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During and game
During his tenure the game avoided a third work stoppage in 2002, and has seen the implementation of interleague play.
During the game most Capoeira moves are used, but capoeiristas usually avoid using punches or elbow strikes unless it's a very aggressive game.
During the game, Atlanta had their 7-game win streak snapped by Florida 5 – 4, meaning the Rockies could reduce their magic number to 3 with a win.
During the course of play, each player directs the actions of his or her character and its interactions with the other characters in the game.
During the game, players describe their PC's intended actions, such as punching an opponent or picking a lock, and converse with the DM in character – who then describes the result or response.
During the same season, the Cowboys also wore their 1960 – 63 road jersey with a silver helmet for one game as part of a league-wide " throwback " policy.
During the Tang Dynasty ( 618-907 ), the Chinese used a silver canister where written lots could be drawn that designated which player had to drink and specifically how much ; for example, from 1, 5, 7, or 10 measures of drink that the youngest player, or the last player to join the game, or the most talkative player, or the host, or the player with the greatest alcohol tolerance, etc.
During a notorious game on March 26, 1997, a brawl ensued between Colorado goalie Patrick Roy and his Detroit counterpart Mike Vernon.
During a November 21, 2005, game against the Nashville Predators, defenseman Jiri Fischer suffered a heart arrhythmia and collapsed on the bench.
During one game in the 1980s, Hamilton Tiger-Cats wide receiver Earl Winfield was unable to field a punt properly ; in frustration, he kicked the ball out of bounds.
* Director: During the game, while each of the other players typically controls the actions of one of the Player Characters, the GM decides the actions of all the NPCs as they are needed.
During this period, several game shows returned to daytime in syndication ( e. g., Family Feud, Hollywood Squares, and Millionaire ).
During the Jaguars ' first ever preseason game teal-colored candies were handed out to all the fans who attended, turning their tongues a teal color just like on the logo.
During a spring training game in 1968, Bench was catching the eight-year veteran right-hander Jim Maloney.
During the game he hit his 389th and final home run.
During the 2012 season, the Royals hosted the All-Star game.
During game play a piece moves from its starting square, clockwise around the perimeter of the board, and up the player's home column to the finishing square.
During that game Anthony Carter set the all-time record for most receiving yards in a playoff game with 227 yards.
During Mora's tenure the Saints made the playoffs four times, with teams marked by strong defenses led by the " Dome Patrol " linebacking corps, but they were never able to win a playoff game.
During a game at Busch Stadium on August 26, 1981, Garry Templeton made obscene gestures at fans before being pulled off the field by manager Whitey Herzog.
During July of the 1984 season, Smith went on the disabled list with a broken wrist after being hit by a pitch during a game against the Padres.
During the 2011 wild-card game the Eagles faced off against the eventual Super Bowl XLV champion Green Bay Packers and lost 21 – 16.
During the early part of the 20th century, under the leadership of Harry Payne Whitney, polo changed to become a high-speed sport in the United States, differing from the game in England, where it involved short passes to move the ball toward the opposition's goal.

During and against
During the brief Mexican venture Fosdick's report to the Secretary recommended a definite stand by the War Department against the saloon and the excesses of prostitution.
During Angola's civil war Cuban forces fought to install a Marxist-Leninist MPLA-PT government, against Western-backed UNITA and FLNA guerrillas and the South-African army.
During the struggle of the Aetolians against Rome, it stood a stubborn siege, including the first known use of poison gas against the Romans ' siege tunnels.
During his tenure he publicly defended the Dominicans against attacks by the secular and regular faculty of the University of Paris, commented on St John, and answered what he perceived as errors of the Arabian philosopher Averroes.
During the ensuing fight, the defenders of Constantinople held out against the crusader counterattack of 9 April.
During 1228, Andrew's two sons started again to take back the former royal domains in their provinces, and they persuaded Andrew to confiscate the estates of the barons who had taken part in the conspiracy against their mother.
During the first 20 years of his rule, Abd ar-Rahman avoided military action against the northern Christian kingdoms, Asturias and Navarre.
* During the 1980s, the block of 16th Street NW between L and M streets, in front of the Soviet embassy, in Washington, D. C. was renamed " Andrei Sakharov Place " as a form of protest against his 1980 arrest and detention.
During the inquiry the charges against him were dropped and the inquiry collapsed.
During this period, Athanasius completed his work Four Orations against the Arians and defended his own recent conduct in the Apology to Constantius and Apology for His Flight.
During the final battle against the dragon, Beowulf receives fatal wounds and dies.
During the early 1970s, Manchester United were no longer competing among the top teams in England, and at several stages were battling against relegation.
During the Japanese occupation, the Dayaks played a role in guerilla warfare against the occupying forces, particularly in the Kapit Division, where headhunting was temporarily revived towards the end of the war.
During the pontificate of Pius IX a strong Ultramontane movement arose against the French Breviaries of 1680 and 1736.
During a debate on defence a year later Attlee declared " We are told in the White Paper that there is danger against which we have to guard ourselves.
During the Qing Dynasty many philosophers objected against Neo-Confucianism and there was a return to the Han Dynasty Confucianism, and also the reprise of the controversy between Old Text and New Text.
During the 17th century cavalry in Europe lost most of its armor, ineffective against the muskets and cannon which were coming into use, and by the mid-19th century armor had mainly fallen into disuse, although some regiments retained a small thickened cuirass that offered protection against lances and sabres and some protection against shot.
During the 1964-79 Rhodesian Bush War the Rhodesian Army created an elite mounted infantry unit called Grey's Scouts to fight unconventional actions against the rebel forces of Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo.
During the Cold War, he was also seen as the leader who led Free China and the bulwark against a possible Communist invasion.
During the Ili Rebellion and Peitashan incident, Chiang deployed Hui troops against Uyghur mobs in Turfan, and against Soviet Russian and Mongols at Peitashan.
During her long productive life as an artist, she maintained her personal aesthetic and high standards against all distractions and countervailing forces.

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