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During and World
During World War 2,, he was a lieutenant commander in the United States Navy.
During World War 2, about 7.5 million persons were enrolled in courses organized under two special programs administered by state and local school authorities: ( 1 ) Vocational Education for National Defense, and ( 2 ) War Production Training.
During World War 2,, doctors in The Netherlands and Scandinavia noted a curious fact: despite the stresses of Nazi occupation, the death rate from coronary artery disease was slowly dropping.
During the First World War Korzybski served as an intelligence officer in the Russian Army.
During World War I, the Armenian Genocide, the Greek genocide ( especially in Pontus ), and the Assyrian Genocide almost entirely removed the ancient communities of Armenian and Assyrian populations in Anatolia, as well as a large part of its ethnic Greek population.
During World II the winter games were canceled but after that time the Winter Games have been held in St. Moritz ( 1948 ), Innsbruck, Austria ( 1964 and 1976 ), Grenoble, France, ( 1968 ), Albertville, France, ( 1992 ), and Torino, Italy, ( 2006 ).
During World War I, Poirot left Belgium for Britain as a refugee.
* During the first week of August is World Breastfeeding Week.
During World War II, Turing worked for the Government Code and Cypher School ( GCCS ) at Bletchley Park, Britain's codebreaking centre.
During the First World War, because of his family connections with both sides and the division of popular opinion, Spain remained neutral.
During World War II, Abadan was a major logistics center for Lend-Lease aircraft being sent to the Soviet Union by the United States.
During World War II, the ACLU defended Japanese American citizens who were forcibly relocated to internment camps.
During World War II, Eleven Assyrian companies saw action in Palestine and another four served in Cyprus.
During the early 20th century, Alicante was a minor capital that enjoyed the benefit of Spain's neutrality during World War I, and that provided new opportunities for the local industry and agriculture.
During the 1st World War British prisoners of war who had been captured at Gallipoli were housed here in an empty Armenian church at the foot of the rock.
During the First and Second World Wars, Inchcolm was occupied by the army as part of the defences of the Firth of Forth.
During World War II and for many years afterward, Capp worked tirelessly going to hospitals to entertain patients, especially to cheer recent amputees and explain to them that the loss of a limb did not mean an end to a happy and productive life.
During World War II, a subcamp of Flossenbürg concentration camp was located here.
During World War II, Bonn acquired military significance because of its strategic location on the Rhine River, which formed a natural barrier to easy penetration into the German heartland from the west.
During World War II, large parts of Berlin were destroyed in the 1943 – 45 air raids and during the Battle of Berlin.
During World War I, the Germans used Zeppelins as bombers since they had the range and capacity to carry a useful bomb load from Germany to England.
During World War II it was occupied by the U. S. military.
During World War I, the large navy was cut off from resupply of big gun shells and became a paper navy, thus reinforcing the drive for self-sufficiency.
During World War II, through February 1945, when Turkey was neutral for most of the length of the conflict, the Dardanelles were closed to the ships of the belligerent nations.
During the Second World War, Bletchley Park was the site of the United Kingdom's main decryption establishment, the Government Code and Cypher School ( GC & CS ), where ciphers and codes of several Axis countries were decrypted, most importantly the ciphers generated by the German Enigma and Lorenz machines.

During and War
During the brief Mexican venture Fosdick's report to the Secretary recommended a definite stand by the War Department against the saloon and the excesses of prostitution.
During the Civil War period Mr. Brown also invented the Brown & Sharpe formed tooth gear cutter, a basic invention which ultimately revolutionized the world's gear manufacturing industry by changing its basic economics.
About a quarter of Hardy's poems carry an appended date line, usually the year of completion, but sometimes inclusive years ( `` 1908 - 1910 '' ) or two separate dates when Hardy worked on the poem ( `` 1905 and 1926 '' ) or an approximate date ( `` During the War '' ).
During the Civil War, Custer, who achieved a brilliant record, was made brigadier general at the age of 23.
During the Second Punic War in 212 BCE, the Ludi Apollinares (" Apollonian Games ") were instituted in his honor, on the instructions of a prophecy attributed to one Marcius.
During the post-World War I period ski-lifts were built in Swiss and Austrian towns to accommodate winter visitors, but summer tourism continued to be important ; by the mid-20th century the popularity of downhill skiing increased greatly as it became more accessible and in the 1970s several new villages were built in France devoted almost exclusively to skiing, such a Les Menuires.
* 1958 – During the Cold War, American Van Cliburn wins the inaugural International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow.
* 1864 – During the American Civil War, Union forces led by General William T. Sherman launch an assault on Atlanta, Georgia.
During the Cold War, the ACLU headquarters was dominated by anti-communists, but many local affiliates defended members of the Communist Party.
During this time, his parents took part in the Spanish Civil War in supporting rather than fighting roles.
During the Second Boer War on 15 November 1899, Winston Churchill, then a war-correspondent, was travelling on board an armoured train when it was ambushed by Boer commandos.
During the Anglo-Iraqi War, some of the units located in the British Mandate of Palestine were sent to Iraq and drove Fordson armored cars.
During its design stages the name Victorie Stadion was frequently used, referring to the Dutch War of Independence, the phrase " n Alkmaar begint de victorie " ( Victory begins in Alkmaar ) in particular.

During and II
During this time, generally classed as Pueblo II Era, the climate was relatively warm and rainfall mostly adequate.
During the four years of his reign disaster followed on disaster, and in 1695 Ahmed II died at Edirne Palace, worn out by disease and sorrow.
During this time, Montgomery faced serious trouble from his military superiors and the clergy for his frank attitude regarding the sexual health of his soldiers, but was defended from dismissal by his superior Alan Brooke, commander of II Corps.
During Operation Dynamo — the evacuation of 330, 000 BEF and French troops to Britain — Montgomery assumed command of the II Corps.
During World War II, Japanese soldiers would yell in English, " To hell with Babe Ruth ", in order to anger American soldiers.
During his reign, Bayezid II consolidated the Ottoman Empire and thwarted a Safavid rebellion soon before abdicating his throne to his son, Selim I.
During the Sino-Japanese War ( 1937 – 1945 ) and World War II ( 1939 – 1945 ), the Special Research Units of the Imperial Japanese Army, such as Unit 731, conducted human experimentation on thousands of Chinese, among others.
During World War II, Japanese forces gained control of Borneo ( 1941 – 45 ).
During World War II, The Beano and The Dandy were published on alternating weeks because of paper and ink rationing.
During the course of his lifetime Sloane gathered an enviable collection of curiosities and, not wishing to see his collection broken up after death, he bequeathed it to King George II, for the nation, for the princely sum of £ 20, 000.
During World War II, the company diverted several resources to support the war effort and relinquished its West Coast markets to conserve rail car space.
During the World War II years the company was led by Schueg's son-in-law José ' Pepin ' Bosch.
During World War II, the Soviet Union annexed several countries as Soviet Socialist Republics within the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
During World War II, the 1940-1941 Franco-Thai War left the French Indochinese colonial authorities in a position of weakness.

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