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During and pontificate
During the pontificate of Pius IX a strong Ultramontane movement arose against the French Breviaries of 1680 and 1736.
During his short pontificate he played the part of a peacemaker ; he came to terms with the Emperor Frederick I in the vexing question of the appointment to the See of Magdeburg and closed the long quarrel, which had raged through four pontificates, about the appointment of William Fitzherbert ( commonly known as Saint William of York ) to the see of York by sending him the pallium in spite of the continued opposition of the powerful Cistercian order.
During the pontificate of Honorius, many of the tertiary orders first came into existence.
During his pontificate he largely continued to pursue the pro-French political policy of his predecessor, Pope Martin IV.
During the first few months of his pontificate he lived in the Vatican, but in the autumn of 1285 he removed to the magnificent palace he had just erected on the Aventine.
During his pontificate, in October 312, Constantine defeated Maxentius and assumed control over Rome.
During the pontificate of Boniface, Mellitus, the first Bishop of London, went to Rome " to consult the pope on important matters relative to the newly established English Church ".
During his pontificate, he added a new chapel to the Papal Palace and dedicated it to St. Peter.
During the previous pontificate the Jesuits had been expelled from Portugal and from all the Bourbon courts: France, Spain, Naples, and Parma ; now the general suppression of the order was urged by the faction called the " court cardinals ", who were opposed by the diminished pro-Jesuit faction, the Zelanti (" zealous "), who were generally opposed to the encroaching secularism of the Enlightenment.
During the pontificate of Pope Constantine Gregory was made a papal secretary, and accompanied him to Constantinople in 711 to deal with the issues raised by Rome ’ s rejection of the canons of the Quinisext Council.
During his pontificate vigorous measures were taken against the heresies which had broken out in Germany, England, and other parts of Europe ; a sincere effort was also made to cause a reformation in the various monastic orders.
During his pontificate, Gregory fostered cultural patronages associated with his papacy.
During the pontificate of Pope Zachary, he was ordained a priest, after which the pope decided to keep him to work at the Lateran Palace.
During his pontificate Rome was ravaged, and the churches of St. Peter and St. Paul were sacked by Saracens, who also assaulted Porto and Ostia in August 846.
He was ordained as a subdeacon by Pope Marinus I, followed by his being raised to the deaconate by Pope Stephen V. During the pontificate of Pope Formosus ( 891 896 ), he was a member of the party of nobles who supported the Emperor Lambert, who was the opponent of Formosus and the pope ’ s preferred imperial candidate, Arnulf of Carinthia.
During his pontificate, the Byzantine emperor John V Palaeologus offered to submit the Greek church to the Roman See on condition of assistance against John VI Cantacuzenus.
During his pontificate, Catholicism was provisionally restored in England under Queen Mary in 1553.
During nearly the whole of his pontificate, Eugene III was unable to reside in Rome.
During his brief pontificate, Leo granted the canons of Bologna a special papal bull ( epistola tuitionis ) where he exempted them from the payment of taxes.
During his brief pontificate, Leo confirmed the decisions of the Synod of Split.
During the pontificate of his political enemy Gregory XIII ( 1572 85 ,) Cardinal Montalto, as he was generally called, lived in enforced retirement, occupied with the care of his property, the Villa Montalto, erected by Domenico Fontana close to his beloved church on the Esquiline Hill, overlooking the Baths of Diocletian.
During the 17-year pontificate of Zephyrinus, the young Church endured severe persecution under the Emperor Severus until his death in the year 211.
During his pontificate the schism of Hippolytus of Rome came to an end.
During his pontificate, anti-Christian measures increased, although new churches were built and cemeteries were expanded.

