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During and supernatural
During its flowering in the sixth to the eighth centuries, Mahayana offered a supernatural package to the Chinese which bears no resemblance to the highly digested philosophical Zen morsels offered to the modern Western reader.
During the Middle Ages, the prayers began to circulate with various promises of indulgence and other assurances of supernatural graces supposed to attend from their regular recitation over the course of a year.
During his search for Daniel Hall in the Norse land of Swartalfheim, the Corinthian, obviously with little effort, snaps the neck of a supernatural wolf with his bare hands, and later sees through the deceptions of the Norse god Loki and defeats the deity in single combat.
During his voyages throughout the seas east of Africa and south of Asia, he has fantastic adventures going to magical places, meeting monsters, and encountering supernatural phenomena.
During the time of the witch hunts, supernatural creatures such as imps were sought out as proof of witchcraft, though often the so called " imp " was typically a black cat, lizard, toad or some other form of uncommon pet.
During the 1990s, on a late night television show by Thierry Ardisson Majax gave a demo of the " rotating table " supernatural phenomenon: a group of " randomly " selected people from the audience stood around a round table, put their hands on it, and the table went up and started rotating.
During the First World War, reports of horrors committed by Germans, who were citizens of one of the most scientifically advanced countries in the World, led Bryan to state " The same science that manufactured poisonous gases to suffocate soldiers is preaching that man has a brute ancestry and eliminating the miraculous and the supernatural from the Bible.
During his voyages throughout the seas east of Africa and south of Asia, he has fantastic adventures going to magical places, meeting monsters, and encountering supernatural phenomena.
During and after his life, José de Anchieta was considered almost a supernatural being.
During the Enlightenment, a number of philosophers including Francis Bacon and Voltaire outlined the philosophical justifications for removing appeal to supernatural forces from investigation of the natural world.
During a sermon the day after he was attacked in the bar, Jesse was suddenly struck by a supernatural force later identified as Genesis, grafting itself to Jesse's soul and releasing an explosion of energy that destroyed the church and the town, killing the whole population.

During and chaos
During the chaos, he shared a passionate kiss with Mystique.
During the LA Riots in 1992, when portions of south central Los Angeles erupted in chaos, overwhelming the Los Angeles Police Department's ability to contain the violence, the California Army National Guard and selected units of the California Air National Guard was mobilized to help restore order.
During the chaos of the French Revolution the university started to gradually disappear, and in 1792 the university was abandoned and closed.
During this revolt, Scythian nomads took advantage of the disorder and chaos and invaded Persia.
During the chaos following the attack of the city, some were killed in the Safety Zone, but the crimes that took place in the rest of the city were far greater by all accounts.
During the late Ming dynasty, due to political chaos, there was increased migration from southern Fujian and eastern Guangdong to Taiwan.
During the chaos, Benjamin rallies the troops to push forward against the British lines and Tavington personally targets him.
During the orchestrated chaos of the first coup, the disguised loyalists would riot and in the ensuing mayhem, kill the leading coup plotters, such as Generals Dương Văn Minh, Trần Văn Đôn, Lê Văn Kim and junior officers assisting them.
During the chaos of the fall of Richmond in early April 1865, Breckinridge saw to it that the Confederate archives, both government and military, were not destroyed but rather captured intact by the Union forces.
During the Cultural Revolution ( 1966 – 76 ), Zhejiang was in chaos and disunity, and its economy was stagnant, especially during the high tide ( 1966 – 69 ) of the revolution.
During the late period when Egypt became occupied the negative aspect of the Nun ( chaos ) became the dominant perception, reflecting the forces of disorder that were set loose in the country.
During the chaos, Taylor encounters Barnes, but the wounded sergeant attacks him.
During his long tenure in the midst of the surrounding political chaos of the Greek Dark Ages, Egypt was beset by foreign invaders ( including the so-called Sea Peoples and the Libyans ) and experienced the beginnings of increasing economic difficulties and internal strife which would eventually lead to the collapse of the Twentieth Dynasty.
During the presidency of Alan García, the economy had entered a period of hyperinflation and the political system was in crisis due to the country's internal conflict, leaving Peru in " economic and political chaos ".
During that period of time the Golden Horde was in relative chaos ; numerous regional governors were striving to become the Khan.
During 1910, rumors surfaced that United States Motor Company was going to merge with General Motors, but Briscoe scotched the rumors by stating that any attempt to integrate General Motors into USMC would create chaos.
During the years of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, however, Hass published several highly critical articles about the chaos and disorder caused by militias associated with the Fatah party of Yasser Arafat and the bloody war between Palestinian factions in Nablus.
During this chaos, the Spanish army retook Concepción and advanced towards Santiago.
During the late twentieth century folk music was crucial in Hungary, Romania, and the once existing Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia by allowing ethnicities to express their national identity in a time of political uncertainty and chaos.
During the chaos of the Iraq War, more than 200 kidnappings foreign hostages ( for various reasons and by various groups, including purely criminal ) gained great international notoriety, even as the great majority ( thousands ) of victims were Iraqis.
With this new line-up, the Hot Rods played a set at London's famous Marquee Club – their opening act was a young band named The Sex Pistols playing their first London gig, which descended into chaos with the Pistols smashing the Hot Rods ' gear ; During a residency at the club in the summer of 1976 they duelled for alternate weeks with AC / DC, to see who could cram more bodies into the Marquee during one of the hottest summers on record.
During this chaos, the Colour party of the regiment, whose Colours had been shot through, held their ground against the overwhelming Russian force, and safeguarded the Colours from the Russians, as well as helping to rally the regiment.
During the fashion show, chaos ensues when Marcus / Tiffany and Kevin / Brittany have been tricked by Megan and Heather to wear Björk-like swan dresses on the runway fashion show.
During the chaos that ensues Vulcan kills D ' Ken ( never having promised not to kill him ) and assumes the throne of Emperor of the Shi ' ar Empire, with Deathbird as his Empress.

