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During and eighth
During its flowering in the sixth to the eighth centuries, Mahayana offered a supernatural package to the Chinese which bears no resemblance to the highly digested philosophical Zen morsels offered to the modern Western reader.
During the post-Phoenician era of the eighth century a palace was erected and a port was also constructed, which served the trade with the Greeks and the Levantines.
During the pontificate of Pope Paul III the Council fathers met for the first through eighth sessions in Trent ( 1545 – 7 ), and for the ninth through eleventh sessions in Bologna ( 1547 ).
During the 1984 and 1985 seasons, Earnhardt visited victory lane six times, at Talladega, Atlanta, Richmond, Bristol ( twice ), and Martinsville, where he finished fourth and eighth in the season standings, respectively.
During his days in Atlanta, Aaron reached a number of milestones ; he was only the eighth player ever to hit 500 career home runs, with his 500th coming against Mike McCormick of the San Francisco Giants on July 14, 1968 — exactly one year after former teammate Eddie Mathews had hit his 500th.
During the 20th century, the meaning of the term was expanded to refer not only to seaborne raiders from Scandinavia, but secondarily to any Scandinavian who lived during the period from the late eighth to the mid-11th centuries, or more loosely from c. 700 to as late as about 1100.
During the fourth and fifth centuries, the Roman practice of coopting Germanic tribes to provide military and defense services along the route from Boulogne to Cologne created a Germanic-Romance linguistic border in the region that persisted until the eighth century.
During the rule of King Xiao of Zhou, the eighth king of the Zhou Dynasty, this area became known as the state of Qin.
During the Visigothic period ( fifth to eighth centuries ), Pamplona alternated between self-rule, Visigoth domination or Frankish suzerainty in the Duchy of Vasconia ( Councils of Toledo unattended by several Pamplonese bishops between 589 and 684 ).
During the eighth century, Pamplona and its hinterland oscillated between two powerful states, Moors and Franks, but they proved unable to permanently secure its rule over the Basque region.
" During the recording of " Good Vibrations " in 1966, Parks suggested to Brian Wilson that he have cellos playing eighth notes.
During the early Byzantine – Arab Wars the Arab armies attempted to invade southeast Europe via Asia Minor during the late seventh and early eighth centuries, but were defeated at the siege of Constantinople by the joint forces of Byzantium and the Bulgars.
During the 1968 – 69 school year, Park Terrace was designated a middle school serving all seventh and eighth graders in the district and East McKeesport served only 9th grade students for this one year ; it would serve other populations until its closure in 1982.
During the game against the Colorado Rockies, Mets manager Willie Randolph replaced Piazza after the eighth inning, at which point the Shea Stadium crowd of 47, 718 serenaded him with a standing ovation, at which point Piazza humbly bowed to the stands and blew kisses to the adoring fans.
During the Middle Ages, this rite was considered so vital in some European kingdoms that it was sometimes referred to as an " eighth sacrament ".
During his eighth and final season on the show, Sheen earned $ 1. 8 million per episode.
During his 14-season run with the Cubs, Santo hit 337 home runs, then the eighth most by a National League right-handed hitter ; his 1, 071 career walks with the Cubs remain the team record for a right-handed hitter.
During the fall of 2011, the band's website went live with a countdown to November 22, which was the eighth anniversary for the band's final show at the Fillmore in Denver.
During the first year of the investigation seven coins were seized or voluntarily turned in to the Secret Service and were subsequently destroyed at the mint ; an eighth coin was recovered the following year and met the same fate.
* During the eighth round of inter-Korean Red Cross talks held in April 2007, both Koreas agreed on: “ within the framework of family reunion meetings ”, cooperating and addressing the issue regarding those who have been missing " during or after " the Korean War.
During 1946, the first full season after the war, Hammond played only 26 innings but scored 1, 783 runs at an average of 84. 90, topping the first-class averages for the eighth time in succession — still an English record as of July 2010.
During the eighth season, he manages to contribute accidentally to the destruction of planets in three separate incidents.
During the 2004 – 05 NHL lockout, Erat played for HC Zlín of the Czech Extraliga, where he finished eighth in the league in scoring with 20 goals and 23 assists in 48 games.
During a lull in the eighth inning, a local burlesque performer named Kitty Burke came out of the crowd, picked up the Reds outfielder Floyd " Babe " Herman's bat, stepped into the batter's box, and dared the Cardinals ' starter, Paul " Daffy " Dean, to throw her a pitch.

During and follows
During the 1970s the relative number of communists in Republics of the Soviet Union was as follows:
During the dominance of the Tropical Maritime Airmass ( MT ) in the rainy season of Nigeria, mornings are bright and sunny, the sun's heating of the land in the mornings and afternoons sets up convectional currents, these currents rise vertically and cumulonimbus clouds are formed, by afternoons to evenings, torrential downpour follows.
During the Christmas season, the building's neon arrangement follows a festive motif and resembles a Christmas tree.
Typically, this system works as follows: During the initial high-impulse orbit-raising maneuvers, the system operates in a bipropellant fashion, providing high thrust at high efficiency ; when it arrives on orbit, it closes off either the fuel or oxidizer, and conducts the remainder of its mission in a simple, predictable monopropellant
During parliamentary elections in 1999, the seats in Riigikogu were divided as follows: the Centre Party received 28, the Pro Patria Union 18, the Reform Party 18, the People's Party Moderates ( election cartel between Moderates and People's Party ) 17, Coalition Party 7, Country People's Party ( now People's Union ) 7, United People's Party's electoral cartel 6 seats.
During its last year of service in 2005, the representation by region was as follows:
During such gaze saccades, first the eye produces a saccade to get gaze on target, whereas the head follows more slowly and the vestibulo-ocular reflex causes the eyes to roll back in the head to keep gaze on the target.
During the eleven years spent by Foscolo in London, until his death there, he enjoyed all the social distinction which the most brilliant circles of the English capital confer on foreigners of political and literary renown, and experienced all the misery which follows on a disregard of the first conditions of domestic economy.
During the Great Depression the Bank of Broadway kept operations running and it was noted in the Sanford Herald on January 23, 1930 the headline read as follows: " Bank of Broadway is an unusual institution, in the midst of financial depression, it is in a flourishing condition ".
During the post-trial interviews, Beverly follows the juror wearing white shoes to a pay phone in a conveniently empty ladies ' room.
During the Yom Kippur War Elmo Zumwalt describes part of the Sixth Fleet buildup as follows:
During the psychotic break that follows exposure to the Lazarus Pit, the Riddler deduces Batman's secret identity and that the late Jason Todd was once Robin.
During these audiences, the Kumari is closely watched and her actions interpreted as a prediction of the petitioners lives ', for example as follows:
During the convalescence which follows, he establishes a relationship with Narcissa Benbow, whom he marries.
During this season, which follows the monsoons, average temperatures are in the range of, and moisture is deficient.
During the power phase the hand follows a semi-circular path from the Catch to the side of the hip.
During the reign of Sigismund of Luxemburg they were as follows:
During Booster's superhero career, his sister Michelle Carter, powered by a magnetic suit, follows in his footsteps as the superheroine Goldstar.
During the academic year 2010 / 2011, the members of corporation are as follows:
During his time in Australia, Vieri developed a love for both football and cricket, a sport he still follows to this day.
During the investigation, a mysterious figure also follows Doomsday's cross-country path, and commits a series of murders and destructions along the way.
During the assembly that follows, Miss Cackle announces her birthday celebration.
During combat, the deployable units available are as follows:
During this extension, the alignments of US-77 and US-177 were altered in North Central Oklahoma as follows:

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