarluq branch, which was heavily influenced by Arabic and Persian.
Due to the extensive training, planning and preparation that had to be undertaken before its missions, Sayeret Matkal ended up not seeing any action during the Six-Day War.
Due to the publicity the Diaries were now generating, the extensive amount of published extracts, and concerns that Latham had recorded other interviews, in particular with another ABC program, Lateline, Enough Rope pushed to have the interview broadcast four days early on Thursday 15 September at 8. 30pm with a simultaneous broadcast on some ABC radio stations.
Due to extensive road and rail links the city has flourished within the manufacturing and agricultural markets.
Due to the extensive coastal defences erected by the Germans to protect the installation from a sea-borne raid, it was believed that a commando raid from the sea would only incur heavy losses on the part of the attackers, and give sufficient time for the garrison at the installation to destroy the Würzburg radar set.

Due and drainage
Due to subterranean drainage, there may be very limited surface water, even in the absence of any rivers and lakes.
Due to the limited budget, the restoration had been primarily focused on cleaning the sculptures, and Van Erp did not solve the drainage problem.
Due to drainage of water from the bogs as a result of human activity, most of Wicklow's peat has dried out too much for Sphagnum mosses to grow and moorland and heath vegetation has taken over.
Due to small population size and ongoing habitat loss through logging of lowland forests and drainage of wetlands for agriculture, the White-shouldered Ibis is evaluated as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
Due to the surrounding mountain areas the lakes in Lakes valley have no drainage and are therefore salty.
Due to the increasingly high levels of lake pollution, E. coli bacteria, and related algae levels, Grand Lake could be dying off as a destination lake and is considered by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to be " impaired " due to " stream channelization, drainage tiles, loss of floodplains and streamside vegetation, manure runoff and untreated sewage flowing from failing home septic systems and small communities without any wastewater collection or treatment.
Due to the rapid growth of the village during the 19th century, there were problems with overcrowding, poor housing, high infant mortality, water supply and drainage.
Due to their structure the spaces between individual clay particles is quite small and already restricts the passage of water, reducing infiltration and hence drainage.
Due to the young age and active uplift of the East African Rift at the headlands, the river's yearly sediment load is very large but the drainage basin occupies large areas of low relief throughout much of its area.
Due to the hilly topography, the frequent rains in town and much of the surroundings, the town lacks effective drainage system.

Due and surrounding
Due to these variations in the water level in the basin the surrounding shelf and associated aprons have sometimes been land.
Due to the use of these biological weapons, and the apparent lack of medical advancement necessary to defend surrounding regions from them, widespread epidemics such as the bubonic plague quickly moved across all of Europe, destroying a large portion of its population.
Due to controversy surrounding the unit, soon after Galois became a member, on 31 December 1830, the artillery of the National Guard was disbanded out of fear that they might destabilize the government.
Due to the secrecy surrounding the Soviet space program at the time, many details of the spaceflight only came to light years later, and several details in the original press releases turned out to be false.
Due to the warm waters of the Great Salt Lake, lake effect snowfalls are frequent phenomena of the surrounding area.
Due to the level of skepticism surrounding the will it was not until April 26, 1897 that it was approved by the Storting ( the Norwegian Parliament ).
Due to the controversy surrounding this twist, it is no longer used.
Due to her illegitimacy she is an outcast who becomes a feral child living in the wilderness surrounding Gormenghast.
Due to its closeness to the Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area, each year San Pierre and the surrounding vicinity is briefly home to more than 10, 000 of the sandhill crane species of bird during their fall migration.
Due to the contractual issues surrounding the group name, Clinton signed the band as Funkadelic to Westbound Records.
Due to this relatively high elevation Buxton, tends to be cooler than surrounding towns, with daytime temperature typically being around 2c lower than Manchester, for instance.
Due to Tuckerton and Little Egg Harbor both sharing the same ZIP code, as well as the fact that Little Egg Harbor has no true " downtown " area, many refer to Little Egg Harbor and surrounding suburbs as " Tuckerton ".
Due to the prosperity of past industry in the city of Piqua, much of the area surrounding downtown contains large mansions and homes.
Due to the steady growth of Streetsboro and its surrounding area within the past ten years, the city has become a retail hub for Portage County with the arrival of many national big-box retailers including Wal-Mart Supercenter, Target, Lowe's, The Home Depot and Staples.
Due to this, the hydrostatic pressure will increase and, combined with histamine release, this will lead to leakage of fluid and protein into the surrounding tissues.
Due to the surrounding farmland, also notable are farming and livestock breeding, and the town hosts a Crop Improvement Centre.
Due to negative implications surrounding the word propaganda because of its use by the Germans in World War I, he promoted the term " Public Relations ".
Due to the special nature of the blood supply to the human nose and surrounding area, it is possible ( although very rare ) for retrograde infections from the nasal area to spread to the brain.
Due to the controversy surrounding King Leopold's wartime actions, and, in particular, his second marriage, Lilian was widely unpopular in Belgium.
Due to the reclamation of land for agriculture, Lake Dongting has been subdivided into many smaller lakes, though there is now a trend to reverse some of the reclamation, which had damaged wetland habitats surrounding the lake.
Due to bad publicity surrounding their participation, the European Broadcasting Union introduced the rule stating no performer is allowed to take part before the year of their 16th birthday.
Due to its significant height difference compared with the surrounding terrain the Brocken has the highest precipitation of any point in northern central Europe, with an average annual precipitation ( 1961 – 1990 ) of 1, 814 millimetres.
Due to its exceptionally fertile soil, market gardening is carried out on a commercial scale in the surrounding area, known as the Vale of Evesham, which is known for its production of fruit and vegetables.
Due to controversies surrounding his conduct in office, a narrow Assembly majority did not reelect Blocher in 2007 and chose instead Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, a more moderate SVP politician, against party policy.

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