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During and trial
During the trial he told off the jury, called them `` Just Asses '' and called a freeman `` a saucy boy and Jack-an-Apes ''.
During these first days of the trial I didn't have as much time to commiserate with Viola as I should have liked.
During the Dorr trial the Democratic press condemned the proceedings and heralded Dorr as a martyr to the principles of the Declaration of Independence.
During the Brown trial, however, the state's most powerful Democratic newspaper, the Providence Daily Post, stated that Brown was a murderer, a man of blood, and that he and his associates, with the assistance of Republicans and Abolitionists, had plotted not only the liberation of the slaves but also the overthrow of state and federal governments.
During the course of the trial, Jelke backed up part of that statement.
During the impeachment trial, Representative Benjamin Butler launched an investigation into suspicious and complex activities surrounding certain Senators, whose votes would either convict or acquit President Johnson.
During the Civil War, prior to the siege of Raglan Castle in 1645, King Charles I visited Abergavenny and presided in person over the trial of Sir Trefor Williams, 1st Baronet of Llangibby, a Royalist who changed sides, and other Parliamentarians.
During the trial, the prosecution asserted that the children were killed as part of a satanic ritual.
During Echols ' trial, Dr. George W. Woods testified ( for the defense ) that Echols suffered from:
During a trial period the County Council provisions for Gotland has been evolved to provisions for a Regional Council, meaning that it has assumed certain tasks from the County Administrative Board.
During the first decade of the television series, the name of the Doctor's home planet was not revealed, although it was actually shown for the first time in The War Games ( 1969 ) during the Doctor's trial.
During the trial, it was made clear that the goths were assaulted due to their subculture affiliation.
During his trial he stated " I am a Yugoslav nationalist, aiming for the unification of all Yugoslavs, and I do not care what form of state, but it must be free from Austria.
During his trial in 2012, Breivik revealed detailed assassination plans for Brundtland.
During the trial, a crowd of armed Métis men led by Louis Riel Sr. gathered outside the courtroom.
During a 16th-century peasant revolt in southern Norway, the rebels claimed, during their trial, that they expected the " Hun king Atle " to come from the north with a great host.
During the Irving v Penguin Books and Lipstadt trial it became evident that the court need to identify what was an " objective historian " in the same vein as the reasonable person, and reminiscent of the standard traditionally used in English law of " the man on the Clapham omnibus ".
During the appeal trial, they appeared in the dock wearing wigs.
During his trial, nine witnesses testified to the fact that he was insane, and the jury acquitted him, finding him " not guilty by reason of insanity.
During this time, the trial of Michael Servetus was extended by libertines in an attempt to harass Calvin.
During Servetus's trial, Philibert Berthelier asked the council for permission to take communion, as he had been excommunicated the previous year for insulting a minister.
During the trial the prosecution was unable to present any witnesses to the alleged abuse.
During the mid-14th Century, it was forbidden that persons who had sat on the Presenting Jury ( i. e., in modern parlance, the Grand Jury ) to sit on the trial jury for that crime.
During trial, Ribbentrop unsuccessfully sought to deny his role in the war.

During and Dr
During the World War II years, Jones worked closely with Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, to create the Private Snafu series of Army educational cartoons.
During 1942, Dr. Joseph Goebbels authorized relocation of SS Cap Arcona to Gotenhafen Harbour as a stand-in for RMS Titanic during filming of the German produced movie TITANIC directed by Herbert Selpin.
During a meeting with General Douglas MacArthur, Dr. Honma produced blades from the various periods of Japanese history and MacArthur was able to identify very quickly what blades held artistic merit and which could be considered purely weapons.
During the terms of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad as the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, many constitutional amendments were made.
During a 2010 lecture at the University of Missouri, which was broadcast by C-Span, Dr. Mueller has also argued that the threat from nuclear weapons has been exaggerated, both in the popular media and by officials.
During the 1970s pubs provided an outlet for a number of bands, such as Kilburn and the High Roads, Dr. Feelgood and The Kursaal Flyers, who formed a musical genre called Pub rock that was a precursor to Punk music.
During the second season, actress Gates McFadden was replaced by Diana Muldaur, who played Chief Medical Officer Dr. Katherine Pulaski.
During the second season, the Crusher character was written out of the show and replaced by the louder, more outgoing Dr. Katherine Pulaski ( Diana Muldaur ).
During his debriefing, his son Dr. Asim Mahmood, who's a family medicine doctor told ISI officials that: My father did meet with Osama bin Laden and Osama Bin Laden seemed interested in that matter but my father only showed mild interest in the matter as he met him for food, water matter issues that he was sent there for official work.
During the late-1950s, a number of scientists including Dr. J. Robert " Bob " Beyster left Los Alamos to work for General Atomics ( GA ) in San Diego.
During the Second World War, Mitsubishi manufactured aircraft under the direction of Dr. Jiro Horikoshi.
During the 1740s and 1750s, Dr Richard Russell of Lewes began prescribing seawater at Brighton.
During the late 1960s Peale referring to the anti Vietnam War demonstrations and the perceived laxity of that era blamed these events on Dr. Spock's books claiming that " the U. S. was paying the price of two generations that followed the Dr. Spock baby plan of instant gratification of needs.
During the presidency of Dr. Rafael Zaldivar on January 1885, businessmen and the president's family built the Sara Zaldivar Asylum for Indigents and the Elderly.
During a hypnotherapy session, Donnie confesses his crimes to Dr. Thurman and says that Frank will soon kill someone.
During his twenty-five years at president, Dr. Taylor oversaw the transformation of the former Louisiana Polytechnic Institute into Louisiana Tech University.
During the tenure of mayor Dr. Pelster between 1636 – 1639, more than 40 women were killed as witches.
During this time EIJ became more extreme, with for example, Dr. Fadl emphasizing the importance of takfir and execution of apostates, which he argued should include those who registered to vote, since this was a violation of God's sovereignty over governance.
During the early 19th century, several attempts to create a second medical school in Philadelphia had been stymied, largely due to the efforts of University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine alumni In an attempt to circumvent that opposition, a group of Philadelphia physicians led by Dr. George McClellan sent a letter to the trustees of Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania ( now Washington & Jefferson College ) in 1824, asking the College to establish a medical department in Philadelphia.
During the early days, many famous residents have lived in the Grovetown area: Hayne, the literary figure ; Stewart Phinizy and James Tobin, cotton brokers ; Charles Phinizy, banker and railroad president ; Dr. H. H.
During the 1880s Dr. Geo W. Westbrook joined them and the area grew into a small community.
During the war it housed 16, 120 patients in its 5, 200 beds and was under the command of Dr. Middleton Goldsmith.

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