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Dungeness and appears
Dungeness now appears quite often in music videos, album covers and adverts.

Dungeness and on
While anchored in Dungeness Bay on the south shore of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, third lieutenant Joseph Baker made an observation of Mount Baker, which Vancouver recorded in his journal:
California's Dungeness crab, California halibut, and Pacific salmon fisheries rely on the bay as a nursery.
Interim moves to Southend and West Malling were followed by final selection of an area covered by grazing land on the edge of the Dungeness shingle desert on the Kentish coast close to the village of Lydd.
Later, he erected a hunting lodge on Cumberland named Dungeness, which was predecessor to the famous Greene and Carnegie Dungeness Mansions.
As a migrant it leaves its breeding areas and winters on sheltered coasts or inland lakes of the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, northern Germany and the Low Countries, with small number reaching Great Britain ( for example, at Dungeness ), mostly at regular sites.
Dungeness Spit in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, on the U. S. Pacific coast.
He died on 25 March 1818, at Dungeness, on Cumberland Island, Georgia.
On 3 September 1940, four German spies landed near the town on the coast between Hythe and Dungeness, but were soon caught.
Begun in 1942, the plan included a thousand miles of pipelines linking Grain on the Hoo peninsula, and other oil refineries, first to Dungeness and soon after to Sandown on the Isle of Wight, where pumping stations were set up to successfully carry over 6, 000 tons of fuel a day to Cherbourg.
Edgar ended his days as a coastguard at Dungeness on the southern edge of the parish .</ ref > Gravestone now preserved in side chapel of church </ ref >
Major salmon-bearing rivers on the Olympic Peninsula include, clockwise from the southwest: the Humptulips, the Quinault, the Queets, the Quillayute, Bogachiel, the Sol Duc, the Lyre, the Elwha ( see Elwha Ecosystem Restoration ), the Dungeness, the Dosewallips, the Hamma Hamma, the Skokomish, and the Wynoochee River.
* May 9 – An Air France Wibault 282T-12 airliner crashes into the English Channel off Dungeness, Kent, England, killing all six people on board.
Dungeness nuclear power station may refer to either one of a pair of nuclear power stations, only one of which is still operational, located on the Dungeness headland in the south east of Kent, England.
Dungeness B was the first commercial scale AGR power station to be constructed, the design being based on the much smaller Windscale AGR prototype ; the WAGR.
The government did not include Dungeness C in its draft National Policy Statement published on 9 November 2009, citing environmental reasons and concerns about coastal erosion and associated flood risk.
From 1961 to 1984, Dungeness power station also housed the mercury arc valves of the static inverter plant converting AC into DC for transmission on HVDC Cross-Channel, the high-voltage direct current power cable carrying electric power across the English Channel to France.
Dungeness is a headland on the coast of Kent, England, formed largely of a shingle beach in the form of a cuspate foreland.
A branch from the Marshlink Line at Appledore to New Romney was opened by the South Eastern Railway: it had a short branch to a station at Dungeness, which closed to passengers on 4 July 1937 ; it was closed completely when the Lydd to New Romney section closed on 6 March 1967.
The acoustic mirror at Dungeness is featured on the cover of the album Ether Song by the British indie band Turin Brakes.

Dungeness and much
Historically, much of the area was an open oak-studded prairie supported by somewhat excessively drained gravelly sandy loam soil, though agriculture and development of the Dungeness valley have changed this ecosystem.
The 1981 fantasy film Time Bandits shot its ' Time of Legends ' sequence on the beach and much of the 1998 Rachel Weisz movie I Want You was set in and around Dungeness: the lead character's home was one of the wooden beach dwellings.

Dungeness and for
The area is also known for its Dungeness crab.
The CEGB conducted a detailed economic appraisal of the competing designs and concluded that the AGR proposed for Dungeness B would generate the cheapest electricity, cheaper than any of the rival designs and the best coal-fired stations.
Jarman is also remembered for his famous shingle cottage-garden, created in the latter years of his life, in the shadow of Dungeness nuclear power station.
He was also responsible for the partially completed Watkin's Tower and an abortive attempt in the 1880s to create a new south-coast resort and deep-water port at Dungeness in Kent.
The two fleets met for the first time in a major battle at the Battle of Dungeness, November 1652.
She walked across Britain from Dungeness in Kent to Conway in Wales for the series Coast to Coast in 1998.
Fairey Engineering Ltd also made Nuclear Reactor cores and fuelling machines for Dungeness B and Trawsfynydd.
Destinations served include the UK nuclear power stations at Heysham, Valley ( for Wylfa ), Bridgwater ( for Hinkley Point ), Berkeley ( for Oldbury ), Hunterston, Torness, Seaton-on-Tees, Dungeness and Sizewell.
On 15 April 2009 Dungeness was included in a list of 11 potential sites for new nuclear power stations, at the request of EDF Energy, which owns and operates Dungeness B.
In the 2010 film Robin Hood, Dungeness is the landing point for King Phillip of France's siege on England, and the subsequent battle at the climax of the film.
* dungeness-nnr. co. uk-Official site for Dungeness National Nature Reserve
The river was named for Dungeness Spit.
Morally broken, he remained ill at home for many months, while Tromp replaced him for the Battle of Dungeness and the Battle of Portland.
Dungeness was considered but was thought to be a poor choice for a new build.
* BCU South-responsible for nuclear sites in the south of England ; Culham, Dungeness, Harwell, Hinkley Point, Oldbury, Sizewell
Carnegie offered to buy Dungeness on August 25, 1880, for $ 25, 000 but his offer was rejected.
The cornerstone for the new Dungeness was laid on February 26, 1884, and the $ 285, 000, mansion ( fully furnished ) completed on January 1, 1885.
Fisherman's Wharf has served local specialty Dungeness crab for decades.

Dungeness and city
The Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge is located just north of the city, near the mouth of the Dungeness River.

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