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During and film
During the making recently of an important Biblical film, some 40 volumes of research material and sketches not only of costumes and interiors, but of architectural developments, sports arenas, vehicles, and other paraphernalia were compiled, consulted, and complied with.
During the downtime, Murdoch has initiated the film and music project God Help the Girl, while Jackson and Kildea have toured with the reformed Vaselines.
During production of the film Chaplin had been involved with the actress Pola Negri, a romantic pairing that received vast media interest.
During the 1930s, the silent film comedy was replaced by dialogue from film comedians such as the W. C. Fields and the Marx Brothers.
During the last few years, camera cranes have been miniaturized and costs have dropped so dramatically that most aspiring film makers have access to these tools.
During the same year, he directed Hell-Bent for Election, a campaign film for Franklin D. Roosevelt.
During the filming of the film, Day became concerned about Hitchcock's lack of direction.
During a relatively quiet 2005, he recorded the vocals for the song "( She Can ) Do That ", co-written with Brian Transeau, for the film Stealth.
During World War II, he worked in an animation department of the United States Army, where he wrote Design for Death, a film that later won the 1947 Academy Award for Documentary Feature.
During its theatrical run the film grossed $ 2. 4 million, currently holds a 100 % positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has developed a cult following.
During a performance of " Sunday Bloody Sunday ", which appears on the film, Bono condemned the violence in a furious mid-song rant in which he yelled, " Fuck the revolution.
During late 1927, Warners released The Jazz Singer, which was mostly silent but contained what is generally regarded as the first synchronized dialogue ( and singing ) in a feature film ; but this process was actually accomplished first by Charles Taze Russell in 1914 with the lengthy film The Photo-Drama of Creation.
During the immediate post-war years the cinematic industry was also threatened by television, and the increasing popularity of the medium meant that some film theatres would bankrupt and close.
During Indian cinema's ' Golden Age ' of the 1950s, it was producing 200 films annually, while Indian independent films gained greater recognition through international film festivals.
During this period, French commercial film also made a name for itself.
During the 1990s the digital revolution in image technologies has had an impact on film theory in various ways.
During the classic era, his work, either as author or screenwriter, was the basis for seven films now widely regarded as film noirs, including three of the most famous: High Sierra ( 1941 ), This Gun for Hire ( 1942 ), and The Asphalt Jungle ( 1950 ).
During this period, he worked as a property man, film cutter, title writer, and assistant director.
During the supernatural chaos towards the end of the film, LaGuardia is said to have come back to talk to the current mayor of New York in his bedroom for an hour and a half, despite LaGuardia's being " dead for forty years ".
During the making of the film and subsequent promotion campaign Phoenix stayed in character including a notorious interview with David Letterman and the film maker Casey Affleck maintained the ruse that the film was true, only later admitting that it was not.

During and reputation
During the exercise of his duties he enhanced his reputation for humility by refusing to ride a horse — in accord with the dictates of the Dominican order — instead walking back and forth across his huge diocese.
During the 1960s and 1970s, the city gained a reputation as a center for liberal politics.
During the 1960s and 1970s, the city gained a reputation as an important center for liberal politics.
During its 93 years as a men's residence, Gate House developed a distinct character and reputation.
During the American Civil War he was consulting surgeon in the Mower Army Hospital, near Philadelphia, and acquired considerable reputation for his operations in cases of gunshot wounds.
During that time, the back four consisting of him, Paolo Maldini, Alessandro Costacurta and Mauro Tassotti gained a reputation for being of the meanest defenses in Europe.
During these operations the Crown Prince won the reputation of a thorough soldier ; after peace was made and Saxony had entered the North German Confederation, he gained the command of the Saxon army, which had now become the XII army corps of the North German army, and in this position carried out the necessary re-organisation.
During the 1940s The Living Theatre, Theatre of the Absurd, and the Downtown Theater movement all took root there, and it developed a reputation as a place where aspiring playwrights and emerging voices could showcase their work.
During this period his reputation as one of the leading Test all-rounders was firmly established.
During the war, Musharraf developed a reputation for sticking to his post under shellfire.
During the First Crusade Stephen-Henry had acquired an unfortunate reputation for cowardice, and he returned to the Levant again in 1101 to rebuild his reputation where he was killed at the battle of Ramlah.
During every Washington Nationals home game at Nationals Park, the Theodore Roosevelt mascot ( a. k. a. Teddy ) earned a reputation of not being able to win the Presidents Race, a promotional event held in the middle of the fourth inning, due to various incidents.
During the last quarter of the 20th century UMIST established a reputation as a major research-based university, performing well in the government's Research Assessment Exercise in 2001, and was well placed in various league tables.
During production, she developed a reputation for being difficult and unreasonable ; and Korda instructed her agent to warn her that her option would not be renewed if her behaviour did not improve.
During the following centuries, Sparta's reputation as a land-fighting force was unequaled.
During this term, discontented with public service, Garfield pursued opportunities in law practice, but declined a partnership offer after being advised his prospective partner was of " intemperate and licentious " reputation.
During the 1980s, Telluride developed a reputation for being " Colorado's best kept secret ", which paradoxically made it one of the more well-known resort communities.
During his career, Tracy appeared in 75 films and developed a reputation among his peers as one of the screen's greatest actors.
During the spring of 1863, Hooker established a reputation as an outstanding administrator and restored the morale of his soldiers, which had plummeted to a new low under Burnside.
During the 1390s, John's reputation of devotion to the well-being of the kingdom was largely restored.
During its early years, desktop publishing acquired a bad reputation as a result of untrained users who created poorly-organized ransom note effect layouts — similar criticism would be levied again against early Web publishers a decade later.
During the 16th century, Josquin gradually acquired the reputation as the greatest composer of the age, his mastery of technique and expression universally imitated and admired.

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