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Due and publicity
Due to bad publicity claiming that most of this land reform happened in a corrupt way and land went to politicians from ZANU-PF, military leaders or leaders in the police forces who account to less than 1, 000 individuals, actually more than 100, 000 blacks were resettled on land which was previously owned by few whites.
Due to its ‘ sensitive ’ nature, the usual national publicity venues shied away, some claiming that an author was needed for interviews ( both elderly writers lived in France ).
Due to her pregnancy, Newton-John limited her publicity for the album.
Due to bad publicity surrounding their participation, the European Broadcasting Union introduced the rule stating no performer is allowed to take part before the year of their 16th birthday.
Due to their wide publicity, the concerts became an important moment in the history of the band.
Due to the publicity by Hearst during a Los Angeles campaign, Billy Graham suddenly became a media star.
Due to their initial refusal to remove the profile after they had been made aware of its existence, Masterson sued Matchmaker in California state court on the grounds of defamation of character, misappropriation of the right of publicity, invasion of privacy and negligence.
Due to the unfavorable publicity surrounding the affair and divorce, NBC canceled Fisher's television series in March 1959.
Due to Byers ' prominence, his death received much publicity.
Due to the negative publicity surrounding a wave of recent youth gang films, Over the Edge had a limited theatrical release in late 1979.
Due to the publicity of the trial, the Seattle Liberation Front faced ideological dissension, personality conflicts, and charges of " male chauvinism.
Due to high ticket prices, ribald publicity campaigns and the occasional use of prurient material, the revue was typically patronized by audience members who earned more and felt less restricted by middle-class social mores than their contemporaries in vaudeville.
Due to the bad publicity by the time Mercer was to depart on January 16, 1866, he had fewer than 100 recruits, when he had promised five times that many.
Due partly to the publicity surrounding Uri Geller in the 1970s, bent spoons have become a common visual symbol of the paranormal.
Due to this negative publicity, the library released an official response to Nicholson's New Yorker article, criticizing his claims.
Due to wide publicity, 133 tenders were sold and on December 18, 1997, 55 tenders were received.
Due to the lack of substantial market penetration by the Mega Drive of Japan and the lack of publicity for the game overseas, Alisia Dragoon did not make a big impact on the video game market, despite the critical acclaim it received.
Due to this publicity, Lusk received threatening letters through the post, allegedly from the murderer.

Due and Diaries
Lucas ( RHD Ltd ) 1950 ; All in Due Time by Humphry House ( RHD Ltd ) 1955 ; George Moore: Letters to Lady Cunard 1895-1933 ( RHD Ltd ) 1957 ; The Letters of Oscar Wilde ( RHD Ltd ) 1962 ; Max Beerbohm: Letters to Reggie Turner ( RHD Ltd ) 1964 ; More Theatres by Max Beerbohm ( RHD Ltd ) 1969 ; Last Theatres by Max Beerbohm ( RHD Ltd ) 1970 ; A Peep into the Past by Max Beerbohm ( Heinemann ) 1972 ; A Catalogue of the Caricatures of Max Beerbohm ( Macmillan ) 1972 ; The Autobiography of Arthur Ransome ( Cape ) 1976 ; Electric Delights by William Plomer ( Cape ) 1978 ; Selected Letters of Oscar Wilde ( Oxford ) 1979 ; Two Men of Letters ( Michael Joseph ) 1979 ; Siegfried Sassoon: Diaries 1920-1922 3 vols.

Due and were
Due to this, children born after 1945 were not able to identify themselves as Ainu.
Due to his contributions to natural philosophy, the plant species Alberta magna and the asteroid 20006 Albertus Magnus were named after him.
Due to the firm's commercial success many pirated editions were also produced in Lyons and elsewhere.
Due, however, to their satiric and overtly liberal political inclinations, both operas were seen as unsuitable for public performance in the politically reactive cultures of Leopold II and later Francis II.
Due to the acquisition of the Atari Consumer Division by Jack Tramiel in 1984, a number of planned peripherals for the system were canceled.
Due to a false etymology, a popular belief is that they were most likely Finns – the obsolete name of Nenets people, Samoyed, has a similar meaning in Russian: " self-eater ".
Due to the flight's routine delay, the pilot and crew were notified of the previous hijackings and were told to be on the alert, though within two minutes Jarrah had stormed the cockpit leaving the pilots dead or injured.
Due to the flight's delay, the pilot and crew were notified of the previous hijackings that day and were told to be on the alert.
Due to cuts in spending and manpower some universities have been disbanded and their campuses were included as faculties of other, larger educational entities.
The next lines, ' Due to, or as a consequence Of " were blank.
Due to the lack of a script, all of his silent films were usually shot in sequence.
Due to the difficulty of using these methods, they did not realize that the nebulae were actually galaxies outside our own Milky Way, nor did they speculate about the cosmological implications.
Due to the Caso Degollados (" slit throats case "), in which three Communist party members were assassinated, César Mendoza, member of the junta since 1973 and representants of the carabineros, resigned in 1985 and was replaced by Rodolfo Stange.
Due to the wartime travel restrictions, the first three games of the 1945 World Series were played in Detroit, where the Cubs won two games, including a one-hitter by Claude Passeau, and the final four were played at Wrigley.
Due to their specific applications in television circuits, many different Compactron types were produced.
Due to his death in 1995, this work never got past the stage of early ( and premature ) conceptualizations, some of which were published in the journals Forum Kritische Psychologie and Argument.
Due to the limited number of runes, some runes were used for a range of phonemes, such as the rune for the vowel u which was also used for the vowels o, ø and y, and the rune for i which was also used for e.
Due both to the distractions of their house guests and the films they were involved with, Crimewave and Josh Becker's Thou Shalt Not Kill ...
Due to the time demands of first-class competition, the players are mostly paid professionals, though historically many players were designated amateur.
Due to the threat of war, plans for a lavish museum were never implemented, but once the war was over it was possible to construct the relatively understated but well-lit modern exhibition extension, opened in 1977, that now houses much of the collection.
Due to this outward expansion, in 1965 the old County of London ( which by now only covered part of the London conurbation ) and the London County Council were abolished, and the much larger area of Greater London was established with a new Greater London Council ( GLC ) to administer it, along with 32 new London boroughs.
Due to the social custom that men and women should not be near to one another, the women of China were reluctant to be treated by male doctors of Western Medicine.

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