During and towards
During the Japanese occupation, the Dayaks played a role in guerilla warfare against the occupying forces, particularly in the Kapit Division, where headhunting was temporarily revived towards the end of the war.
During his speech, Ahmadinejad criticized Israel's policies towards the Palestinians ; called for research on the historical accuracy of the Holocaust ; raised questions as to who initiated the 9 / 11 attacks ; defended Iran's nuclear power program, criticizing the UN's policy of sanctions on his country ; and attacked U. S. foreign policy in the Middle East.
During a pause in operations necessitated by the Spring Offensive in 1918 on the Western Front joint infantry and mounted infantry attacks towards Amman and Es Salt resulted in retreats back to the Jordan Valley which continued to be occupied by mounted divisions during the summer of 1918.
During a character's vampire transformation she watches a documentary about lions, hinting towards a scene in the novella.
During this time Alston founded the Harlem Artists ’ Guild with Savage and Elba Lightfoot to work towards equality in WPA art programs in New York.
* During compression connection, the dancers are pushing towards each other.
During a social visit to Montag's house, they brag about ignoring the bad things in their lives and have a cavalier attitude towards the upcoming war, their husbands, their children, and politics.
During the confused and contested reign of Stephen, there was a major swing in the balance of power towards the feudal barons, as civil war and lawlessness broke out.
During the conflict between Arabs and Jews in Palestine before the war, the criterion of " Purity of arms " was used to distinguish between the respective attitudes of the Irgun and Haganah towards Arabs, with the latter priding itself on its adherence to principle.
During the 1980s, the question of Jersey making an annual contribution towards the United Kingdom's costs of defence and international representation undertaken on behalf of Jersey was raised.
During 1943, as the Soviet armies advanced towards the borders of the Reich, the western Allies developed the ability to launch devastating air raids on most German cities, including Berlin.
During the Suez crisis, Nehru's right hand man, Menon attempted to persuade a recalcitrant Gamal Nasser to compromise with the West, and was instrumental in moving Western powers towards an awareness that Nasser might prove willing to compromise.
During the rainy season the rivers from the north-east part of the Lake Eyre Basin ( in outback ( south-west and central ) Queensland ) flow towards the lake through the Channel Country.
During the day, the Sun tends to raise to its maximum at a southerly position, whereas in the Southern Hemisphere it raises to a maximum that is northerly in position ( as it tends towards the direction of the equator ).
During the Tulip Era ( 1718 – 1730 ), named for Sultan Ahmed III's love of the tulip flower and its use to symbolize his peaceful reign, the Empire's policy towards Europe underwent a shift.
During its 28 years in limbo, Potsdamer Platz exuded a strange fascination towards many people on the western side, especially tourists and also visiting politicians and heads of state.
During the 20th century, Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany ( towards Russian POW ) were notorious for atrocities against prisoners during World War II.
During the 1980s the magazine began to shift focus towards being a general " entertainment " magazine.
During the 15th century the sound of full triads became common, and towards the end of the 16th century the system of church modes began to break down entirely, giving way to the functional tonality which was to dominate western art music for the next three centuries.
During this period he also started KurzweilAI. net, a website devoted towards showcasing news of scientific developments, publicizing the ideas of high-tech thinkers and critics alike, and promoting futurist-related discussion among the general population through the Mind-X forum.
During the scientific revolution, changing perceptions about the role of the scientist in respect to nature, the value of evidence, experimental or observed, led towards a scientific methodology in which empiricism played a large, but not absolute, role.
During Kekkonen's term, the balance of power between the Finnish Council of State and the President tilted heavily towards the President.
" During the past two decades there has been a shift towards greater residential living areas in the Wall Street area, with incentives from city authorities in some instances.
During this time Napoleon fought his Six Days Campaign, in which he won multiple battles against the enemy forces advancing towards Paris.

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