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During and reign
During Ahab's reign, Moab, which had been conquered by his father, remained tributary ; while Judah, with whose king, Jehoshaphat, he was allied by marriage, was probably his vassal.
During the four years of his reign disaster followed on disaster, and in 1695 Ahmed II died at Edirne Palace, worn out by disease and sorrow.
During the reign of Caligula, coins like the one pictured here were issued depicting his three sisters, Drusilla, Livilla and Agrippina the Younger.
During the remainder of Nero's reign, Agrippina's grave was not covered or enclosed.
During his reign the Lombards ended their migrations by settling in Italy, the northern part of which Alboin conquered between 569 and 572.
During his reign, Poland suffered much humiliation at the hands of her subject principality, Moldavia.
During Alexius II's reign, the Byzantine Empire was invaded by King Bela III losing Syrmia and Bosnia to the Kingdom of Hungary in AD 1181, later even Dalmatia was lost to the Venetians.
During his short reign, peace was established both at home and abroad, finances were well regulated, and the various administrative services were placed on a basis that afterwards enabled Spain to pass through the disastrous war with the United States without the threat of a revolution.
During his reign, Spain lost its last colonies in the Americas ( Cuba and Puerto Rico ) and the Philippines ; fought and, after several setbacks, won a war in Morocco ; witnessed the start of the Spanish Generation of 1927, and endured the dictatorship of Miguel Primo de Rivera.
During his brother's reign, he participated in the taking of Huesca ( the Battle of Alcoraz, 1096 ), which became the largest city in the kingdom and the new capital.
During the reign of his father, he was the procurator general of the Crown.
During his long reign, the central power and royal authority potentially weakened.
During the first years of his reign, Andrew was occupied with the discords within the Principality of Halych.
During his reign, Jerusalem became more closely allied with the Byzantine Empire, and the two states launched an unsuccessful invasion of Egypt.
During Baldwin III's reign, the County of Edessa, the first crusader state established during the First Crusade, was conquered by Zengi, the Turkic emir of Aleppo.
During the English Reformation the Church of England broke away from the authority of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church, at first temporarily under Henry VIII and Edward VI and later permanently during the reign of Elizabeth I.
During the Bourbon Restoration, construction was halted and it would not be completed until the reign of King Louis-Philippe, between 1833 and 1836, by the architects Goust, then Huyot, under the direction of Héricart de Thury.
During the first years of the reign of his older brother as Elector, Anton was the third in line, preceded only by his older brother Karl.
During his reign, Bayezid II consolidated the Ottoman Empire and thwarted a Safavid rebellion soon before abdicating his throne to his son, Selim I.
During the 17th century, under the reign of Christian IV, it became a significant regional centre.
During Justinian I's reign, the city's population reached about 500, 000 people.
During his reign the Empire conquered Thrace, Noricum, Pamphylia, Lycia and Judaea, and began the conquest of Britain.
During his reign, Claudius revived the rumor that his father Drusus was actually the illegitimate son of Augustus, to give the false appearance that Augustus was Claudius ' paternal grandfather.
During his reign, Saladin also constructed the Cairo Citadel, which served as the seat of the Egyptian government until the mid-19th century.
During his reign as king of Aquilonia, Conan was "... a tall man, mightily shouldered and deep of chest, with a massive corded neck and heavily muscled limbs.

During and Sigismund
During the last years of his life, Manuel II relinquished most official duties to his son and heir John VIII Palaiologos, and went back to Europe searching for assistance against the Ottomans, this time to the King Sigismund of Hungary, staying for two months in his court of Buda.
During the period of the union of the Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth and Sweden under king Sigismund III Vasa ( Polish – Swedish union ), diets were held there ; and in 1594 and 1596 it was the meeting-place of two remarkable councils of the Roman-Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church bishops of the region ; the 1596 council establishing the Uniate Church ( known also as the Belarusian Greek Catholic Church in Belarus and Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine ).
During that period and afterward, he lobbied for support of his candidature for the Polish throne, as his father, Sigismund, was getting more advanced in his age, and the succession to the Polish throne occurred not through inheritance but rather, through the process of royal elections.
During Sigismund ’ s absence from Sweden that realm was to be ruled by seven Swedes, six elected by the king and one by his uncle Duke Charles of Södermanland, the leader of the Swedish Protestants.
During his temporary rule over Bohemia, Prince Sigismund Korybut of Lithuania had appointed Bořek, the lord of Miletínek, governor of the city of Hradec Králové.
During the long reign of emperor Sigismund of Luxemburg, the so-called Fresh Palace of the Royal residence of Buda became probably the largest Gothic palace of the late Middle Ages.
During 1560s, upon the family's last member passing away, the town became one of the most favorite properties for Polish king and Lithuanian Grand Prince Sigismund II Augustus who had a Renaissance castle built there instead of the medieval one.
During this time, he began exhibiting historical paintings at the Society of Friends of the Fine Arts there ( see e. g. Sigismund I Bestowing Nobility on the Professors of the University of Kraków in 1535 .).
During the struggle against Sigismund, Taborite armies penetrated into areas of modern-day Slovakia as well.
During her incarceration, Catherine gave birth first to her eldest daughter Isabella of Finland in 1564 ( died 1566 ), then to her son Sigismund in 1566, and finally her youngest child Anna Vasa of Sweden on 17 May 1568.
During the winter and spring of 1600, Charles also occupied the Swedish part of Estonia, as the castle commanders had shown sympathies towards Sigismund.
During Sigismund ’ s defeat at Kutná Hora, Zawisza was taken prisoner by the Czechs and subsequently released in return for a high ransom.
During 1598, some of the units participated in the War against Sigismund and in 1605 one fänika from Dalarna fought at the Battle of Kircholm.
During Wallahian ruler Michael the Brave's conquest of Moldavia in May 1600, its ruler Ieremia Movilă took refuge in the Fortress of Khotyn together with his family, a handful of faithful boyars, and the former Transylvanian Prince, Sigismund Bathory.
During the 1470s and 1480s, duke Sigismund had succeeded in acquiring step by step the high justice over most of the communes of the Zehngerichtebund (" League of the Ten Jurisdictions " in the Prättigau, the youngest of the Three Leagues that had sprung up in the Grisons, having been founded only in 1436 ), and Maximilian continued this expansionist strategy.
During the early 16th century King Sigismund I the Old ( Zygmunt I in Polish ) and his wife, brought in the best native and foreign artists including Italian architects, sculptors, and German decorators, to refurbish the castle into a splendid Renaissance palace.
During the winter of 1391 – 1392, he entered into secret negotiations with the King of Hungary Sigismund, who was planning a campaign against the Turks.

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