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During and 1936-1939
During the Arab revolt of 1936-1939, the Jewish residents of Akko were ousted from the city by local Arab residents.
During the 1936-1939 Arab revolt, he applauded the Arab attacks on Jews ; worried that the rebellion's violence looked bad in the public eye because ' the Jews controlled the newspapers and radio ', he concluded that ' the sword was mightier than the book '.

During and Arab
During 248 AD, Philip the Arab celebrated Rome's first millennium, together with Ludi saeculares for Rome's alleged tenth saeculum.
During the 7th century, Arab armies made their way into the region of Afghanistan from Khorasan with the new religion of Islam.
During the 1450s, Shari ' ful Hashem Syed Abu Bakr, an Arab born in Johor, arrived in Sulu from Malacca.
During the 1980s, Arab opinion on the Chadian-Libyan conflict over the Aozou Strip was divided.
During the 1892 – 1894 war between the Congo Free State and the Swahili-Arab city-states of Nyangwe and Kasongo in Eastern Congo, there were reports of widespread cannibalization of the bodies of defeated Arab combatants by the Batetela allies of Belgian commander Francis Dhanis.
During the whole interwar period, the British, appealing to the terms of the Mandate, rejected the principle of majority rule or any other measure that would give the Arab majority control over the government of Palestine.
During the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict, the Iranian government enjoyed something of a resurgence in popularity amongst the predominantly Sunni " Arab street ," due to its support for Hezbollah and to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's vehement opposition to the United States and his call that Israel shall vanish.
During the battle for Jerusalem where the Jewish community of 100, 000 people was besieged, most Arab villages of the Tel Aviv – Jerusalem corridor were captured by Jewish militias and leveled.
During the night between 5 and 6 January, at Jerusalem, the Haganah bombed the Semiramis Hotel that had been reported to hide Arab militiamen, killing 24 people.
During the Arab Spring, many peaceful demonstrations in Arab countries faced violence and gunfire by their government's regime.
During Lebanon's civil war, Syria's troop deployment in Lebanon was legitimized by the Lebanese Parliament in the Taif Agreement, supported by the Arab League, and is given a major share of the credit for finally bringing the civil war to an end in October 1990.
During the start of the Arab Spring, Gaddafi condemned the Tunisian revolution in January 2011, saying protesters were misled by WikiLeaks and voicing solidarity with ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.
During this time, Zanzibar became the centre for the Arab slave trade.
During this time, Zanzibar became the centre for the Arab slave trade.
During the 1948 Arab – Israeli War, Arafat left the University and, along with other Arabs, sought to enter Palestine to join Arab forces fighting against Israeli troops.
During this century, the Middle East, the coast of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula rapidly come under Islamic Arab domination.
* During the turmoil of the An Shi Rebellion, the Chinese seaport Guangzhou is sacked by Arab and Persian raiders.
During the later Tang Dynasty ( 618 – 907 AD ), an Arab traveller to China in the year 851 AD remarked:
During most of its existence ( 1958 – 1961 ), it was a member of the United Arab States, a confederation with North Yemen.
During the Ottoman period, the area has become largely under semi-autonomous rule of local Arab lords, with little direct interruption by the Ottoman authorities.
During the Arab period, Sicily was divided into three different administrative regions, Val di Noto, Val Demone and Val di Mazara, making the city an important commercial harbour and centre of learning.

During and revolt
During a large revolt, dissidents marched on Córdoba itself ; However, Abd al-Rahman always managed to stay one step ahead, and crushed all opposition ; as he always dealt severely with dissidence in al-Andalus.
During the Samaritan revolt of 529, Bethlehem was sacked and its walls and the Church of the Nativity destroyed, but they were rebuilt on the orders of the Emperor Justinian I.
During a revolt in Munster led by Gerald FitzGerald, Earl of Desmond, in 1582, an estimated 30, 000 Irish people starved to death.
During a 16th-century peasant revolt in southern Norway, the rebels claimed, during their trial, that they expected the " Hun king Atle " to come from the north with a great host.
During the Jewish revolt, most Christians, at this time a sub-sect of Judaism, removed themselves from Judea.
" During that same year, the Greek cities in Sicily were induced to revolt against Roman political control, while the Macedonian king, Philip V, pledged his support to Hannibal – thus initiating the First Macedonian War against Rome.
During the Christmas holiday of 1831, a large-scale slave revolt known as the Baptist War broke out.
During its history the PNGDF has sent 400 troops to assist the Vanuatu government put down a secessionist revolt in 1980 and was called out in aid to the civil power in Port Moresby in 1983.
During the Cultural Revolution, a number of top naval commissars and commanders were purged, and naval forces were used to suppress a revolt in Wuhan in July 1967, but the service largely avoided the turmoil affecting the country.
During The Great Game era, taking advantage of the Dungan revolt in northwest China, Yaqub Beg invaded Xinjiang from Central Asia with support from the Russian Empire, and made himself the ruler of the kingdom of Kashgaria.
* During the summer the people of Rome revolt against the authority of the Pope and create a republican city-state comparable to that of the other Italian cities.
During the campaign he is killed by Artabanes, leader of the revolt.
During the siege he was persuaded to revolt against Asfar by letters from Makan and the Sallarid who both promised him aid.
During the repression of the 1907 peasants ' revolt, he was the head of a cavalry unit in Covurlui County.
During this revolt, Scythian nomads took advantage of the disorder and chaos and invaded Persia.
During the 1920s, Communist Party of China activists retreated underground or to the countryside where they fomented a military revolt, beginning the Nanchang Uprising on August 1, 1927.
During and after the revolt, many Santee and their kin fled Minnesota and Eastern Dakota to Canada, or settled in the James River Valley in a short-lived reservation before being forced to move to Crow Creek Reservation on the east bank of the Missouri.
During the process of Christianization, many of the city ’ s mosques were destroyed or converted into Catholic churches .. That is why a revolt spread in 1264-6.
During the 1936 – 1939 Arab revolt in Palestine, Ben-Gurion instigated a policy of restraint (" Havlagah ") in which the Haganah and other Jewish groups did not retaliate for Arab attacks against Jewish civilians, concentrating only on self-defense.
During this period rabbis finalized the canonization of the Tanakh, and in 200 Judah haNasi edited together Tannaitic judgements and traditions into the Mishna, considered by the rabbis to be the definitive expression of the Oral Torah ( although some of the sages mentioned in the Mishnah are Pharisees who lived prior to the destruction of the Second Temple, or prior to the Bar Kozeba Revolt, most of the sages mentioned lived after the revolt ).
During the meeting, the organization and financing of the rebellion against the Spanish occupation was discussed, Phillip II was unanimously denounced and William of Orange was chosen as the new stadtholder and recognized as the official leader of the revolt.
During the Philippine Revolution the Province of Manila was the last of the eight provinces to first revolt against Spain in 1896, paving the establishment of the Philippine Republic ( composed of Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Bulacan, Tarlac, Laguna, Batangas, Cavite and Manila ).
During the brief reign of Andronikos I Komnenos, Isaac was involved ( alongside his father and brothers ) in the revolt of Nicaea and Prousa.
During that time, the power of the royal administration and the authority to tax was reestablished, following the tax revolt known as the Harelle, after his father had repealed the taxes on his deathbed.

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