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During and 1830s
During the mid 1830s, he attended the Salotto Maffei salons in Milan, hosted by Clara Maffei.
During the 1820s and 1830s, HBC trappers were deeply involved in the early exploration and development of Northern California.
During the 1830s, the kingdom invited missionaries as a strategic means of acquiring guns and horses from the Cape.
During the French occupation of Algeria in the 1830s five manuscripts were discovered in Constantine, including two that contained more complete versions of the text.
During the 1830s and 1840s, Mormonism gradually distinguished itself from traditional Protestantism.
During the early 1830s, the population increased more than 10 % of its total each year.
During a little more than a decade, from the late 1810s to the early 1830s, her literary production turned her into the most famous woman author in Germany.
During the middle of the 1830s the Gazette was considered an intellectual journal, strongly supporting the progressive arts and Romanticism in general, and opposing anything which it considers as debasing this.
During the late 1820s and 1830s, the area was given to the Creek and Seminole tribes after their forced removal from the southeastern United States.
During the 1830s, the federal government forced Indian Removal, relocating the Cherokee and other of the Five Civilized Tribes to Indian Territory west of the Mississippi River.
During the economic hard times in the 1830s and 1840s, there was an exodus of population from South Mississippi, principally to Texas, and the slogan " GTT " (" Gone to Texas ") came into currency.
During the 1830s prior to Indian removal, the US Army under command of Major John Payne built a fort here that was used to intern Cherokees until relocation to Oklahoma.
During the 1830s The Trail of Tears forced removal of Native Americans from Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi passed through the area ,.
During the 1830s and 1840s, Cumming benefited from the gold mining industry as many business were created to meet the needs of the miners.
During the late 1830s through the 1850s, much of South Bend's development centered on the industrial complex of factories located on the two races ( man-made canals along the St. Joseph River in South Bend ).
During the 1830s, when East Douglas was becoming the economic center of the town, Ebenezer Balkcom opened a small store at the corner of Main and Pleasant ( now Depot ) streets.
During the 1830s, the name of the community had been modified to " Brooklyn ", to match the spelling of the city on New York's Long Island.
During the early 19th century, several different groups made ill-fated attempts to harvest the island's limestone and lumber resources ; none were successful until the Kelley brothers made their attempt in the 1830s.
Crary recalls the last rattlesnakes being killed on Gildersleeve Mountain in the 1830s .. During this period most of the wooded areas near Kirtland were cleared for agriculture, with corn and apples being the predominant crops.
During the 1820s and 1830s the area was designated as part of the Choctaw Nation in the southern Indian Territory.
During the 1830s the remains were dug up.
During the 1830s and 1840s, following the emancipation of slaves in the British West Indies ( 1838 ), a number of free Afro-West Indians began migrating to the Mosquito coast, settling at a number of points along the coast making their living by subsistence activities and fitting into the life style of the local people.
During the 1830s, the diet had a moderate response from the mostly puritanical faction of the American public, so much so that at one point it was strictly imposed on students of Oberlin College by David Campbell ( a disciple of Graham's ).
During the decade of the 1830s a newspaper called the Kölnische Zeitung (" Cologne Newspaper ") emerged as the voice of the Catholic political opposition based in that city.

During and Audubon
During the American Revolution, the father Jean Audubon had been imprisoned by the British Empire.
During a visit to Philadelphia in 1812 following Congress ' declaration of war with Great Britain, Audubon became an American citizen and gave up his French citizenship.
During a trip to Key West, a companion wrote in a newspaper article, " Mr. Audubon is the most enthusiastic and indefatigable man I ever knew ... Mr. Audubon was neither dispirited by heat, fatigue, or bad luck ... he rose every morning at 3 o ' clock and went out ... until 1 o ' clock.
During the 1980s and 1990s, The World of Audubon presented TV viewers with excellent hour long documentaries covering a wide range of environmental issues.
During its history, the Audubon Ballroom was used as a vaudeville house, a movie theater, and a meeting hall.
During the late 1980s and early 2000s the NFC had distributed over 1 million copies nationally of Forest Voice newspaper ; obtained 2 million signatures in support of the Native Forest Protection Act ( legislation designed to protect all of the remaining National Forests ) and acquired the major endorsements of Greenpeace, the National Audubon Society, chapters of the Sierra Club, and the Association of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics.

During and continued
During all this time Roy continued to paint, first only on weekends, and then, as the family business permitted, for longer periods.
During the post-World War I period ski-lifts were built in Swiss and Austrian towns to accommodate winter visitors, but summer tourism continued to be important ; by the mid-20th century the popularity of downhill skiing increased greatly as it became more accessible and in the 1970s several new villages were built in France devoted almost exclusively to skiing, such a Les Menuires.
During 1990, the Lynx had moderate sales but Nintendo's Game Boy continued to gain market share.
During the 1990s, research continued.
During the Ottoman period, Bursa continued to be the source of most royal silk products.
During this time, urban Cairo, spurred by new bridges and transport links, continued to expand to include the upscale neighborhoods of Garden City, Zamalek, and Heliopolis.
During the 20th century, this trend continued with more modern and powerful revolver cartridges, in the form of Winchester and Marlin lever action carbines chambered in. 38 Special /. 357 Magnum and. 44 Special /. 44 Magnum.
During a pause in operations necessitated by the Spring Offensive in 1918 on the Western Front joint infantry and mounted infantry attacks towards Amman and Es Salt resulted in retreats back to the Jordan Valley which continued to be occupied by mounted divisions during the summer of 1918.
During his presidency in Taiwan, Chiang continued to prepare to take back mainland China.
During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, just the opposite was the case with little to no population concentration in major industrial centres as the predominantly rural resource-dependent Maritime economy continued on the same path as it had since European settlement on the region's shores.
During the time from 1859 British clipper ships continued to be built.
During the late 1950s and early 1960s Brubeck canceled several concerts because the club owners or hall managers continued to resist the idea of an integrated band on their stages.
During the early 1990s, the Compact Disc surpassed the gramophone record in popularity, but gramophone records continued to be made ( although in very limited quantities ) into the 21st century — particularly for club DJs and for local acts recording on small regional labels.
During this period, Parton's visibility continued to increase, with television appearances in 1977, 1978 and 1979.
During the Danish-Norwegian personal union, Dannebrog (" Danish cloth ") was also the flag of Norway and continued to be, with slight modifications, until Norway adopted its current flag in 1821.
During the next three years, she continued her battle to qualify by studying privately with various professors, including some at the University of St Andrews, the Edinburgh Royal Maternity and the London Hospital Medical School.
During his imprisonment, he continued developing his mathematical ideas.
During this time, Cleveland lived simply in a boarding house ; although his income grew sufficient to support a more lavish lifestyle, Cleveland continued to support his mother and younger sisters.
During this period of breakdown, Glorantha continued to evolve.
During the last years of the Russian Empire, in the early 20th century, many authors continued to write in the gothic fiction genre, including historian and historical fiction writer Alexander Valentinovich Amfiteatrov, Leonid Nikolaievich Andreyev, who developed psychological characterization, symbolist Valery Yakovlevich Bryusov, Alexander Grin, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov and Aleksandr Ivanovich Kuprin.
During this struggle, commerce continued and the United Provinces prospered.
During their occupation of Britain the Romans built an extensive network of roads which continued to be used in later centuries and many are still followed today.
During this time, the Ottoman Army continued to press upon a reluctant Navy a plan for the re-occupation of Tenedos, which the Greek destroyers used as a base, by an amphibious operation.
During this time he continued growing and selling fresh produce.
During this period IALA continued to develop models and conducted polling to determine the optimal form of the final language.

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