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During and filming
During the filming of his tenth picture he clashed with director Mabel Normand, and was almost released from his contract.
During on-location filming in Egypt of the Exodus sequence for 1956's The Ten Commandments, the then-75-year-old DeMille climbed a 107-foot ladder to the top of the massive Per Rameses set and suffered a near-fatal heart attack.
During the filming of the film, Day became concerned about Hitchcock's lack of direction.
During 1942, Dr. Joseph Goebbels authorized relocation of SS Cap Arcona to Gotenhafen Harbour as a stand-in for RMS Titanic during filming of the German produced movie TITANIC directed by Herbert Selpin.
( During filming, Dinky attacked and injured lead actor Mike Henry.
During the filming, while Bacall was home, Bogart resumed his discreet affair with Verita Peterson, his long-time studio assistant whom he took sailing and enjoyed drinking with.
During the filming of Cossacks of the Kuban, the Soviet Union was going through a postwar famine.
During filming, Susan Sarandon fell ill with pneumonia ; she recovered after a few days.
During location filming of Cinderella Man, Crowe made a donation to a Jewish elementary school whose library had been damaged as a result of arson.
During filming, Lynch asked for the song to be played repeatedly to give the set a surreal atmosphere.
During filming, star Lana Turner's possessive gangster boyfriend, Johnny Stompanato, who was visiting from Los Angeles, believed she was having an affair with Connery.
During the later part of their marriage they lived in a house partly designed by James himself called Delaford Park situated in Iver, Buckinghamshire, a location close enough to Pinewood Studios to allow him to return home for lunch whilst filming.
During filming of The Alamo ( 2004 film ) | The Alamo, a tracking shot was used during a battle scene
During the filming, Gilliam was accidentally hit by a bus and broke his back.
During the second part, the reason for his travels is revealed: the hitchhiker has been filming his extended family to bring home to his blind mother ( Jeanne Moreau ).
During the filming of The Sixth Sense, Shyamalan had already approached Bruce Willis for the lead role of David Dunn.
During filming, Alekan used a very old and fragile silk stocking that had belonged to his grandmother as a filter for the monochromatic sequences.
During the filming of a scene in which a bridge was blown up, Eastwood urged Wallach to retreat to a hilltop.
During filming, Eastwood suffered symptoms of a bronchial infection and several panic attacks.
During the filming, he wore a headset to ensure that important dialogue could be heard, without emphasizing it.
During the film, Lester's physique improves from flabby to toned ; Spacey worked out during filming to improve his body, but because Mendes shot the scenes out of chronological order, Spacey varied postures to portray the stages.
During the filming of Monsieur Beaucaire, both Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks approached Valentino privately, due to his contract with Ritz Carlton, about joining with United Artists.
During the filming of The Eagle, rumors of an affair with co-star Vilma Bánky were reported and ultimately denied by both Bánky and Valentino.
During the filming, Burton met and fell in love with Elizabeth Taylor, who was married to Eddie Fisher.

During and Left
During the ensuing 15 years, many countercultural and New Left enterprises sprang up and developed large constituencies within the city.
During Heizei's reign, the bodyguards were reorganized ; the existing Imperial Bodyguards became the Left Imperial Bodyguards, while the Middle Bodyguards became the Right Imperial Bodyguards.
During the French Revolution, nationalism was a policy of the Republican Left.
During his college days ( 1969-1973 ) he became disillusioned with the New Left of the 1970s and undertook extensive readings in anarchism, utopian socialism, council communism, and other left tendencies critical of both Marxism-Leninism and social democracy.
< p > During the first ten years of its struggle, the Left Opposition did not abandon the program of ideological conquest of the party for that of conquest of power against the party.
During an interview on The Colbert Report on January 16, 2007, while promoting his book, The Enemy At Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9 / 11, D ' Souza maintained that liberals were not without fault in the September 11, 2001, attacks.
During the period 2003-2007 the leader of the burough council was Tone Tellevik Dahl from the Labour party, with her deputy being Jan Fredrik Pedersen from the Socialist Left Party.
During the 1960s the magazine opposed the Vietnam War, but was also often critical of the New Left.
During this time he published the collections Why Brownlee Left ( 1980 ) and Quoof ( 1983 ).
During this period of illegality, the KKE supported the United Democratic Left ( EDA ) Party.
During the 2007 general election campaign, the Progressive Democrats erected posters bearing the slogan, " Left wing government?
During this period the Italian Left also reviewed a number of positions which it thought had become outdated.
During its initial years after the split, the party was often referred by different names such as ' Left Communist Party ' or ' Communist Party of India ( Left )'.
During Zhuge Jin's later years, he was promoted to the rank of Grand General ( 大将军 ) and Left Commander ( 左将軍 ).
During the spring of 1919 the Left Wing Caucus of the Socialist Party, buoyed by a large influx of new members from countries involved in the Russian Revolution, prepared to wrest control from the smaller controlling faction of moderate socialists.
During the spring of 2010, Chemlab toured North America with 16Volt and Left Spine Down.
During the 2008 NUS Annual Conference, Student Broad Left formed a slate with Student Respect putting forward Ruqayyah Collector, NUS Black Students ' Officer 2006-8, as candidate for NUS National President.
During her captivity, she became the wife of the Xiongnu chieftain Liu Bao ( the " Wise King of the Left "), and bore him two sons.
During the tenure as Editor of Chris Huhne in 1975, material was received anonymously about a candidate in the O. U. S. U. ( Oxford University Student Union ) election, Geoff Ferres, which alleged ( incorrectly ) that Ferres had misused certain funds during his campaign, got printed in the belief that it was true ; though it may well have been planted by Hard Left associates of Ferres, in an attempt to gain editorial control of any student publication rash enough to print it, which several did.
During the factionally charged political climate of the American Left in the 1920s, a parallel Communist fraternal benefit society emerged — the IWO.
During the Revolution, he parted with the Left, and made declarations in support of Charles X — including one which proclaimed that the only national flag was the white one of the Bourbons.
During the period of 1995-2000 CRLI was member of Left Front.
During this time Döblin wrote a number of satirical and polemical political essays under the pseudonym " Linke Poot ," a dialectical variation of " Linke Pfote " ( Left Paw ), eleven of which were published in 1921 in a volume called Der deutsche Maskenball ( The German Masked Ball ).

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