During and Pope
During the third session, rival Pope Gregory XII authorized the council as well.
During the English Reformation the Church of England broke away from the authority of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church, at first temporarily under Henry VIII and Edward VI and later permanently during the reign of Elizabeth I.
During Pope Shenouda III's visit to Rome from 4 to 10 May 1973, Pope Paul VI gave the Coptic Patriarch a relic of Athanasius, which he brought back to Egypt on 15 May.
During the second period, the Protestants present asked for renewed discussion on points already defined and for bishops to be released from their oaths of allegiance to the Pope.
During the reign of Pope Gregory XVI the bishops in various countries began to press for a definition as dogma of the teaching of Mary's immaculate conception.
* 1998 During a historic visit to Cuba, Pope John Paul II demands the release of political prisoners and political reforms while condemning US attempts to isolate the country.
During the Middle Ages, Saint Jerome was considered the author of all the biographies up until those of Pope Damasus I ( 366 383 ), based on an apocryphal letter between Saint Jerome and Pope Damasus published as a preface to the Medieval manuscripts.
During the period when the papacy resided in Avignon, France ( 1309 1377 ), the feudal lords ' power increased due to the absence of the Pope from Rome.
* 1982 During a procession outside the shrine of the Virgin Mary in Fátima, Portugal, security guards overpower Juan Fernandez Krohn before he can attack Pope John Paul II with a bayonet.
* 2001 During a trip to Syria, Pope John Paul II becomes the first pope to enter a mosque.
During the war, the Pope followed a policy of public neutrality mirroring that of Pope Benedict XV during World War I.
During the Council of Trent he was elected one of the council's three presidents, along with fellow cardinals Reginald Pole and Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte ( the future Pope Julius III ).
During the reign of Pope Innocent X ( 1644 55 ), who was hostile to the Barberini and their adherents, Rospigliosi continued his appointment as papal nuncio to the court of Spain.
During his reign as a Pope the famous Illyricum Sacrum was commissioned, and today it is one of the main sources of the field of Albanology, with over 5000 pages divided in several volumes written by Daniele Farlati and Dom.
During the violent confrontations between Henry V and Paschal II's successor, Pope Gelasius II, the Pope was forced to flee from Rome, first to Gaeta, where he was crowned, then to the Abbey of Cluny, where he died on 29 January 1119.
During the western schism he supported Antipope Benedict XIII, and was the driving force behind Antipope Clement VIII's submission to Pope Martin V in 1429.

During and Paul
During this time most of what is known as ethnologie was restricted to museums, such as the Musée de l ' Homme founded by Paul Rivet, and anthropology had a close relationship with studies of folklore.
During combat, he is injured in his back, fatally ( Chapter 6 ) — the resulting wound is large enough for Paul to see Haie's breathing lung when Himmelstoss carries him to safety.
During Selig's tenure as club president, the Brewers participated in postseason play in 1981, when the team finished first in the American League East during the second half of the season, and in 1982, when the team made it to the World Series, under the leadership of future Hall of Famers Robin Yount and Paul Molitor.
During the season, the Marlins to made one of the biggest trades in club history as Los Angeles got P Brad Penny, 1B Hee Seop Choi and Double-A left-hander Bill Murphy in exchange for P Guillermo Mota, C Paul LoDuca and OF Juan Encarnacion.
During World War II, in order to protect it from advancing allied forces, Hitler ordered the king ’ s coffin, as well as those of Frederick the Great and Paul von Hindenburg, into hiding, first to Berlin and later to a salt mine outside of Bernestrode.
During his second missionary journey, St. Paul of Tarsus, accompanied by Silas and Timothy (), visited the " region of Galatia ," where he was detained by sickness ().
During the medieval period Saint Dionysius the Areopagite and Saint Denis of Paris were considered to be the same " Dionysius " who had been converted by Saint Paul in Acts 17: 34.
During this time he also collaborated in complete editions of the works of Arthur Schopenhauer and the writer Jean Paul and wrote numerous articles for various journals.
During World War I, an invasion attempt by the British was thwarted by German General Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, who then mounted a drawn out guerrilla campaign against the British.
During World War I, an invasion attempt by the British was thwarted by German General Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck at the Battle of Tanga, who then mounted a drawn out guerrilla warfare campaign against the British.
During the second half of 2011, Gilliam wrote a screenplay, co-authored by Paul Auster, for a film adaptation of Auster's novel Mr. Vertigo.
During his tenure, he helped draft future stars: wide receiver Charley Taylor, tight end Jerry Smith, safety Paul Krause, center Len Hauss, and linebacker Chris Hanburger.
During 1936, the studio's film The Story of Louis Pasteur proved a box office success and Paul Muni, the film's star, won the Oscar for Best Actor in March 1937.
During his recuperation, many friends visited, including Nicholas Metropolis from Los Alamos and the famous mathematician Paul Erdős, who remarked: " Stan, you are just like before.
During the 1976 auto racing season, Paul Newman became interested in forming a professional auto racing team and contacted Bill Freeman from Santa Barbara.
During the Panic of 1873, a number of railroads, including the St. Paul and Pacific Railroad ( StP & P ), had gone bankrupt.
During this period, Moro wrote several letters to the leaders of the Christian Democrats and to Pope Paul VI ( who later personally officiated in Moro's Funeral Mass ).
During a financial crisis he experienced in 1931, most of his collection ( along with his friend Paul Éluard's ) was auctioned.
During the American Revolution, on November 1, 1776, John Paul Jones-the father of the American Navy-set sail in command of Alfred to free hundreds of American prisoners working in the coal mines in eastern Cape Breton.

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