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During and Late
During the first taping of the Late Show with David Letterman following the attacks, CBS newsman Dan Rather cried briefly as he quoted the fourth verse.
During a 1995 appearance on Late Show with David Letterman, Barrymore climbed onto David Letterman's desk and bared her breasts to him, her back to the camera, in celebration of his birthday.
During the Late Roman period it is likely that the shore forts played some role in continental trade alongside their defensive functions.
During the run of The Frost Report the Palin / Jones team contributed material to two shows starring John Bird: The Late Show and A series of Bird's.
During the Late Middle Ages and throughout the Early Modern period of European history, the inscription Moneta Nova, or ' New Money ' appeared on many coins issued on the European continent.
During Late Antiquity, the office of quaestor sacri palatii existed, created by Constantine the Great, which functioned as the Roman Empire's senior legal official.
During this period, Twain made major television appearances on shows such as two performances on Late Show with David Letterman, Blockbuster Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards and the American Music Awards.
* Mathisen, Ralph W. " Barbarian Bishops and the Churches in Barbaricis Gentibus During Late Antiquity.
During the periods of the collapse of Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia and the First Intermediary Period in Egypt, the Hyksos invasions and the end of the Middle Bronze Age in Assyria and Babylonia, and the Late Bronze Age collapse, trade through the Canaanite area would dwindle, as Egypt, Babylonia, and to a lesser degree Assyria, withdrew into their isolation.
Many first hand accounts of the American War of Independence can be found in " the Diary of Lieutenant Frederick Mackenzie " or Serjeant Roger Lamb's " Original and Authentic Journal of Occurrences During the Late American War ".
During his term, Ventura appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, in which he responded controversially to the following question: " So which is the better city of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis or St.
During the Würm glaciation, the Rhine was pushed far to the south to its present course, over a hard Late Jurassic limestone bed.
During the Late Imperial era, Ceres gradually " slips into obscurity "; the last known official association of the Imperial family with her symbols is a coin issue of Septimius Severus ( AD 193 – 211 ), showing his empress, Julia Domna, in the corona spicea.
During the 1980s, the Skourta Plain Project identified Middle Helladic and Late Helladic sites on mountain summits near the plains of Skourta in Boeotia.
During the Third Intermediate Period and the Late Period, Memphis is often the scene of liberation struggles of the local dynasties against an occupying force, such as the Kushites, Assyrians and Persians.
During the Late Postclassic after A. D. 1225 however, there was a renewed limited occupation at Altun Ha which lasted probably until the fifteenth century.
During this time span, they appeared on many television shows including The L Word, V. I. P., The Rosie O ' Donnell Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Late Show with David Letterman, The Arsenio Hall Show, Saturday Night Live, Live with Regis and Kelly, The Today Show, Good Morning America and numerous times on VH1.
During the Late Neolithic, it appears that Newgrange was no longer being used by the local population, who did not leave any artefacts in the passage tomb or bury any of their dead there.
During the Sengoku period, the Chiba clan fought the Satomi clan to the south, and the Late Hojo clan to the west.
During the Late Republic, the most powerful had this right extended.
During the final programme, which included an outside party, Kenny thanked the crew for their work during his ten-year reign as host of The Late Late Show.
During the Late Period huge sums of scarabs with the name of Khufu were sold to the citizens, possibly as some kind of lucky charms.
During the Predynastic and Late periods, the worship of the gods in their animal form was extremely popular, such as the cat goddess Bastet and the ibis god Thoth, and these animals were bred in large numbers on farms for the purpose of ritual sacrifice.

During and Bronze
During the past few centuries of detailed, scientific study of the Bronze Age, it has become clear that on the whole, the use of copper or bronze was only the most stable and therefore the most diagnostic part of a cluster of features marking the period.
During the late Neolithic henge sites were constructed, single burials began to become more commonplace and by the Bronze Age it is possible that even where chambered cairns were still being built they had become the burial places of prominent individuals rather than of communities as a whole.
During the Bronze Age, several artifacts from tumulus burials have been unearthed in central and southern Albania, showing close connection with sites in southwestern Macedonia and Lefkada, Greece.
During prehistoric times there was a succession of cultures that flourished in the land of present-day Moldova from the end of the Ice age up through the Neolithic Age, the Copper Age, the Bronze Age, and the beginning of the Iron Age, when historical records begin to be made about the people who lived in these lands.
During the Bronze Age the pattern of settlement at Mycenae was a fortified hill surrounded by hamlets and estates, in contrast to the dense urbanity on the coast ( cf.
During the Bronze Age, the Aeolian prosper by means of maritime commerce in an area extending from Mycenae to the British isles, from where tin was imported.
During the Early Bronze Age ( 3200-1950 BC ), many villages were built that included defensive fortifications, most likely to protect against marauding nomadic tribes.
During the Middle Bronze Age ( 1950-1550 BC ), migration patterns in the Middle East increased.
During the Bronze Age, people continued to use local caves as a source of shelter and for burying their dead.
During the Bronze Age in this region, the Kârum was a portion of the city that was set aside by local officials for the early Assyrian merchants to use without paying taxes, as long as the goods remained inside the kârum.
During the 1950s and early 1960s, Gimbutas earned a reputation as a world-class specialist on the Indo-European Bronze Age, as well as on Lithuanian folk art and the prehistory of the Balts and Slavs, partly summed up in her definitive opus, Bronze Age Cultures of Central and Eastern Europe ( 1965 ).
During the Bronze Age, the town surrounded the hill on which the palace was built.
During the Bronze Age the palace at Pylos controlled Messinia politically and economically.
During the Bronze Age, c. 1500 BCE, tribes of Gauls settled the oxbow.
During his service in World War II he was awarded the Bronze Cross twice, the first time in 1934 and for the second time in 1940.
During the construction of the bypass, archaeologists excavating along the route unearthed Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman artefacts.
During the Chalcolithic era and the Bronze Age, humans in the Mideast learned how to smelt, melt, cast, rivet, and ( to a limited extent ) forge copper and bronze.
During 1000 – 900 BC in the Bronze Age the first farmers and cattle-breeders established settlements on the territory of Almaty.
During the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age there were a number of pile dwellings and other settlements around the lakes of the canton.
During the Bronze Age several bridges were built between the promontory of Endingen in Rapperswil, St. Gallen and the settlements at Hurden.
During the Roman era a Roman Vicus was established at Kempraten in Rapperswil around the massive bridge at Seedamm ( near the Bronze Age bridges ) which crossed into Schwyz.

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