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During and days
During these first days of the trial I didn't have as much time to commiserate with Viola as I should have liked.
During the latter days of November to the day of Brown's execution, it seems that most Rhode Islanders did not concur in `` E. B.'s '' suggestion.
During the first few days of wearing the appliance and immediately following each adjustment, Susan may have a slight discomfort or soreness, but after a short time this will disappear.
During these skirmishes Zurlauben fell mortally wounded, and died two days later.
During his highschool days in Galatasaray High School ( and later in Şişli Terakki High School ) he formed his first band, Kafadarlar (" The Buddies "), allegedly upon seeing Erkin Koray's band performing, all students of Deutsche Schule Istanbul ( İstanbul Alman Lisesi ), a nearby highschool.
During the days of the Roman Empire, the settlement of Augusta Raurica was founded 10 or 20 kilometres upstream of present Basel, and a castle was built on the hill overlooking the river where the Basel Münster now stands.
During this month there is precipitation for an average of 10. 9 days.
During the days of the Cold War in the United Kingdom, labour union leaders and other leftists were sometimes derisively described as " Bolshies ".
During winter training, the pilots fly two practice sessions per day, six days a week, in order to fly the 120 training missions needed to perform the demonstration safely.
During the winter, storms blowing from the Sahara sometimes form dense dust clouds that obscure the sun ; however, sunny days are the norm year round.
During the religion's early days of rapid growth, the teachings were frequently attacked from the pulpit and press.
During competition season it often becomes seven days with practice twice a day sometimes.
During his Army days, Janssen became friends with fellow enlistees Martin Milner and Clint Eastwood while posted at Ft. Ord, California.
During the Siege of Paris in 1871, the North German Confederation, supported by its allies from southern Germany, formed the German Empire with the proclamation of the Prussian king Wilhelm I as German Emperor in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles, to the humiliation of the French, who ceased to resist only days later.
During these days in which the offices of sadaijin and udaijin were vacant, the major counselors ( the dainagon ) and the emperor assumed responsibilities and powers which would have been otherwise delegated.
During the first few days of the spill, heavy sheens of oil covered large areas of the surface of Prince William Sound.
During the summers, she would frequent the prime minister's house so she could lounge about on his veranda during the hot Delhi days.
During the school year, the pregnant woman and senior citizens need to manage to find a place because these buses are always full, especially on market days.
During Hindu marriage ceremonies the following slokas are uttered by the grooms but, these days, their import little understood or ever attempted to understand.
During his naval days, Bogart's character and values developed independent of family influence, and he began to rebel somewhat against their values.
During the early days of pregnancy, the conceptus is mobile, moving about in the uterus until about day 16 when " fixation " occurs.
During the early days of computers and programming, the hackers at MIT would develop a program and share it with other computer users.
During the four days of its exhibition, an estimated 60, 000 people visited the site.
During its early days, Id Software produced much more varied games ; these include the early 3D first person shooter experiments that led to Wolfenstein 3D and Doom Hovertank 3D and Catacomb 3D.

During and Atlanta
* 1864 – During the American Civil War, Union forces led by General William T. Sherman launch an assault on Atlanta, Georgia.
During Selig's terms as Executive Council Chairman ( from 1992 – 1998 ) and Commissioner, new stadiums have opened in Arizona, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Colorado, Detroit, Houston, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Arlington, St. Louis, Washington, D. C., New York City ( Flushing, Queens and the Bronx ), Minneapolis, and Miami.
During the 1992 Barcelona and 1996 Atlanta Opening Ceremonies, Costas ' remarks on China's teams ' possible drug use caused an uproar among the American Chinese and international communities.
During the game, Atlanta had their 7-game win streak snapped by Florida 5 – 4, meaning the Rockies could reduce their magic number to 3 with a win.
During the 1984 and 1985 seasons, Earnhardt visited victory lane six times, at Talladega, Atlanta, Richmond, Bristol ( twice ), and Martinsville, where he finished fourth and eighth in the season standings, respectively.
During an embarrassing home loss to Atlanta in 1987, Bright told the media that he was " horrified " at coach Tom Landry's play calling.
During her early childhood, the Mitchell family lived in a two-story Victorian house on Jackson Hill, east of downtown Atlanta.
During the time Mitchell worked for the Atlanta Journal, she wrote 129 feature articles, 85 news stories, and several book reviews.
During Reeves ' first season with Atlanta, they finished the season 6-2, after starting out 1-7, to compile a 7-9 record overall.
During the siege, Sherman was able to take Atlanta, a victory that advanced President Lincoln's reelection.
During promotion of the film that documents the middle school project, the film's promoters contacted and partnered with Baumgarten's Office Products in Atlanta, Georgia.
During the off-season Burke bought out the remaining year on Bertuzzi's contract and traded Schneider to the Atlanta Thrashers.
During his career, he pitched for the New York Giants ( 1952 – 1956 ), St. Louis Cardinals ( 1957 ), Cleveland Indians ( 1957 – 1958 ), Baltimore Orioles ( 1958 – 1962 ), Chicago White Sox ( 1963 – 1968 ), California Angels ( 1969 ), Atlanta Braves ( 1969 – 1970 ; 1971 ), Chicago Cubs ( 1970 ), and Los Angeles Dodgers ( 1971 – 1972 ).
During General William T. Sherman's March to the Sea during the Atlanta Campaign of the American Civil War, Sherman spared Roswell because he had a cousin who lived there.
During the Civil War, much of the Battle of Atlanta was fought in DeKalb.
During the American Civil War, it was named Lovejoy's Station, and was the site of the Battle of Lovejoy's Station during the Atlanta Campaign of 1864.
During the Atlanta Campaign, Confederate cavalry badly defeated Union forces at the nearby Battle of Brown's Mill.
During the American Civil War of 1864 by following Atlanta campaign, both Confederate and Union troops came to Cave Spring for hospitalization and rest from fighting on the battlefields before Atlanta.
During World War II the town was neighbored by Camp Atlanta, which housed more than 3, 000 Nazi German prisoners of war over three years.
During World War II, Camp Atlanta was established next to the town as an Allied prisoner-of-war camp for German P. O. W. s.
During the Olympic Torch's trip in the 1996 Atlanta Summer games, sixth grade teacher, Kate Leary, from Fredonia Middle School carried the torch as it went through the town on US Route 20.
During various periods of creative work, Legrand became a conductor for orchestras in St. Petersburg, Vancouver, Montreal, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Denver.
During Thompson's tenure ( 1965 – 1969 ) a dry sausage plant was built in Algona and distribution centers were built in San Antonio, New Orleans and Atlanta.

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