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Due and enormous
Due to their enormous range, numbers, and density, distributional estimates are difficult to compare, but they clearly prefer higher latitudes and coastal areas over pelagic environments.
Due to the enormous size of the country Russia leads in the number of TV broadcast stations and repeaters.
Due to the enormous European success of Up!
Due to its enormous flexibility, which has only briefly been discussed here, coupled with its ability to improve over time, Folding @ home and projects like it are quickly becoming indispensable tools among researchers from a broad variety of disciplines.
Due to the enormous time constraints of film scoring schedules, orchestrators are employed.
Due to China's enormous population growth and the body of its appointed scholar-officials being accepted in limited size ( about 20, 000 active officials during the Song period ), the larger scholarly gentry class would now take over grassroots affairs on the vast local level.
Due to the enormous labour involved in sewing each ostrich feather to the dress, Astaire — who normally approved his partner's gowns and suggested modifications if necessary during rehearsals — saw the dress for the first time on the day of the shoot, and was horrified at the way it shed clouds of feathers at every twist and turn, recalling later: " It was like a chicken attacked by a coyote, I never saw so many feathers in my life.
Due to the enormous stress Hadlee was under, in 1983 he experienced mental health problems.
Due to the wide breeding range and the fact that the rate of decline, though remarkable, is still not threatening in respect to the enormous overall numbers, the Lesser Scaup is classified as a Species of Least Concern by the IUCN.
Due to the enormous quantity of 802. 11 " Wi-Fi " equipment and software, coupled with the fact that spectrum licenses are not required in the ISM and U-NII bands, the industry has moved well ahead of the regulators and the standards bodies.
Due to Pompey's enormous popularity, the Senate was not willing to oblige Cato at first, but Cato intervened and convinced the Senate to force Pompey to choose.
Due to the enormous opposition to the privatisation of state-owned companies, some key sectors in which foreign investment could have arguably made a great difference — telecommunications, in particular — continued to grow very slowly.
Due to the fact that the Intendant of New France managed the financial matters as well as the infrastructure of the colony, he had enormous amount of influence in the colony ’ s government.
Due to Medievias enormous size it is not feasible to walk everywhere.
Due to the enormous success, in 2010 the number of shows was stocked up.
Due to the enormous costs and infrastructure involved in creating globally respected Indian Institutes of Technology ( IIT ), in 2002 MHRD Minister Murli Manohar Joshi decided to upgrade RECs to " National Institutes of Technology " ( NITs ) instead of creating IITs.
Due to insufficient planning for the enormous on-campus growth, a significant portion of students currently have to share mailboxes with randomly assigned partners.
Due to his great courage and utter disregard for his own safety, the men of his division were inspired to enormous and heroic efforts, capturing Berzy-le-Sec the next morning under terrific enemy fire, and later in the day the division reached all its objectives.
Due to the enormous and growing populations of these seals, their food is a significant proportion of South Georgia's krill stocks.
Due to the enormous success of this event, it was decided that that as of 1926, the Sports Week tournament would in turn become the country's official National Football Championship.
Due to the 2008 European Football Championships in Austria, there was enormous pressure to complete the construction on time.
Due to its enormous popularity the ' Bains Forts ', an old ' lavoir ' where young people have bathed for the last 40 years, have been cemented in and closed indefinitely.
Due to the relatively enormous distances between the Milky Way and even its closest neighbors, any such venture would be far more technologically demanding than interstellar travel.
Due to its enormous budget, the series was cancelled in 1993.

Due and amount
Due to the fragility of the Antarctic environment, only a limited amount of transport movements can take place and sustainable transportation technologies have to be used to reduce the ecological footprint.
Due to this huge amount of support, Cuba became a major sponsor of Marxist " wars of national liberation " not only in Latin America, but worldwide.
Due to the Machiavellian and competitive nature within both industries, a vast amount of aspiring entertainers and athletes in the world, even some of the most talented may never be recognized and won't ever receive the opportunity to carve a name for themselves.
Due to the matter wave nature of electrons and their smaller mass, they occupy a much larger amount of volume compared with the nuclei, and this volume occupied by the electrons keeps the atomic nuclei relatively far apart, as compared with the size of the nuclei themselves.
Due to inherently compact and semantically rich instructions, the average amount of work performed per machine code unit ( i. e. per byte or bit ) is higher for a CISC than a RISC processor, which may give it a significant advantage in a modern cache based implementation.
Due to the vast amount of extant correspondence between Isabella and her family and friends, her life is unusually well-documented.
Due to the cooperative nature of liquid crystal ordering, however, a small amount of chiral dopant in an otherwise achiral mesophase is often enough to select out one domain handedness, making the system overall chiral.
Due to quantum mechanics, the energy spectrum of this Cooper pair fluid possesses an energy gap, meaning there is a minimum amount of energy ΔE that must be supplied in order to excite the fluid.
Due to conservation of energy, the same amount of mechanical energy ( work ) is required to lift a given object by a given vertical distance, disregarding losses from friction, but the inclined plane allows the same work to be done with a smaller force exerted over a greater distance.
Due to its simple design, TFTP could be implemented using a very small amount of memory.
Due to the inefficiency of early nuclear weapons, only a small amount of the nuclear material would be consumed during the explosion.
Due to the semi-arid climate and subsequent large amounts of sand, a perpetual annoyance to residents is the amount of dust blown about by the frequent winds.
Due to this poor feeding, Environmental protection is very important as the lake would suffer long term damage if polluted as the second of the rivers, Rigiaa, feeds only a marginal amount into the lake at its southern end.
Due to the poor road quality the vehicle will jerk too much giving a sense of severe motion to the inner ear, but due to the slow speed the eye doesn't sense a proportional amount of motion.
Due to the limited amount of Element-115 fuel, it has to be used sparingly.
Due to the stress and overwhelming amount of thinking involved in running a post-rebellion empire, Yongle searched for scholars to join his staff.
Due to group and phase delay the audio signal itself creates a variable amount of self-bias.
Due to the small amount of territory covered by I-40, only one Texas welcome center is located along this stretch of road, in Amarillo at the exit for Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, serving both sides of the interstate.
Due to this, Michigan City receives a fair amount of tourism during the summer months, especially by residents of Chicago and of nearby cities in Northern Indiana.
Due to pulp paper shortages and the growing amount of space required for war news from the European and Pacific fronts, the strip was canceled June 13, 1942, after nine adventures had been published.
Due to these two destinations and the quaint small-town appearance in a major metropolitan area, Afton receives a fair amount of local tourism in the form of day trips.
Due to a wet summer in 2010 as well as an above average amount of snowfall in the Red River Valley, The Red River spilled its banks and Red River crested in Winnipeg at the James Avenue pumping station at above datum as the sixth highest flood levels in recorded history if flood protection such as the Portage Diversion and the Red River Floodway were not in place.
Due to the still-limited amount of space on the disk, however, the Japanese version of the game was only in katakana.
Due to the limitations on the assembly's movement imposed by the guitar's body, the amount of available pitch change is much larger when the bar is depressed than when it is lifted.

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