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During and show's
During the show's run, Bixby invited two of his long-time friends, Ray Walston and Brandon Cruz, to guest star with him in different episodes of the series.
During the initial episodes, Gumby's voice was provided by Ruth Eggleston, wife of the show's art director Al Eggleston.
During the show's peak in popularity, Hee Haw often competed in syndication against The Lawrence Welk Show, a long-running ABC program which had also been canceled in 1971, also in an attempt to purge the networks of older demographic-leaning programs.
During the summer of 1992, a decision was made to end first-run production, and instead air highlights of the show's earlier years in a revamped program called Hee Haw Silver ( as part of celebrating the show's 25th year ).
During the show's seventh season, star David Duchovny decided to leave the show, following a lawsuit against Fox.
During the 1980s, the show incorporated the real-life experiences of the show's cast and crew, including the death of Will Lee ( Mr. Hooper ) and the pregnancy of Sonia Manzano ( Maria ) to address affective concerns.
During the week of Christmas for the show's second and third seasons, children from 11 to 14 competed.
During the show's first season, any contestant who won over $ 25, 000 would retire undefeated, with the full amount won in his or her appearances.
* During the show's season as The American Radio Company of the Air, Bob Elliott was a regular cast member.
During the height of the show's success, beverage maker Seagram hired Willis as the pitchman for their Golden Wine Cooler products.
During the show's run, Marian Jordan voiced a total of 69 different characters in it.
During the show's first 58 episodes, Cartman and the other main child characters are in the third grade, after which they move on to the fourth grade.
During his tenure at TRUK, he was often accompanied by the show's Canadian Producer Colin Lloyd, assistants Dixie, Jane and Aphrodite, and the man on the phones, also called Tony ( although renamed by Caesar as Bogey – " Because he always gets up my nose " being the explanation.
During this time, the Friday's show's monologue topics, sketches, and other segments were chosen for their lack of topicality, with few if any references to current events or any subject which would run the risk of seeming dated.
During the London run, his marriage to Rosemary ended in divorce, and Keel fell in love with a young member of the show's chorus, dancer Helen Anderson.
During most of its run in its later years, the show's announcer was Dale Dorman aka " Uncle Dale ", a Boston radio personality at WRKO and at WXKS-FM who also frequently did voice work for 56's children's programming.
During the interview, Chung poked fun at her show's low ratings, referring to the musical number as a " private joke for our two viewers.
During most of the show's run, the show's fans were treated to an announcer enthusiastically and energetically announcing the show's title, " Theee Edge ... of Night!
During the UK tour's summer break director Christopher Luscombe and the show's creative team recreated the UK production in Seoul, South Korea with a new cast of American, Australian and New Zealander actors and local celebrities as the Narrator.
During the show's sixth season in December 1975, CBS began showing reruns on weekdays.
** During the show's live 300th episode, Alan Park played the role of Seamus, because the last sketch had Don Ferguson doing his Rex Murphy impersonation, accompanied by Mary Walsh who did her famous character, Marg: Princess Warrior.

During and popular
During the First World War, because of his family connections with both sides and the division of popular opinion, Spain remained neutral.
During the 1950s, the National Football League had grown to rival Major League Baseball as one of the most popular professional sports leagues in the United States.
During the mid-1980s, many sysops opted for the less expensive, ubiquitous Commodore 64 ( introduced in 1982 ), which became popular among software pirate groups.
During the Labor Day weekend in 1952, The Saddlemen were renamed Bill Haley with Haley's Comets ( inspired by a popular mispronunciation of Halley's Comet ), and in 1953, Haley's recording of " Crazy Man, Crazy " ( co-written by Haley and his bass player, Marshall Lytle although Lytle would not receive credit until 2001 ) became the first rock and roll song to hit the American charts, peaking at no. 15 on Billboard and no. 11 on Cash Box.
During World War II, street-style craps became popular among soldiers, who often played it using an Army blanket as a shooting surface.
During the fall, hunting and color tours are popular.
During Lent, capybara meat is especially popular in parts of South America, especially in Venezuela, as the Catholic Church, in a special dispensation, is claimed to have allowed eating capybara meat when meat consumption was otherwise not allowed.
During the 1840s, Lyell traveled to the United States and Canada, and wrote two popular travel-and-geology books: Travels in North America ( 1845 ) and A Second Visit to the United States ( 1849 ).
During the Renaissance, there arose a critical attitude that sharply distinguished between apostolic tradition and what George Every calls " subsidiary mythology "— popular legends surrounding saints, relics, the cross, etc .— suppressing the latter.
During this period the public response to the CCC program was overwhelmingly popular.
During this period, a number of very popular writers emerged, mostly British but with a notable subset of American writers.
During this time, " trash films " were popular in Italy.
During the 1980s, anime gained in popularity, with new animated movies released every summer and winter, often based upon popular anime television series.
" During the war, Orwell was highly critical of the popular idea that an Anglo-Soviet alliance would be the basis of a post-war world of peace and prosperity.
During World War II and for decades after, the phrase " Kilroy was here " with accompanying illustration was widespread throughout the world, due to its use by American troops and its filtering into American popular culture.
During the 1970s and early 1980s, this show was probably the best-known showcase for popular country music on commercial television, aside from other half-hour performer-hosted syndicated shows ( most notably The Porter Wagoner Show, which is perhaps the only other weekly country music show of this era to approach Hee Haws longevity.
During the second half of the 20th century, the sound of the harpsichord ( or perhaps rather more often, its electronically created equivalent ) became very familiar in popular culture, appearing frequently in popular music, television, films, computer games, and so on.
During the period of the French Revolution, Rousseau was the most popular of the philosophes among members of the Jacobin Club.
During his time as Archbishop he adamantly refused to host lavish social gatherings, which made him popular with the common people, but unpopular with wealthy citizens and the clergy.
During the Tōjō-regime this was suspended, arguably stemming from the popular belief that any defendant who risks his fate on the opinions of untrained laymen is almost certainly guilty.
During the period, Tito evidently enjoyed massive popular support due to being generally viewed by the populace as the liberator of Yugoslavia.
During the Renaissance, the genre of chivalric romance became popular in literature, growing ever more idealistic and eventually giving rise to a new form of realism in literature popularised by Miguel de Cervantes ' Don Quixote.
During the Tang Dynasty a small parrot ventures out to search for its mother's favourite food upon which it is captured by a poacher ( parrots were quite popular during the Tang Dynasty ).

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