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During and first
During all this time Roy continued to paint, first only on weekends, and then, as the family business permitted, for longer periods.
During these first days of the trial I didn't have as much time to commiserate with Viola as I should have liked.
During the first pass of Phase 3,, references to the actual addresses of index words and electronic switches are collected and the availability table is updated.
During the first few days of wearing the appliance and immediately following each adjustment, Susan may have a slight discomfort or soreness, but after a short time this will disappear.
During the first administration of Bienville, the peltry trade of the Mobile district was a lucrative source of revenue.
During his first administration, Bienville succeeded in keeping Carolina traders out of the Alabama country and the Choctaw country.
During Dulles's first two years in office, while Republicans ran the Senate, the Department was at the mercy of men who had thirsted for its blood since 1945.
During the first half of October the Blue Ridge and other parts of the Appalachians provide a spectacle stretching from Maryland and West Virginia to Georgia.
During the Achaemenid Persian Empire, around 600 BC the Persians first began to use the abacus.
During this period winter sports were slowly introduced: in 1882 the first figure skating championship was held in St. Moritz, and downhill skiing became a trendy sport with English visitors early in the 20th century, as the first ski-lift was installed in 1908 above Grindelwald.
During the first stage of the plague outbreak, Paneloux preaches a sermon at the cathedral.
* During the first week of August in Wales, the National Eisteddfod of Wales is held, in which many aspects of Welsh art and culture are celebrated.
* During the first week of August in Sweden, the Medieval Week of Wisby in Gotland is held each year.
* During the first week of August is World Breastfeeding Week.
* 1911 – During the Battle of Deçiq, Dedë Gjon Luli Dedvukaj, leader of the Malësori Albanians, raises the Albanian flag in the town of Tuzi, Montenegro, for the first time after George Kastrioti ( Skenderbeg ).
During the first half of 2008, Armenia's widening current-account trade deficit grew by 66 percent to $ 1. 39 billion USD, with a 40 percent rise in imports.
During the first 11 months of 2006, net imports grew by 21 percent to $ 1. 95 billion, while exports stood at $ 895 million, up 0. 3 percent from the same period in 2005.
During the first 11 months of 2006, the European Union remained Armenia's largest trading partner, accounting for 34. 4 percent of its $ 2. 85 billion commercial exchange during the 11-month period.
During the first 11 months of 2006, the volume of Armenia ’ s trade with Russia was $ 376. 8 million or 13. 2 percent of the total commercial exchange.
During the first 11 months of 2006, U. S .- Armenian trade totaled $ 152. 6 million.
During the struggle of the Aetolians against Rome, it stood a stubborn siege, including the first known use of poison gas against the Romans ' siege tunnels.
During a complex creation myth in which the cosmic cow licked Buri free from the ice, the sons of Buri's son, Bor, who were Odin, Vili and Vé, constructed the universe and put Midgard in it as a residence for the first human couple, Ask and Embla, whom they created from driftwood trees in Section 9.
During the first years of his reign, Andrew was occupied with the discords within the Principality of Halych.

During and taping
During a taping of Mason's monologue Sullivan, off camera, gestured that Mason should wrap things up by giving him two fingers, meaning " two minutes left ", as the show was suddenly shown live following an abbreviated address by President Lyndon Johnson, which was expected to preempt the entire show.
During the taping of their VH1 Storytellers performance, Weiland acknowledged artists such as The Rolling Stones, Neil Young and Robert Plant as their musical heroes, being honored with the chance to perform with them throughout STP's career.
During the taping of the song, the audio engineers were having problems discovering what was causing a clicking noise in the recording.
During this time he served as a secret courier ; delivering communiques to and from the US embassy in Moscow at the request of Ambassador William Christian Bullitt, Jr., smuggling the messages in and out of Russia by taping a sealed envelope to his leg beneath his trousers, an event described in David Fromkin's 1995 book In the Time of the Americans.
During taping of the pilot, Richard Sanders bumped his head on a studio light and had to wear a bandage to cover the cut.
During the taping, she forged close bonds with all of the other five house mates, many of whom came to look up to her as a mother figure and a spiritual inspiration.
During the October 16, 2011, taping of WWE SmackDown in Mexico City, it was announced that Máscaras would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012.
During the re-enactment's taping, a snowstorm forces a group of characters to resort to cannibalism, and they quickly decide on Roberts because " nobody gives a shit about Eric Roberts ".
During a May 1991 taping, three or four members of Queer Nation, seated in the back row in different sections of the audience, interrupted Hall's opening monologue demanding to know why he never had any gay guests on the show.
During a television taping that aired May 30, Nailz — clad in an orange prison jumpsuit — ran into the ring and attacked the Bossman, handcuffing him to the top rope and repeatedly choking and beating him with the nightstick.
During the live reunion taping, when asked about her experiences on the show, Lusha said: " it is the show that keeps giving.
During the final studio audience taping, Mattie's mom and Oprah shared memories of Mattie, discussed his life story in the " Messenger " book, and Oprah called him " a messenger for our times.
During taping sessions in 2007 and 2008, officials grew suspicious excessive sandbagging was taking place among racers.
During a September 22, 2008 taping, contestant Terry Kneiss made a perfect Showcase bid.
During an October 21 taping for WWF Superstars of Wrestling in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Roberts goaded Savage into the ring and brutally attacked him, eventually tying Savage into the ropes and getting a live cobra to bite his arm ; the snake was devenomized and, according to Roberts ' DVD Pick Your Poison, he had trouble getting the cobra to release his bite.
During a taping of Live With Regis and Kelly, Heigl stated that she and Kelley chose not to live together before they were married, saying, " I think I just wanted to save something for the actual marriage ...
During that biochemically privileged period, prominent ears, and related deformities, can be permanently corrected by molding the pinnae ( ears ) to the correct shape, either by the traditional method of taping, with tape and soft dental compound ( e. g. gutta-percha latex ), or solely with tape ; or with non-surgical tissue-molding appliances, such as custom-made, defect-specific splints designed by the physician ; and the EarWell and the Ear Buddies devices, which are technical variants of the splint-and-tape method of mechanical ear-defect correction ; each method requires fastening to the infant ’ s head with adhesive tape.
During a question-and-answer segment with then-announcer Johnny Olson at a taping of Price Is Right in 1978, Fields asked how he could get Olson's job.
During the week of the Auto Club 500, Edwards participated in taping of the Fox television series 24, where he played Homeland Security Agent Jim Hill.
During an interview with Kent Brockman, he says he is tired of doing his show, and admits to taping Judge Judy over all his old shows featuring Sideshow Bob.
During its taping, she wore a blue blouse and black jumper.
During a television taping on June 19 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Patterson defeated DiBiase for the WWF North American Championship by using a pair of brass knuckles to knock out DiBiase.
During one memorable brawl at the end of a television taping between the Club and their opponents, Savage suddenly ran out and lent the Club his aid, turning the tide and effectively becoming a member after tapping fists with Hogan once the fighting ended.
During a weekly Monday night television taping in Greenville, South Carolina in 1986, Jim Cornette and Beautiful Bobby Eaton attacked Roberts with a tennis racquet.

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