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During and Weimar
During most of the Weimar Republic era, Ribbentrop was apolitical and displayed no anti-Semitic prejudices.
During the Weimar Republic, he was president of the Prussian State Council ( Preußischer Staatsrat ) from 1922 to 1933, which was the representative of the Prussian cities and provinces.
During the Weimar Republic the term "" and the prefix "" referred not to the idea of empire but rather to the institutions, officials, affairs etc.
During the era of the Weimar Republic, Germany became a center of intellectual thought at its universities, and most notably social and political theory ( especially Marxism ) was combined with Freudian psychoanalysis to form the highly influential discipline of Critical Theory — with its development at the Institute for Social Research ( also known as the Frankfurt School ) founded at the University of Frankfurt am Main.
During the Weimar years, some of these found traction with the German public, particularly in Berlin.
During war time Johanna was very active at the local scene: she harboured German officials arrived in the city, and they dined at her house ; volunteered to nurse wounded soldiers ; and sheltered many of the less fortunate Weimar citizens whose homes French soldiers had taken over.
During the regencies of Anna Amalia ( 1758 – 1775 ) and her son Carl August ( 1809 – 1828 ), Weimar became an important cultural centre of Europe, having been home to such luminaries as Goethe, Schiller, and Herder ; and in music the piano virtuoso Hummel ( a pupil of Mozart ), Liszt, and Bach.
During 2006, the group released the album Volk ( German for People ), featuring cover versions of national anthems, including the NSK state anthem " Das Lied der Deutschen ", originally written in 1979 and used during the Weimar Republic.
During the Weimar Republic, the black-red-gold colours were the colours of the democratic, centrist and republican political parties, as opposed to the political right and political left, as seen in the name of Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold, formed by members of the SPD, the German Centre Party, and the German Democratic Party to defend the republic against extremists on the right and left, to teach the population to respect the new republic and to honour its flag and the constitution.
During the years of the Weimar Republic ( 1919 – 1933 ), his political commentaries gained him a reputation as a fervent supporter of democracy and a pluralistic society.
During the Weimar Republic, a Polish high school was founded in the town.
During a period of political instability and fragile, short-lived governments, he was generally seen as the most influential cabinet member in most of the Weimar Republic's existence.
During his political career, he represented three successive liberal parties ; he was the dominant figure of the German People's Party during the Weimar Republic.
During the Weimar Republic in the early 1920s, the Protocols was reprinted and published in Germany, along with anti-Jewish articles first published by The Dearborn Independent and reprinted in translation in Germany as a set of four bound volumes, cumulatively titled The International Jew, the World's Foremost Problem.
During the Weimar Republic, it was one of two large Liberal parties in Germany, the other being the German Democratic Party.
During the final years of the Weimar Republic, jobs were scarce and life was hard for the Galland family economically.
During the Weimar Republic, the university continued to be one of the world's leading universities, with professors such as Wilhelm Röntgen, Wilhelm Wien, Richard Willstätter, Arnold Sommerfeld and Ferdinand Sauerbruch.
During the German Empire, Weimar Republic and the Nazi era, whoever was head of state --- the Kaiser to 1918, the Reichspräsident to 1934 and Adolf Hitler from 1934 --- was Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.
During the Weimar Republic period, the KPD usually polled between 10 and 15 per cent of the vote and was represented in the Reichstag and in state parliaments.
During the years of the Weimar Republic the KPD was the largest Communist party in Europe, and was seen as the " leading party " of the Communist movement outside the Soviet Union.
During World War I and the Weimar Republic, the KPD competed for leadership of the working class with the more moderate Social Democratic Party of Germany ( SPD ), particularly after the latter supported German involvement in the War.
During Hummel's stay in Weimar, he made the city into a European musical capital, inviting the best musicians of the day to visit and make music there.
During the Weimar Period the library contained 831, 934 volumes ( 1930 ) and was thus one of the leading university libraries in Germany at that time.
During the last years of the Weimar Republic, she was busy in film and theatre, and especially in Brecht-Weill plays.

During and era
During the post-Phoenician era of the eighth century a palace was erected and a port was also constructed, which served the trade with the Greeks and the Levantines.
During the more recent Modern era and in the Post-Modern period the artillery crew has used wheeled or tracked vehicles as a mode of transportation.
During ancient times Aegina was a rival to Athens, the great sea power of the era.
During the Communist era, the army members enjoyed extensive social privileges.
During the 19th century the Liberal Party was broadly in favour of what would today be called classical liberalism: supporting laissez-faire economic policies such as free trade and minimal government interference in the economy ( this doctrine was usually termed ' Gladstonian Liberalism ' after the Victorian era Liberal Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone ).
During the era of McCarthyism, Chaplin was accused of " un-American activities " as a suspected communist.
During Mozi's era, war and famines were common, and population growth was seen as a moral necessity for a harmonious society.
During this brief era, when China was in all respects a multi-state system, five regimes rapidly succeeded one another in control of the old Imperial heartland in northern China.
During the era after the war, later called the Pax Mongolica, adventurous Westerners such as Marco Polo travelled all the way to China and brought the first reports of its wonders to Europe.
During this era, Chinese scholars attempted to incorporate Western philosophical ideologies such as democracy, Marxism, socialism, liberalism, republicanism, and nationalism into Chinese philosophy.
During the early computer era, Chinese characters were categorized by their radicals or Pinyin ( or romanization ), but results weren't completely satisfactory.
During this era, the Cottage was used for choir singing and marching bands along with other performances, and Mass.
During the 1930-60's era, Fulham often averaged over 45, 000.
During this period, which has become known as baseball's dead-ball era, Cub infielders Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers, and Frank Chance were made famous as a double-play combination by Franklin P. Adams ' poem Baseball's Sad Lexicon.
During the era Kingdom of Serbia, six censuses were conducted starting on 1884 and the last one being in 1910.
During this era, public authorities in Massachusetts dealt with the threat primarily by means of quarantine.
During the classical era of Buddhist philosophy in India, philosophers such as Dharmakirti argue for a dualism between states of consciousness and Buddhist atoms ( the basic building blocks that make up reality ), according to " the standard interpretation " of Dharmakirti's Buddhist metaphysics.
During the plantation era, Diego Garcia was home to large herds of Sicilian Donkeys ( Equus asinus ), dozens of horses ( Equus caballus ), hundreds of dogs ( Canis familiaris ) and house cats ( Felis catus ).
During the Cold War era, the United States was keen to establish a military base in the Indian Ocean to counter Soviet influence in the region and protect the sea-lanes for oil transportation from the Middle East.
During this dark era in franchise history, the team was derisively known as the " Dead Wings " or " Dead Things ".
During Mozi's era, war and famines were common, and population growth was seen as a moral necessity for a harmonious society.
During the second era ( 7th – 9th editions, 1827 – 1901 ), the Britannica was managed by the Edinburgh publishing firm, A & C Black.
During this period and into the Jacobean era that followed, the English theatre reached its highest peaks.
During the Perestroika era, The Law on the Status of the Estonian Language was adopted in January 1989.

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