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Due and recorded
" Due to unfortunate mic placement, much of the band's set proved too poorly recorded for commercial release.
Due in large part to Marian Jordan's periodic health problems, Fibber McGee and Molly became a nightly 15-minute show in 1953, recorded without a studio audience in single sessions, the better to enable Marian Jordan to rest.
Due to the lack of the urban heat island effect, Crystal Lake experiences colder nights and lower precipitation than recorded at Chicago.
Due to a lack of opportunities and a lack of correct documentation, the band then relocated to West Berlin, Germany in late 1984 and recorded its debut mini album, This Is Your Bloody Valentine.
Due to Steinberg's illness, DG recorded the BSO with Rafael Kubelik in Beethoven's Symphony No. 5, Ma Vlast by Bedrich Smetana and in Béla Bartók's Concerto for Orchestra as well as with Eugen Jochum conducting Symphony No. 41 by Wolfgang Mozart and Franz Schubert's Symphony 8.
Due to a wet summer in 2010 as well as an above average amount of snowfall in the Red River Valley, The Red River spilled its banks and Red River crested in Winnipeg at the James Avenue pumping station at above datum as the sixth highest flood levels in recorded history if flood protection such as the Portage Diversion and the Red River Floodway were not in place.
Due to their persistent touring schedule, a lot of the arrangements and lyrics were worked out at the last minute while in the studio and then the vocals recorded while Roe had a bad cold.
Due to Williams ' tour schedules some of the shows were previously recorded to be played in his absence.
Due to the Japanese scorched-earth policy immense environmental and infrastructure damage have been recorded.
Due to the questionable copyright status of these performances ( recorded prior to the group's EMI contract ), the Decca audition was commercially distributed in various configurations starting in 1981 ; some of these " grey market " albums omitted the three Lennon – McCartney songs.
Due to the small eye, Hurricane Hunters at first had difficulties in obtaining the strength ; however a flight late on August 16 recorded a very low pressure of, with winds estimated at 150 mph ( 240 km / h ).
Due to their small size they are vulnerable to extreme cold weather with population losses of up to 80 % being recorded in times of prolonged cold.
Due to the publicity the Diaries were now generating, the extensive amount of published extracts, and concerns that Latham had recorded other interviews, in particular with another ABC program, Lateline, Enough Rope pushed to have the interview broadcast four days early on Thursday 15 September at 8. 30pm with a simultaneous broadcast on some ABC radio stations.
Due to diplomatic relations with the Mongol Empire, Hethum himself traveled to the Mongol court in Karakorum, Mongolia, which was recorded in the famous account " The Journey of Haithon, King of Little Armenia, To Mongolia and Back " by Hetoum's companion, the Armenian historian Kirakos Gandzaketsi.
* Diamond Head recorded a DVD and live CD To The Devil His Due, released by Secret Records Ltd in 2006.
Due to the state of video game music technology at that time, the soundtrack was not recorded music, but a computerized rendition of the songs.
Due to contractual restrictions, the personnel listings were somewhat vague, and it was unclear that the full Faces line-up recorded the version of the Motown hit "( I Know ) I'm Losing You ".
Due to their ineffectiveness on the largest game ( up to 35 shots being recorded by some writers for a single elephant ), they soon developed into larger caliber black powder smoothbores.
Due to illness, Driver was unable to collect the award in person, but she recorded a video message thanking everyone at ITV.
* Due to the limited budget of the album, no b-sides were recorded besides a song called " Happy Birthday Ken " which was a gift to Ken Goldman, who had housed the band in California when they were recording.
Due to WLWD's heavy local and regional programming schedule, many network programs from NBC and ABC were recorded on film as a kinescope for later airing.
Due to its sedentary nature it has never been recorded in Great Britain.
Due to the controversy about music style and creative freedom, Benét changed to Reprise-distributed label Friday Records and recorded his next album, Hurricane.
Due to Sami Rautio moving back to Finland, the album was recorded in several different locations.

Due and predictions
Due to the success of the production philosophy's predictions many of these methods have been copied by other manufacturing companies, although mostly unsuccessfully.
Due to incidents arising very early on in Jewish history, predictions about the time of the coming of the Jewish messiah were highly discouraged, lest people lose faith when the predictions did not come true during the lifespan of the believer.
Due to some curse and some predictions given in the book the book couldn't be published before 30 January 1948.

Due and destruction
Due to the wholesale destruction of plants at the K – T boundary there was a proliferation of saprotrophic organisms such as fungi that do not require photosynthesis and use nutrients from decaying vegetation.
Due to habitat destruction, and to a lesser extent hunting, its numbers have dwindled to the point where it is uncertain whether any remain.
Due to heating problems, the worst of them being the potential destruction of the scanned film, this technology was later replaced by non-heating light sources such as color LEDs.
Due to the balance of forces concerned, these raids achieved little in the way of damage or casualties, and resulted in the destruction of the Japanese units concerned.
Due to its distance from the frontline the department is spared the destruction of World War I ( 1914 – 1918 ).
Due to the destruction brought to the area by the Civil War, few structures from this early period remain.
Due to the continuous occupation by the Union troops, New Bern avoided some of the destruction of the war years.
Due to its almost complete destruction in 1944, the Hirschstraße part of the city primarily consists of modern architecture.
Due to extensive drainage of the surrounding area, many of the timbers are drying out and are threatened with destruction.
Due to the destruction, the World Meteorological Organization retired the name Floyd.
Due to the destruction of houses and unverified rumors, the Palestinian spread accusations of massacre in Jenin, which were later refuted.
Due to the massive destruction of the facility during the War, the only available buildings to house personnel was the Kyūshū Airplane Company's complex in Zasshonokuma.
Due to her work she was considered a candidate for beatification soon after her death, but the French Revolution and other wars of the period led to the destruction of many documents necessary for this ( other sources add that de Xainctonge herself asked that her personal writings be burned after her death ).
Due to the destruction of prairie, the populations of Franklin's ground squirrel have dwindled, approaching levels of concern.
Due to public outcry and economical difficulties the destruction was halted.
Due to their less bulky dimensions and higher rate of fire, these artillery pieces could be more flexibly deployed and caused more destruction in any given length of time.
Due to G ' Kar's assistance in the assassination of Emperor Cartagia, which saved Centauri Prime from destruction, Narn was liberated early in 2261 ( Season 4 episode The Long Night ).
Due to their narrow habitat associations, a great number of these species occur in extremely limited geographic areas, and are accordingly imperiled by habitat destruction.
Due to the failure of the 6th Army to breakout and the attempt to break the Soviet encirclement, the Red Army was able to continue the destruction of German forces in Stalingrad.
Due to a request by France in the 2003 WMO Meeting, the name Frances was to be removed from the rotating cyclone lists after the 2004 hurricane season, even if Frances wasn't as destructive, but the destruction caused by Frances in the United States was enough to warrant retirement on its own merit.
Due to the exotic pet trade and habitat destruction the species has become protected by states, and is considered a threatened species.
Due to the destruction and plundering, the Swiss soon turned against the French.
Due to the systematic destruction and replacement of English cathedrals and monasteries by the Normans, no major Anglo-Saxon churches survive ; the largest extant example is at Brixworth.

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