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During and brief
During the brief Mexican venture Fosdick's report to the Secretary recommended a definite stand by the War Department against the saloon and the excesses of prostitution.
During his brief time in Málaga, he was able to amass local support quickly.
During this brief era, when China was in all respects a multi-state system, five regimes rapidly succeeded one another in control of the old Imperial heartland in northern China.
During a brief marriage to Wallace J. Benedict which ended in divorce, Eastman lived in Milwaukee and managed the unsuccessful 1912 Wisconsin suffrage battle.
During a brief reconciliation, he helped initiate her to Christian Science.
During Misskelley's trial, Dr. Richard Ofshe, an expert on false confessions and police coercion and Professor of Sociology at UC Berkeley, testified that the brief recording of Misskelley's interrogation was a " classic example " of police coercion.
During this time she was spotted by a producer during a brief appearance on TV's The Gong Show.
During Borgrán's brief time in office, he had agreed to a United States proposal to invite a United States financial adviser to Honduras.
During their brief diversion from the Eastern Roman Empire, the Huns appear to have threatened tribes further west, as evidenced by Radagaisus ' entering Italy at the end of 405 and the crossing of the Rhine into Gaul by Vandals, Sueves, and Alans in 406.
In its relatively brief history the impi inspired anger, scorn ( During the Anglo-Zulu War, British commander Lord Chelmsford complained that they did not ' fight fair '), and even a grudging admiration by its opponents, epitomized in Kipling's poem " Fuzzy Wuzzy ":
During the religious peace which followed the persecution of Marcus Aurelius, the new bishop divided his activities between the duties of a pastor and of a missionary ( as to which we have but brief data, late and not very certain ).
During the 1980s, Demme had a brief romantic relationship with rock singer Belinda Carlisle, who appeared in his movie Swing Shift.
During this brief period he shocked, outraged, and amused audiences with his scandalous black comedies.
During his brief deposition of 830, the emperor Louis the Pious was sent to Nijmegen by his son Lothar I.
During a brief moment of contact, Janeway helps them destroy the Borg cube, with all hands on board.
During this period, she discussed in interviews having gone through a deep depression, and there was speculation about a brief affair with Eric Clapton.
During the coalition government's brief tenure, Somalia topped the Fund For Peace's Failed States Index for three consecutive years.
During this period The Residents were conspicuously less prolific than they previously had been, with only an outtakes compilation Residue of the Residents, a collaborative album with Ralph labelmates Renaldo and the Loaf and a brief edited version of Vileness Fats with a newly recorded soundtrack being the only major releases from this period.
During his brief stay in Nagoya Castle in what is today Saga prefecture, on Kyūshū, Hideyoshi memorized the shite ( lead roles ) parts of ten Noh plays, which he then performed, forcing various daimyō to accompany him onstage as the waki ( secondary, accompanying role ).
During Louchenheim's brief regime, Columbia paid $ 410, 000 to A. H. Grebe's Atlantic Broadcasting Company for a small Brooklyn station, WABC, which would become the network's flagship station.
During his brief pontificate, Leo granted the canons of Bologna a special papal bull ( epistola tuitionis ) where he exempted them from the payment of taxes.
During his brief pontificate, Leo confirmed the decisions of the Synod of Split.
During this particular pilgrimage, his cousin Pope Gregory V died in Rome after a brief illness.
During its brief existence from July 1919 to early 1920, the Bulletin was widely read by student groups around the country and suppressed on at least one occasion by the national government as " harmful to public safety and social order.
During one of his first sorties, Gorton was involved in a brief dogfight over the South China Sea, after which he suffered engine failure and was forced to land on Bintan island, 40 km ( 25 mi ) south east of Singapore.

During and stay
During his stay on the Juan Fernández Islands, Slocum runs across a marker commemorating Selkirk's stay.
During a large revolt, dissidents marched on Córdoba itself ; However, Abd al-Rahman always managed to stay one step ahead, and crushed all opposition ; as he always dealt severely with dissidence in al-Andalus.
During his stay at Yale, Whorf acquired this current of thought partly from Sapir and partly through his own readings of Russell and Ogden and Richards.
During Carmilla's stay, Laura has nightmares of a fiendish cat-like beast entering her room at night and biting her on the chest.
During Rossini's stay in London in the summer of 1824, he composed his Duetto for cello and double bass for Dragonetti and the cellist David Salomons.
During his stay in New Guinea, he was invited to accompany the Whitney South Seas Expedition to the Solomon Islands.
During his stay there the curriculum was renewed by the principal of the school, Alexander Hegius.
During his stay at his aunt's residence, he grew increasingly interested in her daughter, Isabel.
During his stay in Puerto Rico the Braves requested that Aaron start playing in the outfield.
During her stay in the UK, Nehru frequently met her future husband Feroze Gandhi, whom she knew from Allahabad, and who was studying at the London School of Economics.
During his stay at Hangzhou he was particularly impressed by the large number of well-crafted and well-painted Chinese wooden ships, with colored sails and silk awnings, assembling in the canals.
During his 18-month stay in Bourges, Calvin learned Greek, a necessity for studying the New Testament.
During his stay he played many games of Fischer Random Chess and helped the sisters analyse their games.
During his stay in Vienna in 1862 – 63, Brahms became particularly interested in the music of Franz Schubert.
During Louis IX's stay in Acre, Henry I died in 1253, and was succeeded in Cyprus by his infant son Hugh II.
During their stay the crew performed maintenance and replenished their water supplies.
During their stay, Walter Auffenberg and his assistant Putra Sastrawan captured and tagged more than 50 Komodo dragons.
During his stay at home, Mao's interest in the revolution was rekindled after hearing of the 1925 uprisings in Shanghai and Guangzhou.
During her stay, Merlin falls in love with her and desires her.
During his stay in the valley, he is said to have four stupas built around Patan in the four cardinal directions and one in the centre.
During the stay in Berlin, he also visited the Konrad
During that time, beggars or travelers often knocked on a stranger ’ s door in hopes of procuring a place to stay.
During his stay at Dejima, he sent three shipments with an unknown number of herbarium specimens to Leiden, Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp.
During his idiosyncratic occupancy many famous people came to stay, such as H. G. Wells.

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