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During and combat
During his raid on Washington, D. C. in 1864, Lincoln was watching the combat from an exposed position ; Captain Oliver Wendell Holmes shouted at him, " Get down, you damn fool, before you get shot!
During the 1920s, the ACLU expanded its scope to also include protecting the free speech rights of artists and striking workers, and working with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ( NAACP ) to combat racism.
During combat, he is injured in his back, fatally ( Chapter 6 ) — the resulting wound is large enough for Paul to see Haie's breathing lung when Himmelstoss carries him to safety.
During the spring of 1999, AMRAAMs saw their main combat action during Operation Allied Force, the Kosovo bombing campaign.
During the 1970s the Air Force was at the apogee of its power, possessing at least 500 modern combat aircraft in its inventory.
During this campaign, the Navy had awarded 69 BSMs, and the Army with 5, 000 troops in neighboring Albania ( considered part of the combat zone ) awarded none.
During his travels in Asia, Xavier learned martial arts, acquiring " refined combat skills " according to Magneto.
During the combat operations from the atoll against Afghanistan ( 2001 – 2006 ) and Iraq ( 2003 – 2006 ), a number of allied militaries were based on the island including Australian, Japanese and the Republic of Korea.
During the early stages of Volkssturm planning, it became apparent that if militia units lacked morale they would lack combat effectiveness.
During the Portuguese Colonial War in the 1960s and the 1970s, the Portuguese Army created an experimental horse platoon, to combat the guerrillas in eastern Angola.
During this time, the dagger was often employed in the role of a secondary defense weapon in close combat.
During the siege, on 8 February 1913, the Russian pilot N. de Sackoff, flying for the Greeks, became the first pilot ever shot down in combat, when his biplane was hit by ground fire following a bomb run on the walls of Fort Bizani.
During and just after World War II, DDT was used as insecticide to combat insect vectors carrying malaria and typhus.
During the incident with Lore and the renegade Borg, she was left in command of the Enterprise, during which she engaged the Borg ship in combat.
During the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany in 1939, the MP38 production was still just starting and only a few thousand were in service, but it proved very effective especially in close quarters urban combat.
During this period, a clear difference remained between spears designed to be thrown and those designed to be used in hand-to-hand combat.
During the 1980s, Schneider emerged as a leading public advocate of sharp reductions of greenhouse gas emissions to combat global warming.
During this time, hundreds of treadmill-operated paddle wheel craft are assembled for the navy, in order to combat the Jurchen's Jin Dynasty in the north.
During World War I, there were persistent rumors that German soldiers had crucified a Canadian soldier on a tree or barn door with bayonets or combat knives.
During the period of McCarthyism ( 1950 – 1954 ), Humphrey was accused of being " soft on Communism ", despite having been one of the founders of the anti-communist liberal organization Americans for Democratic Action, having been a staunch supporter of the Truman Administration's efforts to combat the growth of the Soviet Union, and having fought Communist political activities in Minnesota and elsewhere.
During the Ecuadorian – Peruvian War, the Peruvian army had also established its own paratrooper unit and used it to great effect by seizing the Ecuadorian port city of Puerto Bolívar, on July 27, 1941, marking the first time in the Americas that airborne troops were use in combat.
During course of the war in Africa, it was engaged in ground combat operations in North Africa.
During the Ecuadorian – Peruvian War, the Peruvian army established its own paratrooper unit and used it to great effect by seizing the Ecuadorian port city of Puerto Bolívar, on July 27, 1941, marking the first time in the Americas that airborne troops were used in combat.
During this operation, 845 members of the 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry ( Airborne ), the 319th Artillery ( Airborne ), and elements of H & H company of the 173rd Airborne Brigade made the only combat jump in Vietnam.
* During the 1983 Invasion of Grenada, the 75th Ranger Regiment made a combat jump on Point Salines International Airport.

During and units
During its lifetime, the CPC series sold approximately three million units.
During the Anglo-Iraqi War, some of the units located in the British Mandate of Palestine were sent to Iraq and drove Fordson armored cars.
During the 1930s the French Army experimented with integrating mounted and mechanised cavalry units into larger formations.
During world war one and two service personnel were issued pressed fibre Identity disks, one green octagonal shaped disc, and a red round disc ( some army units issued a second red round disk to be attached to the service respirator.
During the crucial period of July – August 1960, Joseph-Désiré Mobutu built up " his " national army by channeling foreign aid to units loyal to him, by exiling unreliable units to remote areas, and by absorbing or dispersing rival armies.
During the 20th century, large-scale wars were attended with medics and mobile hospital units which developed advanced techniques for healing massive injuries and controlling infections rampant in battlefield conditions.
During this period, Imi trained several elite units of the Haganah and Palmach ( striking force of the Haganah and forerunner of the special units of the Israel Defense Forces ), including the Pal-Yam, as well as groups of police officers.
During 1942 surplus Luftwaffe personnel was used to form the Luftwaffe Field Divisions, standard infantry divisions that were used chiefly as rear echelon units to free up front line troops.
During the Napoleonic Wars the British army created several experimental units known as " Rifles ", armed with the Baker rifle.
During World War II, SS units operated alongside the regular Heer ( German Army ).
During the war, Waffen-SS units wore a wide range of items printed with camouflage patterns ( such as Platanenmuster, Erbsenmuster, captured Italian Telo Mimetico, etc.
During the early campaigns against Czechoslovakia and Poland, military SS units were of regiment size and drawn from existing armed SS formations:
During the Holocaust, about 95 % of the 265, 000-strong Jewish population of Lithuania was murdered by the German units and Lithuanian Nazi collaborators, many of them in Paneriai, about 10 km west of the old town centre ( see the Ponary massacre ).
* During the Spanish – American War US Army General John J. Pershing's original nickname, Nigger Jack, given to him as an instructor at West Point because of his service with " Buffalo Soldier " units, was euphemized to Black Jack by reporters.
During the LA Riots in 1992, when portions of south central Los Angeles erupted in chaos, overwhelming the Los Angeles Police Department's ability to contain the violence, the California Army National Guard and selected units of the California Air National Guard was mobilized to help restore order.
During the first of a second the ball drops one unit of distance ( here, a unit is about 12 mm ); by it has dropped at total of 4 units ; by, 9 units and so on.
During his time in Hawaii, Patton was part of the military units responsible for the defense of the islands, and specifically wrote a defense plan, called " Surprise ", anticipating an air raid against Pearl Harbor – 10 years before the attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy on December 7, 1941.
During the hurried attack on El Caney and San Juan Heights, American forces, who had packed the available roads and were unable maneuvre, suffered heavy losses from Spanish troops equipped with modern repeating smokeless powder rifles and breech-loading artillery, while the short-ranged blackpowder guns of U. S. artillery units were unable to respond effectively.
During the 20th century, efforts were made to rationalise these units and in 1960 the CGPM published the International System of Units (" Système international d ' unités " in French, hence " SI ") which, since then, has been the internationally recognised standard metric system.
During the early years of the French Revolution, the leaders of the French revolutionary Assemblée Constituante decided that rather than standardising the size of the existing units, they would introduce a completely new system based on the principles of logic and natural phenomena.
During the Irish Civil War ( 1922 – 23 ), most of the IRA units in Cork sided against the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

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