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During and whole
During the past few centuries of detailed, scientific study of the Bronze Age, it has become clear that on the whole, the use of copper or bronze was only the most stable and therefore the most diagnostic part of a cluster of features marking the period.
During the sede vacante, the period between a pope's death and the election of his successor, the day-to-day governance of the Church as a whole is in the hands of the College of Cardinals.
During the late Neolithic henge sites were constructed, single burials began to become more commonplace and by the Bronze Age it is possible that even where chambered cairns were still being built they had become the burial places of prominent individuals rather than of communities as a whole.
During the age when the whole point of money was that it was made of precious metal, there was frequent trimming or shaving of coins once they were released to the public, even though people were expected to accept the diminished coins at their face value.
During the first years of the new regime, the Fascist pursued a laissez-faire economic policy: they initially reduced taxes, regulations and trade restrictions on the whole.
During the whole of the Industrial Revolution and for the century before, all European countries and America engaged in study-touring ; some nations, like Sweden and France, even trained civil servants or technicians to undertake it as a matter of state policy.
During the 1936-1939 Arab revolt in Palestine, Palestinian Arabs oppositionists fought for the end of the Mandate and the creation of an Arab state based on the whole of Palestine.
During the time he was compiling The Kalevala he was the district health officer based in Kajaani responsible for the whole Kainuu region in the eastern part of what was then the Grand Duchy of Finland.
During the first half of 2011 there has been the same number of anti-Semitic crimes reported as were reported for the whole of 2010.
During his reign, Otto II attempted to annex the whole of Italy into the Empire, bringing him into conflict with the Byzantine Empire and with the Saracens of the Fatimid Caliphate.
During the 5 years of Italian rule over the whole Horn of Africa ( a colony in Eritrea was set by Rome in 1870 and Ethiopia occupied in 1936 ), Italian geographers accurately mapped the population of their colony and eventually referred to the Oromos preferably as Gallas in all the official maps as well as in a guide-book still available nowadays called " Guida all Africa Orientale Italiana " (" A Guide-Book to Italian Eastern Africa ").
During nearly the whole of his pontificate, Eugene III was unable to reside in Rome.
During the years 550 to 330 BC, coinciding with the sovereignty of the first Persian Empire over the Middle East area, especially the whole part of the Persian Gulf and some parts of the Arabian Peninsula, the name of " Pars Sea " is widely found in the compiled written texts.
During the 7th century the Sassanid Persian empire conquered the whole of the Persian Gulf, including southern and northern shores.
During the ambush it is claimed that Saddam began shooting prematurely, which disorganised the whole operation.
During the south Indian festival Pongal, a whole turmeric plant with fresh rhizomes is offered as a thanksgiving offering to Surya, the Sun god.
During the volcanic eruption the whole of southern Europe is blanketed by ash.
During the feudal and colonial times in India hunting was regarded as a regal sport in the numerous princely states, as many maharajas, nawabs, as well as British officers maintained a whole corps of shikaris, who were native professional hunters.
During the 260s, the breakup of the Roman Empire into three distinct governing entities ( the core Roman Empire, the Gallic Empire and the Palmyrene Empire ) placed the whole Roman imperium into a precarious position.
During the first two decades of the 20th century, musical society as a whole ( and Holst's friend Vaughan Williams in particular ) became interested in old English folksongs, madrigal singers, and Tudor composers.
During the time of the Thirty Years ' War two new fortifications, the so-called big and small Schanze ( entrenchment ), were built to protect the whole area of the peninsula.
During the Soviet offensive the Army of Manchukuo, on paper a 200, 000-man force, performed poorly and whole units surrendered to the Soviets without firing a single shot ; there were even cases of armed riots and mutinies against the Japanese forces.
During his last 3 hours on the cross, from noon to 3 p. m., darkness fell over the whole land.
During the whole of this time he scarcely ever moved from his house, except to the prison and back, and the result of a portion of his labors was discovered to his friends in conversations and experiments relating to electrical phenomena, which revealed to them the fact that, alone and unaided-from the sheer force of his genius-he had discovered as early, if not earlier, than Morse or Wheatstone, the principles of the present system of electric telegraphy.

During and interwar
During the interwar period, aircraft and tank technologies matured and were combined with systematic application of the German tactics of infiltration and bypassing of enemy strong points.
During the interwar period the Luftwaffe leadership rejected the concept of terror bombing, and confined the air arms use to battlefield support of interdiction operations.
During the interwar years, many new designs were developed, such as the Browning M2 and the Thompson sub-machine gun, which, along with others, were used in World War II.
During the interwar period between World War I and World War II, a group of U. S. Army Air Corps officers colloquially referred to as the Bomber Mafia, convinced of the potential of strategic bombing, paved the way both for the massive strategic air campaigns in Europe and the Pacific in World War II and the later creation of SAC.
During the interwar period of Poland's independence, the first Legislative Sejm of 1919, a Constituent Assembly, passed the Small Constitution of 1919, which introduced a parliamentary-republic system and proclaimed the principle of the Sejm ’ s sovereignty.
During this interwar period, double-breasted jackets, turndown-collar shirts and cummerbunds became popular for black-tie evenings as did white and colored jackets in warm-weather.
During the interwar period, agricultural productivity was boosted by the introduction of mechanization, lime and the improvement of seed stocks.
During the interwar period the 71 counties of Romania where divided into a various numbers of plăşi ( singular: plasă ), headed by a Pretor, appointed by the Prefect.
During the interwar period, public fear of extremist ideologies ( communism and Fascism ) restored the Conservative Party to one nationism as it defined itself as the party of national unity and began to support moderate reform.
During the interwar period, he opposed the rise of radical Islam in Chechnya and co-authored a book entitled Wahhabism-the Kremlin's remedy against national liberation movements, alleging an association between Islamist extremism and Soviet global " pro-terrorist " policy and support for dictatorships in the Muslim world.
During the interwar years the number of allotment gardens grew rapidly.
During the interwar years, Mannerheim's pursuits were mainly humanitarian.
During the interwar years the Roman Republic continued to expand its power into central Italy.
During the interwar years, Donovan traveled extensively in Europe and met with foreign leaders including Benito Mussolini of Italy.
During the interwar decades, a vibrant period in the history of American literature, Hazlitt served as literary editor of The New York Sun ( 1925 – 1929 ), and as literary editor of the Left-leaning journal, The Nation ( 1930 – 1933 ).
During the interwar period, the General Inspector of the Armed Forces was appointed the commander-in-chief for the time of war ( Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces ).
During the interwar years, apartment building continued in inner Melbourne ( particularly in areas such as St Kilda and South Yarra ), Sydney ( particularly in areas such as Potts Point, Darlinghust and Kings Cross ) and in Brisbane ( in areas such as New Farm, Fortitude Valley and Spring Hill ).
During the interwar period, 29 observation squadrons were established.
During the interwar period, the KAR was slowly demobilised to a peace time establishment of 6 battalions, at which strength the Regiment remained until World War II.
During the Second Polish Republic ( or interwar ) period, Biała was growing fast.
During this period he continued to teach composition in the form of masterclasses, thereby influencing a new interwar generation of musicians, despite the increasing conservatism of his compositions in the 1920s.
During the interwar period, the population of Tykocin had reached an estimated 4, 000 inhabitants.
During the interwar years, however, particularly in the 1930s, the quality fell after they compared with the Luftwaffe, which crushed the French during the Battle of France.
During the interwar period, there had been suggestions to modify the words to include a reference to God.

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