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During and quick
During this period, Milan saw a quick reconstruction of most of its destroyed houses and factories, with the building of several innovative and modernist skyscrapers, such as the Torre Velasca and the Pirelli Tower.
During the Great Terror of the late 1930s, Kun was arrested, interrogated, tried, and executed in quick succession.
During the 1990s, former Boston Fire Fighter and researcher Charles Kenney discovered and concluded that the presence of a highly flammable gas propellant in the refrigeration systems – methyl chloride – greatly contributed to the flashover and quick spread of the fire ( there was a shortage of Freon refrigerant in 1942 due to the war effort ).
During the Iberian and Lazic wars initiated in the Caucasus by Justinian I, it was noted by Procopius that Persian cataphract archers were adept at firing their arrows in very quick succession and saturating enemy positions but with little hitting power, resulting in mostly non-incapacitating limb wounds for the enemy.
During the latter meeting, Brownlee told Stewart that he felt that the UFA's desires could be accommodated within Stewart's Liberal government, but warned against a quick election.
During this service, he is pestered by a variety of unwelcome visitors including a young versifier out to hire himself to the new city as its official poet, an oracle-monger with prophecies for sale, a famous geometer, Meton, offering a set of town-plans, an imperial inspector from Athens with an eye for a quick profit, and a statute-seller trying to peddle a set of laws originally written for a remote, barely-heard-of town called Olophyx.
During Steve Miller Band's Swingtown, the song starts with a long " Ooooooh " which is followed a quick " sucks " by surrounding sections, then section " O " responds with a " Fuck You " then all sections reply with an " Eat Shit.
During the ascent, as Lousma described the abort modes as they became available, the show's host Alastair Burnet quickly asked Lousma which abort mode he preferred ; " Abort to Orbit " came the quick reply.
During the Christmas season, a quick chai preparation can be made by combining plain tea with eggnog as a convenient pre-spiced, pre-sweetened dairy product.
During Iran's 1979 revolution, after sending thousands of Iraqi Shi ' ites into exile in Iran and the quick and brutal suppression of Kurdish dissent,
During the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, KOSDAQ market indexes plummeted and investors suffered heavy losses, but due to the quick recovery of the South Korean Economy, KOSDAQ saw rapid recovery and increase in market capitalization through the early 21st century.
During the San Francisco plague of 1900 – 1904, Pardee's quick rise in East Bay politics was noticed by the state Republican leadership prior to the 1902 general elections.
During the early stages of dizziness, many physicians counsel their patients to avoid quick movements and reduce their activities.
During his extensive itinerary he made a particular point of visiting prisons and mental institutions and even took a quick glimpse at the prairie.
During his years in Dresden, Tauber acquired his reputation as a remarkably quick study: he learned Gounod's Faust in 48 hours, Bacchus in Richard Strauss's Ariadne auf Naxos in an afternoon, and so on.
During the 1920s and 1930s, Carter personified the image of the Texas cowboy in the national mind: an uninhibited story-teller, gambler, and drinker, generous with his money and quick to draw his six-shooters.
During the Second Boer War the British government realised its field artillery was being overtaken by more modern " quick firing " guns of other major powers, and investigated replacements for its existing field gun, the BL 15 pounder 7 cwt.
During the Summer 1944 battles against the Soviet Union, bicycles provided quick mobility for reserves and counter-attacks.
During that war it also became the practice that FOOs arranged quick fireplans comprising several coordinated targets engaged by guns and mortars to support short offensive actions by the squadron or company they were with.
During the time the product was offered, the Photoshop Toolbox had a quick link to ImageReady.
# During the inquisition itself a scribe would make quick notes in short form to record the conversation.
During a trip to the Guthrie household aimed at requesting samples of DNA from the mother and father of several mutant, and non-mutant, children-the Dark Beast ( without warning Henry ) poisons one of the un-mutated Guthrie boys, Lewis, in a quick scientific experiment.
During this time, Otlet and his wife then had two sons, Marcel and Jean, in quick succession.
During this time he developed his ' High-speed ' technique of using only the right side of the brain and animating with quick dashed-off sketches.

During and march
During the last week of march 1961, Columbus, Ohio was the site of the Fourth Symposium on Temperature, Its Measurement And Control In Science And Industry.
During the march, Urban fell from his mule at Narni and had to recover in early October in Rome, where he was able to oust the communal rule of the banderesi and restore the Papal authority.
During the march, the Vandal towns fall without a fight.
During the American Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, interfaith Seders energized and inspired leaders from various communities who came together to march for equal protection for all.
During the war, his division made a memorable march in the depth of winter from the north-east shore of the Yellow Sea to Haicheng, finally occupying Niuchwang, and effecting a junction with the IJA 2nd Army which had moved up the Liaotung peninsula.
During a march on Hassan II Avenue in Rabat, demonstrators demanded a new constitution to bring more democracy to the country.
During the Peasants ' Revolt of 1381 John of Gaunt was far from the centre of events, on the march of Scotland, but he was among those named by the rebels as a traitor to be beheaded as soon as he could be found.
During the early 1980s there was a women-only Lesbian Strength march held each year a week before the Gay Pride march.
During this time, Meredith organized and led a civil rights march, the March Against Fear from Memphis, Tennessee to Jackson, Mississippi beginning on June 6, 1966.
During this march he was shot by Aubrey James Norvell.
During his march, 4, 000 black Mississippians registered to vote.
During the march, the Americans are strafed by an enemy fighter, their first taste of what is to come.
During the second half of BCT, basic cadets march to Jacks Valley, where they complete the program in a field encampment environment.
During his reign, Quang Trung envisioned many reforms but died by unknown reason on the way march south in 1792, at the age of 40.
During the march there was a heavy rainstorm, and the morning after there was a fog over the hills and fields separating both camps.
During the American Revolution Col. Penn ordered the muster of some 300 militiamen under his command to march south to aid General Nathanael Greene at the battle of Guilford Court House, although some question whether the troops arrived in time for the fighting.
During a peaceful march on 18 February 1965, Jimmie Lee Jackson was shot and killed by Alabama State Trooper James Bonard Fowler.
During the Norman conquest of England in 1066, the Saxon lord Wigod allowed William the Conqueror's invading armies to cross the Thames unopposed from west to east in order that his army might march on Berkhamsted, where he received the English surrender before marching on London.
During the following " Brotherhood March " On January 24, 1987, another racially-mixed group returned to Forsyth County to complete the march the previous group had be unable to finish.
During the Duke's march to the Danube Emperor Leopold I offered to make Marlborough a prince of the Holy Roman Empire in the small principality of Mindelheim.
During the Finnish Campaign of 1808, by a daring march across the frozen Gulf of Finland, Bagration captured the Åland Islands, and in 1809 he led the Russian army against the Turks at the battles of Rassowa and Tataritza.
During a series of attacks by Afghan warriors, all Europeans but one, William Brydon, were killed on the march back to India ; a few Indian soldiers survived also and crossed into India later.
During the spring General Lewenhaupt in Courland had been ordered to gather supplies and march with his army of about 12, 000 men to join Charles ' army, although he didn't leave Mitau until late June and couldn't join Charles ' forces until 11 October.
During this time, a great many CB clubs emerged in the UK and they became centres of protest in the march towards legalisation, in the hope that existing equipment could be used legally.

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