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During and October
During the first half of October the Blue Ridge and other parts of the Appalachians provide a spectacle stretching from Maryland and West Virginia to Georgia.
During the actions in the October of that year the Company was employed on convoy escort tasks, airfield defense, fighting reconnaissance patrols and screening operations.
During October and November winds again go through a period of light and variable conditions veering to a westerly direction with the onset of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.
During the embargo, employment fell from 33, 000 workers in 1991 to 400 in October 1994.
During the following decades, the military of Honduras carried out several coups d ' état, starting in October 1955.
During service there, he was accidentally wounded by one of his own sentries on 9 October 1919.
During this period, Tito held talks with Chetnik leader Draža Mihailović on 19 September and 27 October 1941.
During Lebanon's civil war, Syria's troop deployment in Lebanon was legitimized by the Lebanese Parliament in the Taif Agreement, supported by the Arab League, and is given a major share of the credit for finally bringing the civil war to an end in October 1990.
During the Russian civil war, in October 1919 White Army commander Nikolai Nikolayevich Yudenich advanced on Petrograd from the side of Detskoye Selo, apparently intending to capture the radio station to announce a victory over the Bolsheviks.
During the process leading up to elections in October 1994, the United States served as a significant financier and member of the most important commissions established to monitor implementation of the Rome General Peace Accords.
On 11 October the Security Council met and issued a statement and reaffirmed its " strong and unwavering support for the Secretary-General's good offices mission ", especially the work by Ibrahim Gambari ( During a briefing to the Security Council in November, Gambari admitted that no timeframe had been set by the Government for any of the moves that he had been negotiating for.
During the fifth session of the Supreme Soviet on 31 October 1939 Molotov analysed the international situation thus giving the direction for Communist propaganda.
During the October Revolution, he drafted, introduced, and defended the revolutionary decrees of the Moscow Soviet.
During his pontificate, in October 312, Constantine defeated Maxentius and assumed control over Rome.
During the march, Urban fell from his mule at Narni and had to recover in early October in Rome, where he was able to oust the communal rule of the banderesi and restore the Papal authority.
During the battle on 25 October 1665 an estimated 20, 000 Kongolese fought against the Portuguese who won the battle thanks to the early death in battle of the Kongolese king António I.
During an October 2007 interview, Ferry said that the album would include a collaboration with Scissor Sisters.
During October 2001, a key witness in the case against the three Irish republicans disappeared.
During the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany Frisch was imprisoned in Bredtveit concentration camp from 17 October 1943, then in Berg concentration camp from 22 November 1943, then in Grini concentration camp from 9 December 1943 to 8 October 1944.
During the power vacuum that followed the assassination of Somalia's second president, Abdirashid Ali Shermarke, the military staged a coup d ' état on 21 October 1969 ( the day after Shermarke's funeral ) and took over office.
During the period October 2007-October 2008 Spain had its unemployment rate climbing 37 %, exceeding the unemployment surge of past economic crises like 1993.
During the Sydney 2000 Olympics in September and October 2000, the bridge was adorned with the Olympic Rings.

During and Crisis
During the Crisis of the 3rd century, Barracks Emperors succeeded one another at short intervals.
During the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, the families of military personnel were evacuated from the base.
* Arndt, Karl J. R. Economy on the Ohio, 1826 – 1834: The Harmony Society During the Period of its Greatest Power and Influence and its Messianic Crisis ; George Rapp's Third Harmony: A Documentary History.
During the 12-issue limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths, Luthor allies himself with fellow Superman foe Brainiac to recruit an army of supervillains spanning the DC multiverse, intending to take advantage of the confusion caused by the Crisis.
During the Exclusion Bill Crisis the word Tory was applied in England as a nickname to the opponents of the bill, called the Abhorrers.
During the Chanak Crisis of 1922, King refused to support the British without first consulting Parliament, while the Conservative leader, Arthur Meighen, supported Britain.
During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviet Union truly developed an understanding of the effectiveness of U. S. ballistic missile submarine forces, and work on Soviet ballistic missile submarines began in earnest.
During the Crisis of the Third Century, when trade declined precipitously, Leptis Magna's importance also fell into a decline, and by the middle of the fourth century, large parts of the city had been abandoned.
* Johanna Granville, The First Domino: International Decision Making During the Hungarian Crisis of 1956, Texas A & M University Press, 2004.
During a televised presentation about the Cuban Missile Crisis on 22 October 1962, John F. Kennedy made reference to " offensive weapons of sudden mass destruction.
During the Suez Crisis Johnson supported the Anglo-French military attempt to topple the Egyptian dictator Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser, and tried to prevent the US government from criticising the Israeli invasion of the Sinai peninsula.
During the Congo Crisis, Joseph-Désiré Mobutu led a coup against the nationalist government of Patrice Lumumba in 1960 to take control of the government of Congo-Léopoldville ; he soon became the army chief of staff.
During the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, LeMay clashed again with U. S. President John F. Kennedy and Defense Secretary McNamara, arguing that he should be allowed to bomb nuclear missile sites in Cuba.
During what became known as the October Crisis, on October 5, 1970 members of the FLQ's Liberation Cell kidnapped the British Trade Commissioner James Cross from his Montreal home as part of a violent attempt to overthrow the elected government and to establish a socialist Quebec state independent of Canada.
Today, earth shelter construction is a rare practice, especially in the U. S. A. During the energy crisis and the 1973 Oil Crisis, along with the back-to-the-land movement, there was a surge of interest in earth shelter / underground home construction in an effort toward self-sufficient living.
During the October Crisis, Chrétien told Trudeau to " act now, explain later ", when Trudeau was hesitant to invoke the War Measures Act.
During the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F. Kennedy called upon Acheson for advice, bringing him into the executive committee ( ExComm ), a strategic advisory group.
During the Cuban Missile Crisis, for example, he was dispatched by Kennedy to France to brief French President Charles de Gaulle and gain his support for the United States blockade.
During the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, McNamara served as a member of EXCOMM and played a large role in the Administration's handling and eventual defusing of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
During the Suez Crisis, when Britain invaded Egypt in collusion with France and Israel, according to Labour leader Harold Wilson Macmillan was ' first in, first out ': first very supportive of the invasion, then a prime mover in Britain's humiliating withdrawal in the wake of the financial crisis caused by pressure from the U. S. government.
During the Conscription Crisis of 1944 the prison eventually included Canadians who had refused conscription.
During the Conscription Crisis of 1944 the prison eventually included Canadians who had refused conscription.

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