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During and climactic
During a climactic scene in October 1999, involving an argument and fight between Grant and Phil Mitchell, the Dome was a part of the background as the scene took place directly on the opposite side of the river
During the climactic final battle scene, a piece of Jerry Goldsmith's " Valhalla " theme from The 13th Warrior is used.
During a climactic battle on the top floor of the museum, Tommy gets the upper hand on Sam, but when he runs away, finds that he cannot bring himself to kill his former friend.
During the climactic chapters of Philosopher's Stone Harry, Ron and Hermione become human chess pieces in a life-sized game of Wizard's Chess.
During certain types of climactic eruptions, the volcano's magma chamber may empty enough for an area above it to subside, forming what may appear to be a crater but is actually known as a caldera.
During the climactic battle with Unicron, he separated from Hi-Q and sacrificed himself to destroy the Chaos-Bringer, but Hi-Q soon realised that the seizures had been the forerunner of an incredible metamorphosis-the complete bonding, both mental and physical, of himself and Optimus Prime into a singular being.
During the climactic chase, Billy is killed in a fiery crash when Jeff forces his car off the road, while the trailer from Red's truck detaches, causing Al to violently crash into it.
During the climactic confrontation, Earl and Hank meet with McDuff, Nash and his men near the coast, rescuing Washington and killing or apprehending most of the thugs, including McDuff.
During a climactic battle with Dark Mephisto, Himeya is presumed to have died, but was later shown at the end of the series very much alive and well.
During the climactic battle, The Skeleton King's decapitated head merged with the unleashed Dark One Worm to become " The Skeleton King Worm " and traveled across the universe transforming once peaceful worlds into desolate wastelands in his wake.
During the climactic rooftop battle, The Tick engages in a bit of villain-riling, referring to Thrakkorzog as Thorasmog, Whatchamazog, Thoraxandabog, ThreeYaksAndADog and other mutilations of his name, culminating in " Susan ", at which point, Thrakkorzog declares that The Tick is deliberately mangling his name, saying, " Hah!
During the climactic scenes, Andre, as well as the Baron's butler Stefan ( Dick Miller ), try to stop him, eventually forcing the witch into compliance.
During the arc's climactic episode, Harley duct-tapes Mercy's mouth shut and ties her to a killer android that attacks Batman and Superman.
During a climactic battle, Mattie reabsorbed all those powers, leaving Charlotte powerless.

During and final
During the year that followed, Dick co-operated whole-heartedly with the dentist and was delighted with the final result achieved -- an upper row of strong straight teeth that completely changed his facial appearance.
During the third and final lunar excursion of the mission, astronauts Young and Duke were to explore North Ray Crater, the largest of any of the craters any Apollo expedition had visited.
During the 5th century BC, the Acropolis gained its final shape.
During its final two years of existence, the AFL teams won upset victories over the NFL teams in Super Bowl III and IV, the former New York Jets victory was considered one of the biggest upsets in American sports history.
During the final years of the 19th century, while ` Abdu ' l-Bahá was still officially a prisoner and confined to ` Akka, he organized the transfer of the remains of the Báb from Iran to Palestine.
During the final decades of imperial rule, the troops were supplied by Germanic chieftains employed by the Roman administration.
During the final battle against the dragon, Beowulf receives fatal wounds and dies.
During the final year of communist Hungary in the late 1980s, the Hungarian government, along with his two sons, Béla III and Péter, requested that his remains be exhumed and transferred back to Budapest for burial, where Hungary arranged a state funeral for him on July 7, 1988.
During the show's popular, although short-lived production, Bixby as always, invited a few old friends along to co-star such as Pamela Britton ( in her final role ), Kristina Holland and Ralph O ' Hara.
During final construction, a small section of the outside corners is carved or routed out and filled with binding material on the outside corners and decorative strips of material next to the binding, which are called purfling.
During her final year at Yale Clarke performed with the Yale Repertory Theater in such plays as Tales from the Vienna Woods.
During the sixth and final colonial war, the French and Indian War, the military conflicts in Nova Scotia included: Battle of Fort Beauséjour ; Bay of Fundy Campaign ( 1755 ); the Battle of Petitcodiac ; the Raid on Lunenburg ( 1756 ); the Louisbourg Expedition ( 1757 ); Battle of Bloody Creek ( 1757 ); Siege of Louisbourg ( 1758 ), Petitcodiac River Campaign, Gulf of St. Lawrence Campaign ( 1758 ), St. John River Campaign, and Battle of Restigouche.
During the summer they recorded these songs for their final album, Bedtime for Democracy, which was released in November.
During his final school years he began writing his poetry in notebooks, the first poem dated 27 April ( 1930 ), is entitled " Osiris, come to Isis ".
During final construction, a small section of the outside corners is carved or routed out and filled with binding material on the outside corners and decorative strips of material next to the binding, which are called purfling.
During the epic final battle, Treize is killed ( of his own volition ) in a rematch against Wufei, while Heero fights against Zechs one last time.
During this period IALA continued to develop models and conducted polling to determine the optimal form of the final language.
During the final battle on Utopia, Iceman teams up with the X-Students to take on Mimic.
During his final year at Columbia, Jarmusch moved to Paris, for what was initially a summer semester on an exchange program but turned into ten months.
During 1942, Goebbels continued to press for the " final solution to the Jewish question " to be carried forward as quickly as possible now that Germany had occupied a huge swathe of Soviet territory into which all the Jews of German-controlled Europe could be deported.
During these final years in the House of Delegates, Madison grew increasingly frustrated with what he saw as excessive democracy.
During an interview Lord Phillips was quoted by the Financial Times as saying: "' in an ideal world ' Commonwealth countries — including those in the Caribbean — would stop using the Privy Council and set up their own final courts of appeal instead.
During the game he hit his 389th and final home run.
During Brezhnev's final years, Chernenko became fully immersed in ideological Party work: Heading Soviet delegations abroad, accompanying Brezhnev to important meetings and conferences, and was a member of the commission that revised the Soviet Constitution in 1977.

