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During and descent
During recent times, mainly during the apartheid reform and post-1994 eras, many more white Afrikaans-speaking people, mainly with " conservative " political views and of Trekboer and Voortrekker descent, have preferred to be called " Boers " or Boere-Afrikaners, rather than " Afrikaners ".
During Charles VIII of France's descent into Italy, he managed to keep Bracciano by fighting without too much dogging against him.
During an effort to delay immediate transition to indigenous African rule, Rhodesia's white residents of European descent issued their government ’ s own Unilateral Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom on 11 November 1965.
During the descent, Kittinger experienced temperatures as low as.
During the reign of Marwan II, this opposition culminated in the rebellion of Ibrahim the Imam, the fourth in descent from Abbas.
During the early twentieth century, thousands of immigrants came to the city, including people of German, French, Italian, and British descent.
During the British colonial period, the earliest settlers of European descent arrived in this portion of the colony of New Jersey.
During the campaign, Fujimori was nicknamed El Chino, which roughly translates to " Chinaman "; it is common for people of any East Asian descent to be called chino in Peru, as elsewhere in Latin America, both derogatively and affectionately.
During World War II, Seagoville was the site of a United States Immigration and Naturalization Service detention camp for people of Japanese, German and Italian descent who were classified as " enemy aliens ".
During the morning, men of South Asian descent usually wear a thawb, jubba and sherwani, and women usually wear a salwar kameez.
During descent, the GC / MS also analyzed pyrolysis products ( i. e., samples altered by heating ) passed to it from the Aerosol Collector Pyrolyser.
During descent, measurements of the speed of sound gave information on atmospheric composition and temperature, and an accelerometer recorded the deceleration profile at impact, indicating the hardness and structure of the surface.
During the late 14th century, Islamic warlord of Turco-Mongol descent Timur the Great conquered much of western and central Asia. He subjugated Multan and Dipalpur in modern day Pakistan and in modern day India left Delhi in such ruin that it is said for two months " not a bird moved wing in the city ".
During the descent, however, Beloki locked his wheel on the melting road surface, flying out of control, and falling on his head, shoulder, and hip.
During descent, air must be added to maintain constant volume.
During the descent, the aircraft continued to circle and report landing events.
The wave of anti-Semitic repressions intensified after Nazis gained power in Germany inthe 1933 elections and many local merchants and intellectuals of Jewish descent were arrested in Lyck During Kristallnacht Jewish shops and synagogue were plundered and devastated in the town.
During the flare, the rate of descent was not arrested, the plane landed with the right wing slightly lower.
During descent, the crew cabin ( the second stage ) was planned to use a ballute to reduce its speed.
During the World Cup, the party's web site stated that due to the prevalence of people of non-German descent on the German national football team, the team " was not really German ".
During approach and landing, a pilot can fly the approach by keeping the FPV symbol at the desired descent angle and touchdown point on the runway.
During the descent, it employed aerodynamic braking followed by parachute braking and ending with atmospheric braking.
During the descent, it employed aerodynamic braking followed by parachute braking and ending with atmospheric braking.
During descent, heat dissipation and deceleration were accomplished sequentially by protective hemispheric shells, three parachutes, a disc-shaped drag brake, and a compressible, metal, doughnut-shaped landing cushion.

During and landing
During the second half of the day, John Young and Charlie Duke again entered the Lunar Module to power it up and check its systems, as well as perform housekeeping tasks in preparation for lunar landing.
During a second voyage in 1494, Columbus passed along the south coast of the island, landing at various inlets including what was to become Guantánamo Bay.
During an international space symposium in May 1966, attended by space scientists from the United States and Soviet Union, he first proposed that manned landings on the moons would be a logical step after a manned landing on the Earth's moon.
During the landing Maskew appears and is caught by the smugglers.
During conversion, the ships gained an additional 157 feet ( 48 m ) amidships and a helicopter landing pad, among other things.
During planning for the Normandy beach invasion, it was decided that it was vitally important that the German High Command be misled that the landing would happen at the Pas de Calais.
During World War II, Nobel Laureate Luis Alvarez used phased array transmission in a rapidly-steerable radar system for " ground-controlled approach ", a system to aid in the landing of aeroplanes in Britain.
During September 1943 he commanded the 12th Anti-Aircraft Brigade during the landing of Allied Forces at Salerno, Italy, Operation Avalanche.
During the Apollo program in the 1960s, the Clark Telescope was used to map the moon for the lunar expeditions, enabling the mission planners to choose a safe landing site for the lunar modules.
During the landing operations on August 7 and August 8, Japanese naval aircraft based at Rabaul, under the command of Sadayoshi Yamada, attacked the Allied amphibious forces several times, setting afire the transport USS George F. Elliot ( which sank two days later ) and heavily damaging the destroyer.
During landing, they powered the control surfaces and brakes.
* During the board's spin, the rider may catch it with his / her hand ( s ) before landing.
During the landing on Roanoke, of the mariners who accompanied White, " seven of the chiefest were drowned ".
During the landing phase the force was to be commanded by U. S. Major General Charles W. Ryder, commander of the 34th Division, as it was felt that a U. S .- led invasion would be more acceptable to the French defenders than one led by the British ; many British troops wore American uniform, for the same reason.
During the American Civil War, Urbanna was initially planned as the point of landing for General George B. McClellan's 1862 Peninsula Campaign of 1862 to take Richmond, but ultimately, the failed campaign utilized Fort Monroe as its starting point, almost doubling the distance by land to the Confederate citadel.
During the war, Howard shipyards was Commissioned by the Navy to produce landing craft.
During World War II the university suffered damage in the Southampton Blitz with bombs landing on the campus and its halls of residence.
During that war, naval landing parties were armed with a variety of army ordnance, often too heavy and cumbersome for use with the landing boats.
During his first voyage of discovery James Cook sailed northwards along the east coast of Australia, landing at Botany Bay.
During busy periods, outbound flights use the western runway for take-off, while inbound flights use the eastern runway for landing.
During the Second World War the ship yards built landing vessels like the LST.
During the twentieth century, the town was the site of a portion of the landing strips of the South Weymouth Naval Air Station.
During the early days, long before the advent of automobiles, there was a stage route from Chateaugay to the Banner House landing.

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