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During and 1990
During 1990, the Lynx had moderate sales but Nintendo's Game Boy continued to gain market share.
During the off-season the club hired Leigh Matthews, who in 1990 had delivered Collingwood its first premiership since 1958.
During the military government ( 1973 1990 ) of Augusto Pinochet, the Verse III was officially incorporated because of his praise of the armed forces and the national police ( Carabiners ).
During the 1990s, Goodfellas ( 1990 ) took a gritty, hard-edged look at mob crime.
During this period it was the title sponsor for the Australian GP ( 1986 1993 and 2002 2006 ), the British GP ( 1990 1993 and 2000 2006 ) and the San Marino GP ( 2003 2006 ).
During the 1980s and 1990s, in which Gen Xers would have been teenagers or young adults, the United Kingdom was politically marked by conservative Thatcher-era government followed by the more centrist tenures of John Major ( 1990 1997 ) and Tony Blair ( 1997 2007 ).
During his Steaua years ( 1987 1990 ), Hagi played 97 Liga I games, scoring 76 goals.
During August 1990, Jones was assigned as the commanding officer of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit ( 24th MEU ) at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.
During Lebanon's civil war, Syria's troop deployment in Lebanon was legitimized by the Lebanese Parliament in the Taif Agreement, supported by the Arab League, and is given a major share of the credit for finally bringing the civil war to an end in October 1990.
During German reunification in 1990, the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was revived, and is now one of the 16 states of the Federal Republic of Germany.
During the 1990 season, the Patriots went 1-15.
During Quedlinburg's Communist era as part of the GDR ( 1949 1990 ), restoration specialists from Poland were called in during the 1980s to carry out repairs on the old architecture.
During her years while on Saved by the Bell, Thiessen was seen in guest roles on Charles in Charge ( 1990 ), Married ... with Children ( 1990 ), The Hogan Family ( 1990 ), Step by Step ( 1992 ), and The Powers That Be ( 1992 ).
During their time together, the five members of the Traveling Wilburys frequently collaborated on each others ' solo records ; Lynne and Petty worked on Orbison's final album Mystery Girl ( 1988 ), Harrison played on Dylan's Under the Red Sky ( 1990 ), and Petty and Harrison worked on Lynne's Armchair Theatre ( 1990 ); Lynne produced Petty's solo albums Full Moon Fever ( 1989 ) ( which involved all the Wilburys, save for Dylan ) and Highway Companion ( 2006 ), as well as the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album Into the Great Wide Open ( 1991 ).
During the period between 1975 and 1990 Zambia's economy dropped by approximately 30 %.
During this period the number of Chardonnay plants increased fivefold and by 1990 it was the most widely planted white wine grape in Australia and third most planted overall behind Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.
During the process of dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Moldavian SSR declared itself sovereign ( 23 June 1990 ) and declared independence from the USSR on 27 August 1991, becoming the Republic of Moldova.
During the 1970s and 1980s, the tenure of University President Richard M. Cyert ( 1972 1990 ) witnessed a period of unparalleled growth and development.
During the last 20 years ( 1990 2010 ), it has become one of the most economically and ethnically diverse areas in the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV Metropolitan Statistical Area as well as the state of Maryland, with people from all walks of life calling Gaithersburg home.
During a break in filming in 1990, Binoche spent five days shooting Mara for Mike Figgis, based on Henry Miller's Quiet Days in Clichy.
During his career, he hit over 20 home runs in four different seasons, with a high of 28 in 1986 and again in 1990.

During and
In the famous long scroll Along the River During the Qingming Festival painted by Zhang Zeduan ( 1085 1145 AD ) during the Song Dynasty ( 960 1297 AD ), a suanpan is clearly seen lying beside an account book and doctor's prescriptions on the counter of an apothecary's ( Feibao ).
During the period of the Iberian Union ( 1580 1640 ), Portugal lost influence and power and made new enemies.
* 1793 During the French Revolution, the Committee of Public Safety becomes the executive organ of the republic.
* 1911 During the Battle of Deçiq, Dedë Gjon Luli Dedvukaj, leader of the Malësori Albanians, raises the Albanian flag in the town of Tuzi, Montenegro, for the first time after George Kastrioti ( Skenderbeg ).
During January February 2007, Armenia ’ s trade with the European Union totaled $ 200 million.
During January February 2007, Armenia ’ s trade with Russia and other former Soviet republics was $ 205. 6 million ( double the amount from the same period the previous year ), making them the country ’ s number one trading partner.
* 1925 During the Communist St Nedelya Church assault in Sofia, 150 are killed and 500 are wounded.
During the Tokugawa period ( 1600 1868 ) the Ainu became increasingly involved in trade with Japanese who controlled the southern portion of the island that is now called Hokkaido.
During the Invasion of the Kuril Islands, Akira Nakamura ( b. 1897 ) was captured by the Soviet army and his elder son Takeshi Nakamura ( 1925 1945 ) was killed in the battle.
* 1958 During the Cold War, American Van Cliburn wins the inaugural International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow.
During his 72 years of Imamat ( 1885 1957 ), the community celebrated his Golden ( 1937 ), Diamond ( 1946 ) and Platinum ( 1954 ) Jubilees.
* 1864 During the American Civil War, Union forces led by General William T. Sherman launch an assault on Atlanta, Georgia.
During the 4th century BC, there may well have been some 250, 000 300, 000 people in Attica.
During the turn of the 20th century British Israelites carried out some excavations of the Hill of Tara in Ireland looking for the Ark of the Covenant the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland campaigned successfully to have them stopped before they destroyed the hill.
* 1242 During a battle on the ice of Lake Peipus, Russian forces, led by Alexander Nevsky, rebuff an invasion attempt by the Teutonic Knights.
During the Helvetic Republic ( 1798 1803 ), the county of Baden, the Freie Ämter and the region known as the Kelleramt were combined into the Canton of Baden.
During 1823 1931 the grown settlement was known as Ust-Abakanskoye, 1914 1925: Abakan, 1925 1931: Khakassk.
* Mann, Horace, K. The Lives of the Popes in the Early Middle Ages, Vol III: The Popes During the Carolingian Empire, 858 891.
During the summer months ( April September ), dogs are banned from the Silver Sands but they are allowed all year round at the Black Sands.
During the period 1825 1863 a sheep market was held at a site in Castle Street, to stop the sale of sheep on the streets of the town.
* 1983 During STS-6, astronauts Story Musgrave and Don Peterson perform the first space shuttle spacewalk.
" During 1903 1930, he published his critical edition of Manilius's Astronomicon in five volumes.

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