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from Brown Corpus
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During and decade
During the Seventies the projections show a more pronounced rise to an annual rate of 1,338,000 in the second half of that decade.
During the past decade the program has been carried on through expansion of free higher education in state universities, state colleges, and community colleges.
During the next decade ` Abdu ' l-Bahá would be in constant communication with Bahá ' ís around the world, helping them to teach the religion ; the group included May Ellis Bolles in Paris, Englishman Thomas Breakwell, American Herbert Hopper, French Hippolyte Dreyfus, Susan Moody, Lua Getsinger, and American Laura Clifford Barney.
During this decade Mozart composed his most famous operas, his six late symphonies which helped to redefine the genre, and a string of piano concerti which still stand at the pinnacle of these forms.
" During the first decade of the 21st century, a number of schools that were part of the Schechter network transformed themselves into non-affiliated community day schools.
During the decade, a range of other storylines featured, such as the bigamy of Peter Barlow and his addiction to alcohol, later in the decade, Maya Sharma's revenge on former lover Devendra Alahan, Katy Harris murdering her father and subsequently committing suicide, Charlie Stubbs's psychological abuse of Shelley Unwin, and the deaths of Mike Baldwin, Vera Duckworth and Fred Elliott.
During World War II, and for nearly a decade after the war, most milk in Britain was used for the making of one single kind of cheese nicknamed " Government Cheddar " as part of war economies and rationing.
During this decade and the one that followed, Urbina and his archrival, García Moreno, would define the dichotomy — between Liberals from Guayaquil and Conservatives from Quito — that remained the major sphere of political struggle in Ecuador in the 1980s.
During the first decade of the cinema's existence, inventors worked to improve the machines for making and showing films.
During the decade following World War II, the population doubled and an era of economic prosperity occurred.
During the first decade of the television series, the name of the Doctor's home planet was not revealed, although it was actually shown for the first time in The War Games ( 1969 ) during the Doctor's trial.
During this decade Hackman also could be seen in Reds, Under Fire, Hoosiers, Power, Uncommon Valor and Bat * 21.
During the next decade, Palestrina held positions similar to his Julian Chapel appointment at other chapels and churches in Rome, notably St John Lateran, ( 1555 – 1560 – a post previously held by Lassus ) and Sta Maria Maggiore ( 1561 – 1566 ).
During the decade of 1780, the Spanish regained control of the Bay Islands and took most of the British and their allies in the Black River area.
During the first decade of the new century, hedge funds regained popularity worldwide and in 2008, the worldwide industry held US $ 1. 93 trillion in assets under management.
During the first decade of the 2000s, Pei designed a variety of buildings, including the Suzhou Museum near his childhood home.
During the first decade of operation of the Internet ( by the late 1980s ), it became apparent that methods had to be developed to conserve address space.
During the first decade of whaling more than ten ships visited Jan Mayen each year, while in the second period ( 1624 and later ) five to ten ships were sent.
During the rest of the decade, they would go on to star together in Out to Sea, Grumpier Old Men and the widely panned The Odd Couple II.
During the last decade of his life Marx's health declined and he became incapable of the sustained effort that had characterised his previous work.
During the ensuing decade, Imi's athletic activities focused mainly on wrestling, both as a contestant and a trainer.
During this decade smokeless powder came into general use, and the calibre of various service rifles diminished.
During this decade, MK began contesting Westminster parliamentary seats as well as local government ones.

During and followed
During these years the company's product line followed the basic tenets laid down by Mr. Brown.
During the year that followed, Dick co-operated whole-heartedly with the dentist and was delighted with the final result achieved -- an upper row of strong straight teeth that completely changed his facial appearance.
During the four years of his reign disaster followed on disaster, and in 1695 Ahmed II died at Edirne Palace, worn out by disease and sorrow.
During the delay caused by this detour, two other British ships joined the battle: Theseus, which had been disguised as a first-rate ship, followed Foley's track across Guerrier < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s bow.
During 2006, Chile imported US $ 26 billion from the Americas, representing 54 % of total imports, followed by Asia at 22 %, and Europe at 16 %.
During the comeout, the seven is called " seven, front line winner ," frequently followed by " pay the line " and / or " take the don ' ts ".
During the comeout, eleven is typically followed by " front line winner ".
During this period, the marketing department followed the lead of Detroit automobile manufacturers and came up with many marketing slogans and buzzwords to describe Cessna ’ s product line in an attempt to place their products ahead of the competition.
During the summer that followed, they acquired goalie Dominik Hasek ( the defending Vezina Trophy winner ) and forwards Luc Robitaille and Brett Hull.
During this period and into the Jacobean era that followed, the English theatre reached its highest peaks.
During the baseball Winter Meetings, the Marlins signed All-Star closer Heath Bell, followed by All-Star shortstop José Reyes signed to the longest and most lucrative contract in team history.
During the 1980s and 1990s, in which Gen Xers would have been teenagers or young adults, the United Kingdom was politically marked by conservative Thatcher-era government followed by the more centrist tenures of John Major ( 1990 – 1997 ) and Tony Blair ( 1997 – 2007 ).
During that period counties followed the traditional practice of requiring all decisions be made by at least twelve of the grand jurors, ( e. g., for a twenty-three-person grand jury, twelve people would constitute a bare majority ).
During their occupation of Britain the Romans built an extensive network of roads which continued to be used in later centuries and many are still followed today.
During the religious peace which followed the persecution of Marcus Aurelius, the new bishop divided his activities between the duties of a pastor and of a missionary ( as to which we have but brief data, late and not very certain ).
During the Second World War, copper replaced cupro-nickel in the 25 and 50 penniä and 1 markka, followed by an issue of iron 10, 25 and 50 penniä and 1 markka.
During the late 1940s Jackson Pollock's radical approach to painting revolutionized the potential for all contemporary art that followed him.
" During Kurtzman's final two-plus years at EC, Mad appeared erratically ( ten issues appeared in 1954, followed by eight issues in 1955 and four issues in 1956 ).
During the war, the Pope followed a policy of public neutrality mirroring that of Pope Benedict XV during World War I.
He was ordained as a subdeacon by Pope Marinus I, followed by his being raised to the deaconate by Pope Stephen V. During the pontificate of Pope Formosus ( 891 – 896 ), he was a member of the party of nobles who supported the Emperor Lambert, who was the opponent of Formosus and the pope ’ s preferred imperial candidate, Arnulf of Carinthia.
During the early 1850s, two German Egyptologists, Heinrich Brugsch and Max Uhlemann, produced revised Latin translations based on the demotic and hieroglyphic texts ; the first English translation, the work of three members of the Philomathean Society at the University of Pennsylvania, followed in 1858.
During 1955-85, solid state technology research and development at Stanford University followed three waves of industrial innovation made possible by support from private corporations, mainly Bell Telephone Laboratories, Shockley Semiconductor, Fairchild Semiconductor, and Xerox PARC.
During the power vacuum that followed the assassination of Somalia's second president, Abdirashid Ali Shermarke, the military staged a coup d ' état on 21 October 1969 ( the day after Shermarke's funeral ) and took over office.

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