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from Brown Corpus
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During and all
During the decade that followed, the common man, as that piece put it, grew uncomfortable as the Voice of God and fled from behind Saint Woodrow ( Wilson ) only to learn from Science, to his shocked relief that after all there was no God he had to speak for and that he was just an animal anyhow -- that there was a chemical formula for him, and that too much couldn't be expected of him.
During the 1920's the Abstractionists, the German Bauhaus group of industrial designers, and the new architects all had the dream of some well ordered utopia, or welfare state, in which their neat and logical constructions might find their proper place.
And, he added: `` During the many months in prison camp, all abstract images vanished from my mind ''.
During the rest of the summer my scholarly mania for making plaster casts and spatter prints of Catskill flowers and leaves was all but surpassed by the constantly renewed impressions of Jessica that my mind served up to me for contemplation and delight.
During all this time Roy continued to paint, first only on weekends, and then, as the family business permitted, for longer periods.
During the nineteenth century these views were protested by virtually all the Latin American writers, though ineffectively, just as the new nations of Africa and Asia protest them, with more effect, today.
During the Tsarist times, the Ainu living in Russia were forbidden from identifying themselves as such, since the Imperial Japanese officials had claimed that all the regions inhabited by the Ainu in the past or present, are a part of Japan.
During his three years in this office, he " moved resolutely to eradicate all pro-Confederate influences in the state.
During the lifetime of Muhammad, he was involved in several campaigns such as the Battle of Uhud, the Battle of the Trench, the Invasion of Banu Qurayza, Battle of Khaybar, the Conquest of Mecca, the Battle of Hunayn, the Siege of Ta ' if, and the Battle of Tabuk where he was reported to have given all of his wealth for the preparation of this expedition.
During this time he ate shellfish, and scanned the ocean daily for rescue, suffering all the while from loneliness, misery and remorse.
During the Renaissance, artists and mathematicians valued pure forms and rediscovered all of these forms.
During a large revolt, dissidents marched on Córdoba itself ; However, Abd al-Rahman always managed to stay one step ahead, and crushed all opposition ; as he always dealt severely with dissidence in al-Andalus.
During the summer months ( April – September ), dogs are banned from the Silver Sands but they are allowed all year round at the Black Sands.
During the early centuries of Christianity the title " pope " was applied generally to all bishops ; it now has more specific meanings that vary between churches.
During the early eighties, nearly all BASE jumps were made using standard skydiving equipment, including two parachutes ( main and reserve ), and deployment components.
During its 19-year run, Gwalarn tried to raise the language to the level of other great “ international ” languages by creating original works covering all genres and by proposing Breton translations of internationally-recognized foreign works.
During this period, all the war's major combatants developed mechanised force theories.
During his highschool days in Galatasaray High School ( and later in Şişli Terakki High School ) he formed his first band, Kafadarlar (" The Buddies "), allegedly upon seeing Erkin Koray's band performing, all students of Deutsche Schule Istanbul ( İstanbul Alman Lisesi ), a nearby highschool.
During the drafting of the Indian Constitution, laws from Ireland, the United States, Britain, and France were all synthesized to get a refined set of Indian laws, as it currently stands.
During his rule, members of Yakoma were granted all key positions in the administration and made up a majority of the military.
During this brief era, when China was in all respects a multi-state system, five regimes rapidly succeeded one another in control of the old Imperial heartland in northern China.
During the era after the war, later called the Pax Mongolica, adventurous Westerners such as Marco Polo travelled all the way to China and brought the first reports of its wonders to Europe.
During June, the Rockies led all of major league baseball with 151 total runs.
During the speech a directive went out to all US forces worldwide placing them on DEFCON 3.

During and busy
During the 18th and 19th centuries Emsworth was still a busy little port.
During the busy season there were several ferry boats and steamboats available to transport travelers to the Kansas shore where they started their travels westward.
During the balance of the 1960s, the band kept busy with tours, recordings, television appearances, festivals, Las Vegas shows, and travel abroad, including cruises.
* While Ralph Messenger is busy organizing the International Conference on Consciousness Studies (" Con-Con "), to be held at Gloucester University this year, his ( recent ) past catches up with him: During a symposium in Prague some weeks ago, he spent the night with a young scientist called Ludmila Lisk, who now, by way of email, threatens to expose him as an adulterer if she is not allowed to attend the conference.
During the early years of the twentieth century it is said to have been common even in busy parts of Bangkok, sometimes eating domestic animals.
During the Reign of Terror, in 1794, a guilotine was kept busy with the execution of the former moderate supporters of the revolution at Privas.
During busy periods this has led to patients being made to wait outside in the ambulances in which they arrived, leaving the long wait time problem unsolved but removing the ambulances from service.
During busy periods, outbound flights use the western runway for take-off, while inbound flights use the eastern runway for landing.
During the 19th century, it was a busy town along the turnpike from Delhi to Kingston.
During the late summer / fall months, the hamlet is busy once again, due to " pumpkin pickers " and " wine tasters ", and other tourists taking in the beautiful fall scenery Jamesport has to offer.
During the civil war, Nur ad-Din had been busy consolidating his control of Damascus following the death of Mu ' in ad-Din.
During the first half of the 20th century, Bellevue was a busy railroad hub of the Nickel Plate Road, and it remains today as a hub for the Norfolk Southern Railway, which operates a massive railroad yard in Bellevue.
During this eight-year hiatus, Kim Deal kept busy by forming, recording, and touring with The Amps.
During the Crimean War when the Royal Navy was blockading Russian Baltic ports, the busy yet still unfortified port of Liepāja was briefly captured on 17 May 1854 without a shot being fired, by a landing party of 110 men from HMS Conflict and HMS Amphion.
During the early 20th century the fishing fleet kept the harbour busy and few cargo boats used the port.
During the late 1740s, to try to combat local poverty, Sir Francis Dashwood commissioned an ambitious project to supply chalk for a straight three mile ( 5 km ) road between West Wycombe and High Wycombe ( then on the busy London-Oxford road, now the A40 ).
During December, while Akerman was busy prosecuting the Klan he was unexpectantly asked to resign by President Grant.
During the early 1970s they maintained a busy schedule in the UK, including appearances at Universities for concerts or master-classes.
During the months he was not playing Swindley he was busy on stage or making one-off guest appearances in other TV series such as Z-Cars ( 1962 ) and The Avengers ( 1967 ).
During this time Nur ad-Din was busy in the north, fighting the Ortoqids, and in 1170 he had to settle a dispute between his nephews when his brother Qutb ad-Din died.
During the investigation Columbo states that his wife loves Chopin and describes her as being busy with church, volunteering at the hospital, watching her sister's children and walking the dog five times a day.
During a practice air raid, a young woman is murdered in the village, and Superintendent Kirk recruits Harriet to help solve the murder, partly because the police are too busy organizing all the changes necessitated by the war and partly because as the wife of a detective, and as a crime novelist, she is the best qualified person to find the murderer.
During the 1980s and early 1990s, Nagoya Airport was a busy international airport because of overflow from Japan's other international airports, New Tokyo International Airport ( now Narita International Airport ) near Tokyo and Osaka International Airport ( Itami Airport ) near Osaka.
During the 2006 campaign, an image showing " a busy urban street scene " in Baghdad was posted on Kaloogian's web site.

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