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During and creative
During this translation his creative mind and astute vision transformed the work.
During periods away from Hawkwind duties, and after finally leaving the group in 1979, Calvert worked on his solo career, his creative output including albums, stage plays, poetry, and a novel.
During this time most of Wagner ’ s creative energy was devoted to the Ring cycle, which was finally completed in 1874 and given its first full performance at Bayreuth in August 1876.
During this period, publisher Stan Lee relocated to Los Angeles to better oversee Marvel's animation, television and film projects, leaving Shooter largely in charge of the creative decision-making at Marvel's New York City headquarters.
During their partnership, Fred, whose perfectionism earned him the nickname " Moaning Minnie " from her, had always been the dominant creative force.
During various periods of creative work, Legrand became a conductor for orchestras in St. Petersburg, Vancouver, Montreal, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Denver.
During the 28 years before his death Hill's creative work entered a new phase.
During the UK tour's summer break director Christopher Luscombe and the show's creative team recreated the UK production in Seoul, South Korea with a new cast of American, Australian and New Zealander actors and local celebrities as the Narrator.
During these years, there were creative tensions between Ford and Maurizio Gucci, the company's chairman and 50 % owner.
During this same period, however, with a great deal of cheap accommodation on offer, it is arguable that Moseley also enjoyed its most creative and cosmopolitan phase as the focus of artistic and student communities.
During this process, they became acquainted with the creative, but then relatively unknown, Jim Henson and his Muppets.
During his creative pause, Andrack also wrote the book Meine Saison mit dem FC about his relationship with the football club 1.
During that time his creative nature became clearly visible: he invented improvements to the ShKAS machine gun and the R-5 reconnaissance aircraft among other things.
During the weaving it hung behind the tapestry in the making, a time-consuming process thus in a creative sense simplified to ' mechanical ' painting-by-numbers.
During the numerous years of our acquaintance, I think I can already allow myself to say that I penetrated into the essence of his creative language.
During that season, the show undertook a major creative re-tooling, in which new characters were introduced, re-designs of characters with new personalities were prevalent, and the tone and humor of the show changed considerably.
During the warm-up, the actors are encouraged to enter into a state of mind where they can be present in and aware of the current moment and are free to be creative.
During a July 10, 2009, press conference, GM stated that Lutz would remain at GM as Vice Chairman responsible for all creative elements of products and customer relationships, and that his role as Vice Chairman of Global Product Development would be assumed April 1, 2009, by Thomas G. Stephens, then Executive Vice President of Global Powertrain and Global Quality.
During his judgeship, " creative sentencing " became a trademark of his court.
During the popularity with Shizuo's music, David also started a band with Annika and Razi Barakat called Give Up ( Razi had earlier been featured on The Cramps cover song " New Kick " and is also known as Boy from Brazil, and Pharoah Chromium when performing as the lead singer of Golden showers and the Assassinations ), but the band later broke up after the 1997 DHR tour due to a serious disagreement with creative differences, which led to David attacking Razi half way through their set.
During those years of working together, Thomas granted Brown the ability to be creative with the show's characters ; Brown discovered a slight hand movement which made it appear as if Garfield Goose was smiling.
During the series remaining fifteen months, creative teams changed twice, beginning with writer Marty Pasko and artist Padraic Shigetani, with Bob Myers replacing Shigetani.
During rehearsals for Stephen Sondheim's trouble-plagued Merrily We Roll Along in 1981, Field was unceremoniously dismissed from the creative team.
During the last fifteen minutes of the performance Parks answers questions the audience might have regarding their own work and their creative process.

During and phase
During this stretch, the Orioles began to phase out their veteran infield by replacing Davey Johnson and Brooks Robinson with younger stars Bobby Grich and Doug DeCinces, respectively.
During the more radical phase of the Revolution from 1793 to 1794, the usage and depiction of Hercules changed.
During the Uruk phase, colonists and traders from Southern Iraq established important quarters in settlements throughout the northern part of the Levantine region ( e. g. Amuq ).
During the first phase of whaling the hauls were generally good, some exceptional.
During the second phase the hauls were much lower.
During the scientific research phase of his career, he tried to answer the question of whether man had a hidden aquatic potential that could be evoked by rigorous physiological and psychological training.
During phase transitions, the heat flow required to maintain this heating or cooling rate will change.
During their nomadic phase, the Lombards created little in the way of art that was not easily carried with them, like arms and jewellery.
During the Mississippian subperiod an important phase of orogeny occurred in the Appalachian Mountains.
During the launch phase of the mission, the Mercury spacecraft and astronaut were protected from launch vehicle failures by the Launch Escape System.
During the AGB phase, the star undergoes mass loss, emitting a circumstellar shell of hydrogen gas.
During the second phase two dikes were built parallel to each other, which took 2 years.
During the first phase, sprouts emerge from the seed potatoes and root growth begins.
During the airborne phase of the Normandy invasion on the night of 5 – 6 June 1944, British 6th Airborne Division captured all its key objectives in advance of the seaborne assault, including the capture and holding at all costs of a vital bridge over the Caen Canal, near Ouistreham.
* < div id =" drive knee "> Drive knee: During the plant phase, the knee is driven forward at the time of " takeoff " to help propel the vaulter upward .</ div >
During the development phase, 80 % of the 944's mechanical components were either significantly modified or completely replaced by the engineers, leaving so little of the outgoing S2 behind that Porsche management chose to introduce the variant as a new model, entitling it 968.
During the building phase Potsdamer Platz was the largest building site in Europe.
During the support phase, the foot is in contact with the ground and supports the body against gravity.
During the transitional phase of Sega dropping out of the console race to concentrate on software and game development, all of its main departments were separated from the main company and established on semi-autonomous subsidiaries.
During the next major phase of activity, 30 enormous Oligocene-Miocene sarsen stones ( shown grey on the plan ) were brought to the site.
During the Silicon Graphics Inc .' s second bankruptcy phase, it was renamed to Graphics Properties Holdings, Inc .( GPHI ) in June 2009.
During this early phase of history, the majority of Turkmenistan's inhabitants were either adherents of Zoroastrianism or Buddhism and the region was largely dominated by Iranian peoples.
During the canal ’ s planning phase, many small towns along the northern shores of Maumee River heavily competed to be the ending terminus of the canal knowing it would give them a profitable status.
During the 1940s, Onsager studied the statistical-mechanical theory of phase transitions in solids, deriving a mathematically elegant theory which was enthusiastically received.
During fractional crystallization, Sr tends to become concentrated in plagioclase, leaving Rb in the liquid phase.

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