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During and relatively
During this time, generally classed as Pueblo II Era, the climate was relatively warm and rainfall mostly adequate.
During April and May the arctic fox also preys on ringed seal pups when the young animals are confined to a snow den and are relatively helpless.
During the late 1960s, with the transfer of these mature programs to the Services, ARPA redefined its role and concentrated on a diverse set of relatively small, essentially exploratory research programs.
In its relatively brief history the impi inspired anger, scorn ( During the Anglo-Zulu War, British commander Lord Chelmsford complained that they did not ' fight fair '), and even a grudging admiration by its opponents, epitomized in Kipling's poem " Fuzzy Wuzzy ":
During the Cold War, Japanese foreign policy was not self-assertive, relatively focused on their economic growth.
During this period, mammals and birds continued to evolve into roughly modern forms, while other groups of life remained relatively unchanged.
" During the subsequent Howard Government ( 1996 – 2007 ), Keating often criticised Howard for taking credit for the relatively good economic conditions Australia experienced over the latter half of Howard's time as prime minister, without acknowledging that the 1990s recession ended the inflation problem.
During the 1920s, he first started to systematize and extend the Bahá ' í administration throughout the world where there existed Bahá ' í communities ; because the Bahá ' í community was relatively small and undeveloped when he assumed the leadership of the religion, he strengthened and developed it over many years to the point where it was capable of supporting the administrative structure envisioned by ` Abdu ' l-Bahá.
During Jefferson's first term, Napoleon's position was relatively weak and as such negotiations were possible.
During periods of recession, an economy usually experiences a relatively high unemployment rate.
During his trial, his defense argued that the relatively shallow gene pool of the region could lead to false positives.
During the wake of the Napoleonic period, nationalism, a relatively new movement, became increasingly significant.
During this period, the mother provides relatively little maternal care, visiting her young only for a few minutes every other day to suckle them.
During the period of prosperity, monetary capital grows at relatively higher rate while during the period of recession and depression, there is deceleration of monetary capital.
During 1938 – 1940, society was still relatively free, but during 1941, most of the free newspapers, magazines, and publishers were shut down, and authors were silenced.
During the Middle Ages, because of its proximity to the Kingdom of Scotland, Carlisle became an important military stronghold ; Carlisle Castle, still relatively intact, was built in 1092 by William Rufus, and having once served as a prison for Mary, Queen of Scots.
During observations, the barking of Australian dingoes revealed itself to have a relatively small variability, and the subgroups of barking characteristic of domestic dogs could not be found.
During the first Shaba invasion, the United States played a relatively inconsequential role ; its belated intervention consisted of little more than the delivery of non-lethal supplies.
During a bear's winter sleep state, the degree of metabolic depression is much less than that observed in smaller mammals and the bear's body temperature remains relatively stable ( depressed from to approximately ).
During the World War I, Carinthia experienced a relatively high number of war deaths-thirty-seven for every 1, 000 inhabitants.
During the twentieth century the department with its traditional industries was adversely impacted by two major world wars and even in the second half of the century experienced relatively low growth, the overall population remaining remarkably stable at around 340, 000 through the second half of the twentieth century, although industrial and commercial developments in the conurbation surrounding Angoulême have added some 10, 000 to the overall population during the first decade of the twenty-first century.
During the 1970s, relatively young directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, Peter Bogdanovich, and William Friedkin were given unprecedentedly large budgets with very little studio control ( see New Hollywood ).
During the latter decades of the nineteenth century Battersea had developed into a major town railway centre with two locomotive works at Nine Elms and Longhedge and three important motive power depots ( Nine Elms, Stewarts Lane and Battersea ) all situated within a relatively small area in the north of the district.
During the Depression, Phil and Edith had won about $ 175 000 in the Irish Sweepstakes, so were relatively well off.

During and quiet
During periods of quiet, the corona is more or less confined to the equatorial regions, with coronal holes covering the polar regions.
During World War II, the Vichy regime stripped him of some of these jobs and distinctions because of his quiet refusal to collaborate with Vichy and the German occupation, but Valéry continued, throughout these troubled years, to publish and to be active in French cultural life, especially as a member of the Académie française.
During her youth, Beverly was known as quiet, shy, and socially awkward.
During this episode, the East-Pakistan remained quiet and did not intervened in the West-Pakistan's conflict with India.
During his childhood and adolescence, Shawn had lived in tough, blue-collar, urban towns like Rockland, Massachusetts and Brockton, Massachusetts before moving to the more quiet & small oceanside town of Harwich.
During the quiet period, the shares cannot be offered for sale.
During the Trojan War, Polyxena and Troilus were ambushed when they were attempting to fetch water from a fountain, and Troilus was killed by the Greek warrior Achilles, who soon became interested in the quiet sagacity of Polyxena.
During the 1970s and 1980s this was a very quiet section and like all of the rest of the Lower East Side, many people and especially many Chinese people were afraid to walk through or even reside on the streets east of The Bowery due to deteriorating building conditions and high crime rates such as gang activities, robberies, building burglaries, and rape as well as fear of racial tensions by other ethnic people that were still residing there.
During quiet times, Dst is between + 20 and-20 nano-Tesla ( nT ).
During the French invasion of Russia, while many Polish Hasidic leaders supported Napoleon or remained quiet about their support, Rabbi Shneur Zalman openly and vigorously supported the Tsar.
During the thirteen years of Napoleon's dominion Görres lived a quiet life, devoting himself chiefly to art or science.
During his retirement years, Colonel Bank played a quiet but critical role in warning the nation about the risks of terrorism and modern technology and he is largely responsible for the high level of security at U. S. nuclear power plants since the early 1970s.
During the relatively quiet race, Clark famously referred to Orchard as a " tourist " in the Tory party because of his left-leaning economic platform and opposition to the free trade agreements brokered by the Mulroney government.
During his speech to the troops, Bush said ," Fifty-five years have passed since the guns went quiet and the cease-fire was signed on this peninsula, and since that time our forces have kept the peace.
During the course of the Second Continental Congress, Adams and his group of colleagues decided the wisest course of action was to remain quiet and wait for the opportune time to rally the people.
During the quiet period after the end of World War I, the Royal Arsenal built steam railway locomotives.
During the quiet period after the end of World War II, the Royal Arsenal built railway wagons for export.
During the greater part of the reign of Anne South remained comparatively quiet ; his health was broken.
During a quiet moment in between songs, an audience member shouts very loudly and clearly, " Judas!
During quiet periods, called recessions, desert locusts are confined to a 16-million-square-kilometer belt that extends from Mauritania through the Sahara Desert in northern Africa, across the Arabian Peninsula, and into northwest India.
During concerts she does hope for absolute quiet from the audience during the music.
During one of these visits, a heckler interrupted a meeting in Avon, New York, ridiculing the elders and refusing to be quiet.
During this time he began the practice of a daily " quiet time ".
During WWII, Brucan lived in the attic of a house in a quiet area in Cotroceni, working as an illegal press worker for Communist Party's Scînteia.

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