During and scene
During a major news event one or more of the main news presenters may be sent to present live for the channel from the scene of the story, where they will conduct interviews with the people involved, question correspondents, introduce related reports and also give general information on the story, much as a reporter sent to cover a story would.
During a character's vampire transformation she watches a documentary about lions, hinting towards a scene in the novella.
During the mid-1980s, techno music emerged from the Detroit club scene.
During the early 1990s, the rave scene built on the acid house scene.
During the late 18th century it gradually disappeared from the musical scene with the rise of the fortepiano.
During the late 1970s in New York City, Jarmusch and his contemporaries were part of an alternative culture scene centered on the CBGB music club.
During this period, Brown's music empire also expanded along with his influence on the music scene.
During a later tragic crossfire scene, Sid braves the crazed Heidi's automatic fire to save his baby.
During filming of The Alamo ( 2004 film ) | The Alamo, a tracking shot was used during a battle scene
During the first Peel series, each episode would end with a short, comedic scene of the duo leaving the scene of their most recent adventure in some unusual vehicle.
During that time she met a number of budding musicians in Britain's blues scene.
" During another interview he added, " It was exciting to work for him Strasberg because he was so interesting when he talked about a scene or talked about people.
During each episode, he provided an omniscient viewpoint of the situations presented, and regularly interjected comical asides during crucial plot points ( often, during a freeze frame of a cliffhanger scene right before a commercial break ) and " down home " aphorisms.
During the filming of a scene in which a bridge was blown up, Eastwood urged Wallach to retreat to a hilltop.
During war time Johanna was very active at the local scene: she harboured German officials arrived in the city, and they dined at her house ; volunteered to nurse wounded soldiers ; and sheltered many of the less fortunate Weimar citizens whose homes French soldiers had taken over.
During one murder, scenes from the killing are interspersed with scenes from a nearby meeting of a socialist club, addressed by William Morris, where a portrait of Karl Marx comes to dominate the scene.
During the period of turmoil between the supporters of King Henry III and the barons who sought to curtail his power, the town was the scene of a major battle in 1233, in which the king's forces were routed by the troops of Richard Marshal, Earl of Pembroke.
During the Act II ghost scene, it would be impossible for the cast to see Sullivan's baton when the stage was darkened for the Ancestors ' reincarnation.
During these trips to California, Foucault spent many evenings in the gay scene of the San Francisco Bay Area.
During the summer of 1965, Laughlin recruited much of the original talent that led to a unique amalgam of traditional folk music and the developing psychedelic rock scene.

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