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During and course
During the hottest part of the day, of course, the sun comes straight down and there isn't any shade ''.
During the course of the trial, Jelke backed up part of that statement.
During a storm encountered in the course of the voyage, the convicts assisted in working the ship and, on arrival at Colonia, Phillip recommended that they be rewarded for saving the ship by remission of their sentences.
During the course of 2009, the grim forecasts for the effects of the global crisis on the Bulgarian economy largely materialized.
During the course of his lifetime Sloane gathered an enviable collection of curiosities and, not wishing to see his collection broken up after death, he bequeathed it to King George II, for the nation, for the princely sum of £ 20, 000.
During the course of 1915, Chaplin became a cultural phenomenon.
During the course of the second Labour government, Attlee had become increasingly disillusioned by Ramsay MacDonald, whom he came to regard as vain and incompetent, and later wrote scathingly of him in his autobiography.
During the course of the war, Hale, Noyes and Millikan worked together in Washington on the NRC.
During the course of play, each player directs the actions of his or her character and its interactions with the other characters in the game.
During refueling Cooper outlined his flight plan to the cockpit crew: a southeast course toward Mexico City at the minimum airspeed possible without stalling the aircraft ( approximately ) at a maximum altitude.
During the course of the war, he took part in actions at Heligoland Bight ( 1914 ), Dogger Bank ( 1915 ) and Jutland ( 1916 ).
During the course of the two occupations legal institutions, elected according to the constitution approved by the people, were removed from power.
During his career he wrote poetry, prose, and stage plays ; his last novel was Kenelm Chillingly, which was in course of publication in Blackwood ’ s Magazine at the time of his death in 1873.
During the course of the hijack of Indian Airlines Flight 814 in 1999, the Taliban requested recognition by India in exchange for help in negotiations.
During the course of these " Bishops ' Wars " Charles tried to raise an army of Irish Catholics, but was forced to back down after a storm of protest in Scotland and England.
During the course of its history, Hunan cuisine assimilated a variety of local forms, eventually evolving into its own style.
During the course of the war the area of Congress Poland became occupied by the Central Powers, with Warsaw captured by the Germans on 5 August 1915.
During the course of his life, Heracles married four times.
During the course of the next thirty years, these same numbers were combined with filing codes used by the Navy's clerks to create an informal version of the system that was put in place in 1920.
During the course of the war Iraq moved away from the close friendship with the Soviet Union that had persisted throughout the 1970s, and it initiated a rapprochement with the United States.
During the course of the illness, the patient's mobility is progressively restricted as it becomes hard for him or her to bend down, reach for things, walk quickly and so on.
During the course of the Convention, Madison spoke over two hundred times, and his fellow delegates rated him highly.
During the course of all three periods, Ribbentrop met frequently with leaders and diplomats from Italy, Japan, Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, and Hungary.
During World War II, though already an experienced composer, Hartmann submitted to a course of private tuition in Vienna by Schoenberg ’ s pupil Anton Webern ( with whom he often disagreed on a personal and political level ).
During High Middle Ages, the town was expanded with additional settlement was founded a few kilometers north of the stronghold in the course of the Ostsiedlung and chartered with Lübeck law.

During and interview
During an audience interview at the Edinburgh Book Festival on 15 April 2004, series author J. K. Rowling had this to say about the fictional Killing Curse's etymology: " Does anyone know where avada kedavra came from?
" During an interview for Collider on August 25, 2009, Judge told them, " I like to keep the door open on Beavis and Butt-Head, because it's my favorite thing that I've ever done.
" During the same interview, Love said she was greatly influenced by guitarists Will Sergeant of Echo and the Bunnymen and Johnny Marr of The Smiths.
During an interview, he says " SRI patented the mouse, but they really had no idea of its value.
During an interview with NME Magazine, he shot and killed a squirrel with a pellet gun to prevent any further damage to his electrical system in the attic at the location the interview was held.
During discovery, Lewis produced articles, promotional materials, documentary evidence and an interview recorded at the Akron Art Institute following the premiere of In the Beginning was the End in which Mothersbaugh and other band members credited Lewis with developing the theory of de-evolution, and the band quickly settled for an undisclosed sum.
During an interview with the Dallas Observer, Gerald Casale said, " It's just aesthetically offensive.
During the making of the film and subsequent promotion campaign Phoenix stayed in character including a notorious interview with David Letterman and the film maker Casey Affleck maintained the ruse that the film was true, only later admitting that it was not.
During an interview Lord Phillips was quoted by the Financial Times as saying: "' in an ideal world ' Commonwealth countries — including those in the Caribbean — would stop using the Privy Council and set up their own final courts of appeal instead.
During the interview period following the lecture Ventris confirmed that Linear B was as yet undeciphered, and determined to decipher it.
During the interview with David Mills, Griffin made numerous statements such as " Jews are responsible for the majority of the wickedness in the world ".
During a 2008 interview with the BBC, Major General Qian Lihua, a senior Chinese defense official, stated that the PLAN aspired to possess a small number of aircraft carriers to allow it to expand China's air defense perimeter.
During the interview, Lee was quoted as saying "... Just about a month and a half ago we had no songs.
During a March 2007 interview with the Western Daily Press, Ferry confirmed that although the next Roxy Music album is definitely being made, it would not be vended for another " year and a half ", as Ferry had just released and toured behind his twelfth studio album, Dylanesque, consisting of Bob Dylan covers.
During an October 2007 interview, Ferry said that the album would include a collaboration with Scissor Sisters.
During a 1956 radio interview with Sydney Rogers in West Oakland several months after her arrest, Parks said she had decided, " I would have to know for once and for all what rights I had as a human being and a citizen.
During an interview on 1 July 2010, Tricky stated that his new album, titled Mixed Race, was scheduled for release on 27 September 2010.
During an interview with Music Geek Media in May 2009, Debbi Peterson indicated that the album was in the early stages of production.
During the interview, they expressed dismay at the administrative policies within the Church of Satan, citing this as their reason for joining the Temple of Set.
During the screenwriting process when Ephron would not feel like writing, she would interview people who worked for the production company.
During an interview with author Wilbur Siebert in 1897, Tubman revealed some of the names of helpers and places she used along the Underground Railroad.
During an interview with Joss Stone on The Jeremy Kyle Show in 2008, Williams revealed that while out of his head on dispirin he has seen UFOs three times.
During an interview, Jennings remarked that the song was a " pretty good example " of the influence of his work with Buddy Holly and rockabilly music.
" During another interview he added, " It was exciting to work for him Strasberg because he was so interesting when he talked about a scene or talked about people.

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