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During and exploration
During the 1820s and 1830s, HBC trappers were deeply involved in the early exploration and development of Northern California.
During WWII and beyond, RCA set up several new divisions, for defense, space exploration and other activities.
During his time at the archives, Steiner wrote Die Philosophie der Freiheit ( The Philosophy of Freedom or The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity — Steiner's preferred English title ) ( 1894 ), an exploration of epistemology and ethics that suggested a path upon which humans can become spiritually free beings.
During exploration, there will be the potential for lunar / Martian dust to be retained on the spacesuit.
During early European and American exploration of the Great Plains, the region in which the Dust Bowl occurred was thought unsuitable for European-style agriculture ; the region was known as the Great American Desert.
During the 1990s, further exploration was stalled because of legal battles between the Triton partners.
During the course of this exploration, Holloway's resolve slowly deteriorates, until the house's bizarre architecture leads him to believe an image he sees down a hall is the " monster " stalking them when, in fact, he is actually looking at his own men ; he shoots one of them, and, upon realizing what he's done, suffers a complete psychological breakdown and tries to murder them.
During the first few days of exploration, they identified the site of Old Point Comfort ( which they originally named " Point Comfort ") as a strategic defensive location at the entrance to the body of water that became known as Hampton Roads.
During his exploration of the site, Karl Richard Lepsius identified a series of blocks and broken colonnades in the name of Thutmose IV to the east of the Temple of Ptah.
: During the early period of exploration and development of ideas, premature conference presentations and individual seminars were given by various members of the Cambridge group in other archaeological departments in England and abroad.
During the early phase of the exploration of the northern part of the Philippines López de Legazpi had remained in Cebu, and had not accompanied his men during their colonization of Manila, because of health problems and advanced age.
During his exploration of northwest Europe ( c. 320 BC ), Pytheas of Massilia called the island Iérnē ( written ).
During the 1980s he was the host of a popular television program on space exploration entitled Man, Earth, Universe.
During the third exploration, which departed from the Mayflower on December 6, 1620, a group of men including Bradford located present day Plymouth Bay.
During his exploration, Colter became the first known European to visit what is now known as Yellowstone National Park ; he reported on what was named the eponymous Colter's Hell.
During the over 300 years of Brazilian colonial history, the economic exploration of the territory was based first on brazilwood extraction ( 16th century ), sugar production ( 16th – 18th centuries ), and finally on gold and diamond mining ( 18th century ).
During this brief period in jail he started working on his first novel, Ecué-Yamba-O, an exploration of Afro-Cuban traditions among the poor of the island.
During her exploration of Tallon IV, Samus finds the twelve keys to the Artifact Temple, and lores recorded by both the Chozo and the Space Pirates, providing some more insight about the history of the planet and the two races ' colonization of it and other activities.
During Frondizi's administration, in summary, foreign investment was most encouraged into the sectors creating most of the trade deficits chronic to the Argentine economy between 1949 and 1962 ; indeed, 90 % of all foreign investment during his term went into oil exploration, oil refineries, the auto industry, steel and household durables.
During a sumptuous feast on the Isle of Love, Tethys, who is now the lover of da Gama, prophecies the future of Portuguese exploration and conquest.
During the 1970s and 1980s Israel began developing the infrastructure needed for research and development in space exploration and sciences.
During Roe's time in term in the Survey Office, he attempted to transcribe every journal of exploration in Western Australia.
During their exploration, the Martian starship is attacked by an unknown starship which causes its automated defence systems to come online.
During these years she wrote nothing on travel and exploration, but published a volume of miscellaneous essays, Perseus in the Wind ( 1948 ) and three volumes of autobiography, Traveller's Prelude ( 1950 ), Beyond Euphrates.

During and while
During the summers, while he was still in school, Mercer worked for his father's firm as a messenger boy.
During Dulles's first two years in office, while Republicans ran the Senate, the Department was at the mercy of men who had thirsted for its blood since 1945.
Within a short while, he grasps what is at stake and warns the authorities that unless steps are taken immediately, the epidemic could kill off half the town's population of two hundred thousand within a couple of months .</ br > During the epidemic, Rieux heads an auxiliary hospital and works long hours treating the victims.
During the first 11 months of 2006, net imports grew by 21 percent to $ 1. 95 billion, while exports stood at $ 895 million, up 0. 3 percent from the same period in 2005.
During the Middle Ages the word artist already existed in some countries such as Italy, but the meaning was something resembling craftsman, while the word artesan was still unknown.
During Ahab's reign, Moab, which had been conquered by his father, remained tributary ; while Judah, with whose king, Jehoshaphat, he was allied by marriage, was probably his vassal.
During these conflicts in mainland Greece, Lysander perished while attacking the walls of Thebes.
During this time he ate shellfish, and scanned the ocean daily for rescue, suffering all the while from loneliness, misery and remorse.
During the civil war following the death of Eric III of Denmark in 1146, Absalon travelled abroad to study theology in Paris, while Esbern fought for Valdemar's ascension to the throne.
During that time, while studying at Kabul University, Massoud became involved with the Sazman-i Jawanan-i Musulman (" Organization of Muslim Youth "), the student branch of the Jamiat-i Islami (" Islamic Society "), whose chairman then was professor Burhanuddin Rabbani.
During this period he learned the music publishing business while continuing to compose.
During the final years of the 19th century, while ` Abdu ' l-Bahá was still officially a prisoner and confined to ` Akka, he organized the transfer of the remains of the Báb from Iran to Palestine.
During the early 1960s, while also active in ASCII standardization, IBM simultaneously introduced in its product line of System / 360 the 8-bit Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code ( EBCDIC ), an expansion of their 6-bit binary-coded decimal ( BCDIC ) representation used in earlier card punches.
During their heyday from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s, most BBSes were run as a hobby free of charge by the system operator ( or " SysOp "), while other BBSes charged their users a subscription fee for access, or were operated by a business as a means of supporting their customers.
During the war, Pakistan supported Bosnia while providing technical and military support to Bosnia.
During the Middle Bulgarian period, the language underwent dramatic changes, losing the Slavonic case system, but preserving the rich verb system ( while the development was exactly the opposite in other Slavic languages ) and developing a definite article.
During the downtime, Murdoch has initiated the film and music project God Help the Girl, while Jackson and Kildea have toured with the reformed Vaselines.
During the 1790s, there emerged of a new generation of composers, born around 1770, who, while they had grown up with the earlier styles, found in the recent works of Haydn and Mozart a vehicle for greater expression.
During Patassé ’ s rule they were becoming increasingly marginalised, while Patassé created militias favouring his own Gbaya tribe, as well as neighbouring Sara and Kaba.
During that same period, the economy grew by 3 % a year, and by 1951 the United Kingdom had " the best economic performance in Europe, while output per person was increasing faster than in the United States.
During the 1880s, Peirce's indifference to bureaucratic detail waxed while his Survey work's quality and timeliness waned.
During the Cold War, the main role of the CVBG in case of conflict with the Soviet Union would have been to protect Atlantic supply routes between the United States and Europe, while the role of the Soviet Navy would have been to interrupt these sea lanes, a fundamentally easier task.
Day said: " During this long, boring period, I used to while away a lot of time listening to the radio, sometimes singing along with the likes of Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller [...].
During his Army days, Janssen became friends with fellow enlistees Martin Milner and Clint Eastwood while posted at Ft. Ord, California.
During the loss period the companies relied on venture capital and especially initial public offerings of stock to pay their expenses while having no source of income at all.

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