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During and Presidential
During his two terms the Constitution was tested and found workable, strong national policies were inaugurated, and the traditions and powers of the Presidential office firmly fixed.
During the last battle of N ' Djamena gunships and tanks have been put to good use, pushing armed militia forces back from the Presidential palace.
During the U. S. Presidential Election of 1864, Douglass supported John C. Frémont.
During 1988, he received the National Medal of Science and Reagan honored him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
During 1988, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the National Medal of Science.
" During his Presidential campaign, U. S. President Elect Barack Obama pledged to " set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons, and pursue it.
During the discussion of the Presidential primary Law, Lopez managed to persuade Presidential Chief of Staff, Hamilton Jordan and Tim Kraft to grant Puerto Rico the right for a more robust delegation, the inclusion of Puerto Rico after Pennsylvania in the roll call of the state in exchange of eliminating from the bill that Puerto Rico was going to be the first Presidential Primary in the Nation.
During his time as a senator, he was also a member of the Electoral Commission that decided the 1876 Presidential election in favor of Republican Rutherford B. Hayes.
During the 1988 Presidential primaries, Hollings endorsed Jesse Jackson .< ref >
During this early period, most of the media failed to grasp the full implications of the scandal, and concentrated reporting on other topics related to the 1972 Presidential election.
During the 2004 Presidential election, DiCaprio campaigned and donated to John Kerry's presidential bid.
During the 1980s, Denver was critical of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Administration, but he remained active in his campaign against hunger, for which Reagan awarded Denver the Presidential World Without Hunger Award in 1985.
During the 2008 Presidential primary in Texas, 19 voters from Glasscock County cast ballots in the Democratic race, while over 400 cast ballots in the Republican race.
During the 2008 U. S Presidential Election, David supported and actively campaigned for Barack Obama.
* During the 1928 Presidential campaign, Herbert Hoover visited the Grover Cleveland Birthplace with his wife.
During this parade, troops and equipment are marched past a reviewing platform in front of the Presidential Building.
During the 2008 Presidential election, MSNBC's coverage was anchored by Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and David Gregory.
During the 1932 Presidential campaign Hoover supported the regulation of investment banking, particularly securities affiliates of commercial banks, and Roosevelt supported the separation of commercial and investment banking.
During the martial law era of the Marcos Administration, Presidential Decree 27 instituted a land reform program covering rice and corn farms.
During the 2000 U. S. Presidential election campaign, Wolfowitz served as a foreign policy advisor to George W. Bush as part of the group led by Condoleezza Rice calling itself The Vulcans.
During his retirement, he would still wear the traditional uniform nowadays worn only by the evzones ( Presidential Guards ).
During the 1964 American Presidential campaign, the Republican party spent about five million dollars on " peace through strength " TV spots.

During and Campaign
During World War I, Attlee was given the rank of captain and served with the South Lancashire Regiment in the Gallipoli Campaign in Turkey.
During the sixth and final colonial war, the French and Indian War, the military conflicts in Nova Scotia included: Battle of Fort Beauséjour ; Bay of Fundy Campaign ( 1755 ); the Battle of Petitcodiac ; the Raid on Lunenburg ( 1756 ); the Louisbourg Expedition ( 1757 ); Battle of Bloody Creek ( 1757 ); Siege of Louisbourg ( 1758 ), Petitcodiac River Campaign, Gulf of St. Lawrence Campaign ( 1758 ), St. John River Campaign, and Battle of Restigouche.
During the Mexican Campaign, 6, 654 French died.
During the 1864 Overland Campaign, Union Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan's cavalry launched an offensive to defeat Stuart, who was mortally wounded at the Battle of Yellow Tavern.
During the Maryland Campaign of September 1862, Stuart's cavalry screened the army's movement north.
During the Polish Campaign that triggered the war, it established air superiority, and then air supremacy, quickly.
Gladstone During the Midlothian Campaign 1879 Speaking directly to the people for the first time, Gladstone's Midlothian campaign symbolises a major change in the role of the Prime Minister.
During the Polish Campaign the Red Army numbered some 6. 5 million men, many of which the Army had difficulty supporting, around 581, 000 in the two operational fronts, Western and Southwestern.
During 1915, the region was taken from German control in the South-West Africa Campaign of the First World War.
During this time Napoleon fought his Six Days Campaign, in which he won multiple battles against the enemy forces advancing towards Paris.
During the Napoleonic Campaign in Egypt which extended into Syria and Palestine in 1799, a local official from Jenin wrote a poem enumerating and calling upon local Arab leaders to resist Bonaparte, without mentioning the Sultan or the need to protect the Ottoman empire.
During the Napoleonic Wars, they served from 1810 to 1814 in the Peninsular War ; fighting at Albuera, Badajoz, Salamanca, the Pyrenees, Nivelle and Toulouse and took part in the Battle of Waterloo where they fought in the 4th Brigade under Lt-Col. Hugh Henry Mitchell, in the 4th British Infantry Division ( see Order of Battle of the Waterloo Campaign ).
During World War II, the area was a strategic military site for the Aleutian Campaign, and many locals were evacuated to Ketchikan.
During the American Civil War, Urbanna was initially planned as the point of landing for General George B. McClellan's 1862 Peninsula Campaign of 1862 to take Richmond, but ultimately, the failed campaign utilized Fort Monroe as its starting point, almost doubling the distance by land to the Confederate citadel.
During the Gettysburg Campaign in June 1863, Confederate Major General J. E. B.
During the Civil War, in 1862 Henrico County was the site of the following numerous battles during the Peninsula Campaign:
During Union General Ulysses S. Grant's Overland Campaign, Confederate troops under General George E. Pickett fought Union troops near Milford.
During General William T. Sherman's March to the Sea during the Atlanta Campaign of the American Civil War, Sherman spared Roswell because he had a cousin who lived there.
During the Chickamauga Campaign, Union artillery bombarded Chattanooga as a diversion and occupied it on September 9, 1863.
During World War II it was used as a prisoner-of-war camp, and a strategic base for the Aleutian Campaign.
During the American Civil War, Camden was occupied for several months in 1864 by Union soldiers as part of the Union army's ill-fated Red River Campaign.
During the American Civil War, it was named Lovejoy's Station, and was the site of the Battle of Lovejoy's Station during the Atlanta Campaign of 1864.

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