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During and First
During the First World War Korzybski served as an intelligence officer in the Russian Army.
During the First World War, because of his family connections with both sides and the division of popular opinion, Spain remained neutral.
During Baldwin III's reign, the County of Edessa, the first crusader state established during the First Crusade, was conquered by Zengi, the Turkic emir of Aleppo.
During the First and Second World Wars, Inchcolm was occupied by the army as part of the defences of the Firth of Forth.
During the First World War, on the Western front, the two sides had been locked in a trench war, where kill zones by overlapping fire of machine guns and barbed wire prevented either side from breaking through.
During and after the First World War, these concepts were further developed by generals, such as Oskar von Hutier and the Reichswehr.
During the First World War the German army used horses for logistics, 1. 4 million of them, in the 1939 45 war it used 2. 7 million horses.
During the First World War Prime Minister Robert Borden attempted to form a coalition with the opposition Liberals to broaden support for controversial conscription legislation.
During the First World War, he and his wife performed many services for the public of Leicestershire, including opening up their home first as a VAD Hospital under the 5th Northern General Hospital, and later as a hospital for Naval Personnel.
During the First World War, German troops retreated into this territory from Kamerun because Spain was neutral during the war.
During the First Partition of Poland in 1772, the city state was annexed by King Frederick the Great of the Kingdom of Prussia.
During this time Anthony Munday dedicated his Primaleon ; The First Book to Oxford.
During the late Old Kingdom and the First Intermediate Period ( c. 2181 2055 BC ), the Egyptians gradually came to believe that possession of a ba and the possibility of a paradisiacal afterlife extended to everyone.
During Hillary Clinton's campaign for election to the U. S. Senate, the couple's daughter Chelsea took over much of the First Lady's role.
During the First Indochina War ( 1946 54 ), the Foreign Legion saw its numbers swell due to the incorporation of Second World War veterans who couldn't adapt to civilian life.
During the First World War, Britain's Army and Navy had separate signals intelligence agencies, MI1b and NID25 ( initially known as Room 40 ) respectively.
During the spring and summer, First Nations and Métis trappers did the vast majority of the animal trapping and pelt preparation.
During the First Aliyah, between 1882 and 1903, approximately 35, 000 Jews moved to Palestine.
During the War of the First Coalition ( 1792 1797 ), the Directoire had replaced the National Convention.
" During that same year, the Greek cities in Sicily were induced to revolt against Roman political control, while the Macedonian king, Philip V, pledged his support to Hannibal thus initiating the First Macedonian War against Rome.
During the First World War, Alexis Carrel and Henry Dakin developed the Carrel-Dakin method of treating wounds with an irrigation, Dakin's solution, a germicide which helped prevent gangrene.
During the Kumul Rebellion, the Kuomintang 36th Division ( National Revolutionary Army ) crushed a separatist Uyghur First East Turkestan Republic, delivering it a fatal blow at the Battle of Kashgar ( 1934 ).
During the First Indochina War, the Indochinese Communist Party formed the Pathet Lao resistance organization committed to Lao independence.
During the 1990s, Charles Taylor's presidency and the First and Second Liberian Civil Wars underscored Liberian relations with the Western world, the People's Republic of China, and its neighboring countries in Western Africa.
During the War of the First Coalition, Luxembourg was conquered and annexed by Revolutionary France, becoming part of the département of the Forêts in 1795.

During and 1994
During Clinton's re-election campaign he said, " My 1994 crime bill expanded the death penalty for drug kingpins, murderers of federal law enforcement officers, and nearly 60 additional categories of violent felons.
During the late 1960s, the Baseball Players Union became much stronger and conflicts between owners and the players ' union led to major work stoppages in 1972, 1981, and 1994.
* 1994 During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina more than 60 people are killed and some 200 wounded as a mortar shell slams into a downtown marketplace in Sarajevo.
During the embargo, employment fell from 33, 000 workers in 1991 to 400 in October 1994.
During periods of particularly high demand for ammunition, such as after the November 2008 election of President Barack Obama, or after the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban in that country, factory ammunition can become considerably more expensive or even unavailable in stores.
During the period 1984 to 1994, British Channel Island Ferries were responsible for much shipping to and from the United Kingdom.
During the process leading up to elections in October 1994, the United States served as a significant financier and member of the most important commissions established to monitor implementation of the Rome General Peace Accords.
During the trial, testimony was presented from another woman, Patricia Masden, who told the jury that Albert had bitten her on two different occasions in 1993 and 1994 in Miami and Dallas hotels, which she viewed as unwanted sexual advances.
During SGI's ownership of MIPS, the company introduced the R8000 in 1994 and the R10000 in 1996 and a follow up the R12000 in 1997.
During 1994 95, most primary schools and more than half of prewar secondary schools reopened.
During the 5 years of civil war that culminated in the 1994 genocide, GDP declined in 3 out of 5 years, posting a dramatic decline at more than 40 % in 1994, the year of the genocide.
During the 1994 season for San Diego, Humphries completed 264 out of 453 attempts for 3, 209 yards and 17 touchdowns, with 12 interceptions.
During the 1994 95 NHL lockout, Gretzky and some friends ( including Mark Messier, Marty McSorley, Brett Hull, and Steve Yzerman ) formed the Ninety Nine All Stars Tour and played some exhibition games in various countries.
During the 1994 civil war in Yemen almost all of the actual fighting in the 1994 civil war occurred in the southern part of the country despite air and missile attacks against cities and major installations in the north.
During 1992 and 1993, Burzum recorded four albums ; however, in 1994 Vikernes was convicted and imprisoned for the murder of guitarist Øystein " Euronymous " Aarseth and the arson of three churches.
During elections in March 1994, power passed from Vere Bird to his son, Lester Bird, but remained within the ALP which won 11 of the 17 parliamentary seats.
" During this term of office, Rabin also oversaw the signing of the Israel-Jordan Treaty of Peace in 1994.
During the 1994 95 UEFA Cup Winners ' Cup, Feyenoord reached the quarter finals after beating Werder Bremen in the second round.
* During his term, the peso devalued from 2. 65 MXP to 3. 60 MXN, by November 30, 1994, the last day of his term ; thus the peso devalued far less than it had in the two previous terms.
During the 1994 season, Freeman took 1. 3 seconds from her 400 m personal best, achieving 50. 04 seconds.
During this period, the Rangers were owned by Gulf + Western, which was renamed to Paramount Communications in 1989, and sold to Viacom in 1994.
During the 1994 95 lockout-shortened season, the Rangers lost in the second round of the playoffs by succeeding head coach Colin Campbell.

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