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During and recovery
During his recovery from a heart attack late in 1955, he huddled with his closest advisors to evaluate the GOP's potential candidates ; the group, in addition to his doctor, concluded a second term was well advised, and he announced in February 1956 he would run again.
During the recovery the actions are in reverse order of the drive.
During the four years that the plan was operational, US $ 13 billion in economic and technical assistance was given to help the recovery of the European countries that had joined in the Organization for European Economic Co-operation.
During his travels, he collected crumbling Latin manuscripts and was a prime mover in the recovery of knowledge from writers of Rome and Greece.
During recovery, the hip flexes, which rapidly drives the knee forward.
During the last stage of recovery, the hip achieves maximal flexion, and, as the lower leg rapidly unfolds, which it does in a passive way, the knee joint also reaches its greatest, though not full, extension.
During the economic reforms being implemented after the financial crisis, the information technology ( IT ) sector was one of several that was targeted and considered to be an important factor in the recovery of the nation ’ s economy.
During the recovery process, small fragments were identified from some passengers on Flight 175, including a six-inch piece of bone belonging to Peter Hanson, and small bone fragments of Lisa Frost.
Life after Death: Approaches to a Cultural and Social History of Europe During the 1940s and 1950s ( 2003 ), essays by scholars on recovery from the war
During the OPEN, BGP speakers can negotiate optional capabilities of the session, including multiprotocol extensions and various recovery modes.
* During the post-operative recovery period for a tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy, it is common for adult patients to experience a lack of appetite until their throat significantly heals ( usually between 10 – 14 days ).
During the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century, Segovia experienced a demographic recovery that was the result of relative economic stability.
During the early part of World War II Leeds was used as a hospital where Lady Baillie and her daughters hosted burned Commonwealth airmen as part of their recovery.
During that period of recovery a special program to restore US competitiveness across all US industries, Project Socrates, contributed to employment growth as the U. S. aerospace industry captured 72 percent of the global aerospace market.
During his recovery in a prisoner-of-war camp in Omsk in Siberia, he resolved to continue his career using only his left hand.
During the second half of the twentieth century the mass mobility conferred by the surge in automobile ownership permitted some recovery of the population figure to approximately 234, 000 in 2004.
During major emergencies, they play a significant role in recovery efforts.
During the rest of their supporting tour, Chi Cheng took over vocal duties that required screaming while Moreno sang the softer melodies of the lyrics, despite recommendations by doctors to hold off from singing to allow time for recovery as well as rumors that the band would be cancelling the remaining stretch of the tour with Godsmack and Puddle of Mudd.
During the war, Schmeling participated in the 1941 Battle of Crete, where he was wounded and after recovery was dismissed from active service.
During his presidency, he introduced South Korea's contemporary welfare state, successfully shepherded South Korea's economic recovery, brought in a new era of economic transparency and fostered a greater role of South Korea in the world stage, including the FIFA World Cup, jointly hosted by Korea and Japan in 2002.
During his recovery at the hospital from his wounds suffered in that battle, Ross developed a habit for the morphine administered for pain.
During the first half of the war Rome suffered serious defeats, but the second half saw Rome's recovery, reorganization, and ultimate victory.
During the early presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, Johnson supported the president's economic recovery package, the New Deal, frequently crossing the floor to aid the Democrats and even backing FDR in the 1932 and 1936 presidential elections, although he never switched party affiliation.
During this time, the British administration was attempting to repair Malaya's economy — revenue from Malaya's tin and rubber industries was important to Britain's own post-war recovery.

During and effort
During this term Johnson also made a concerted effort to increase his sphere of interactions ; his higher profile was exemplified by a biographical sketch published in the New York Times in May 1849, describing him as an excellent committee worker and investigator.
The effort was sufficiently complete that during the summer of 1973 the Unix kernel for the PDP-11 was rewritten in C. During the 1972 – 73 period there was a need to port to Honeywell 635 and IBM 360 / 370 machines, so Mike Lesk wrote the " portable I / O package " which would become the C " standard I / O " routines.
During World War II, the company diverted several resources to support the war effort and relinquished its West Coast markets to conserve rail car space.
During the Second Anglo-Sikh War ( 1848 – 49 ), Dost Mohammad's last effort to take Peshawar failed.
During Ramadan, Muslims are also expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam by refraining from violence, anger, envy, greed, lust, profane language, gossip and to try to get along with fellow Muslims better.
During practice at Le Mans in 1967, in an effort to preserve the highly-stressed brakes, Gurney developed a strategy ( also adopted by co-driver A. J.
During this period several rulers attempted to unite the various Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, an effort that led to the emergence of the Kingdom of England by the 10th century.
During the war, General Motors-Holden's was a major industrial force in Australia's defence effort.
During the Manhattan project, future Nobel laureate Richard Feynman was the supervisor of human computers who understood the use of differential equations which were being solved for the war effort.
During the offseason, the Astros made an effort to fix some of their problem areas.
During World War II, IUPAC was affiliated with the allied powers, but had little involvement during the war effort itself.
During the last decade of his life Marx's health declined and he became incapable of the sustained effort that had characterised his previous work.
During and after World War I, Landis, an ardent patriot, presided over several high-profile trials of draft resisters and others whom he saw as opposing the war effort.
During the 1980s, the United States forged especially close ties with Liberia as part of a Cold War effort to suppress socialist and Marxist movements in Africa.
During the War of 1812, Nova Scotia ’ s contribution to the war effort was communities either purchasing or building various privateer ships to lay siege to American vessels.
During the 2000s, Kim Jong Il made no serious effort to revive the Stalinist economic system his father had spent years building.
During the practice of right concentration, one will need to use right effort and right mindfulness to aid concentration practice.
During the two or three little outbursts of passion she has allowed herself in your favor, she has, by a great effort of imagination, seen in you the hero of her dreams, and not yourself as you really are.
During the Persian Gulf crisis, Oman assisted the United Nations coalition effort.
During World War II, he played Othello in the United States while supporting the country's war effort.
During his time as pope, Clement XI made a concerted effort to acquire Christian manuscripts in Syriac from Egypt and other places in the Middle East, greatly expanding the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana's collection of Syriac works.
During his pontificate vigorous measures were taken against the heresies which had broken out in Germany, England, and other parts of Europe ; a sincere effort was also made to cause a reformation in the various monastic orders.
During World War II, the shipyard's primary effort was the repair of battle damage to ships of the U. S. fleet and those of its allies.
During an effort to delay immediate transition to indigenous African rule, Rhodesia's white residents of European descent issued their government ’ s own Unilateral Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom on 11 November 1965.
During the World War II Occupation of Czechoslovakia, the Škoda works was turned into part of Reichswerke Hermann Göring serving the German World War II effort.

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