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During and period
During this precarious period of development the mother should continue to influence the growth of the child's conscience.
During the period from 1 July 1960 through 31 January 1961, additional research affiliations were effected with the U. S. Army Medical Research and Development Command to conduct research in procedures for quantitative electron microscopy, and for the study of biophysical and biological studies of the structure and function of ocular tissue.
During this period, a total of 762 exhibits were presented at 442 medical and scientific meetings.
During the period of this report, 37,470 new cases were entered into the various registries.
During this period, 7,827 teaching sets were distributed on loan.
During the period of this report, 63 panel exhibits depicting the latest developments in medical research were displayed.
During the period, the laboratory rendered centralized macropathological service to qualified requesters.
During the period from 1 July 1960 through 31 January 1961, the Medical Museum was required to move to Temporary Building `` S '' on the Mall from Chase Hall.
During the period of about 4 hours around sunset, skywave transmission conditions are building up until full nighttime conditions prevail ; ;
During the Civil War period Mr. Brown also invented the Brown & Sharpe formed tooth gear cutter, a basic invention which ultimately revolutionized the world's gear manufacturing industry by changing its basic economics.
During this period 7,484,268 members were received, yet the net membership now is only 9,910,741.
During the period of the Iberian Union ( 1580 – 1640 ), Portugal lost influence and power and made new enemies.
During the Romantic period, art came to be seen as " a special faculty of the human mind to be classified with religion and science ".< ref >
During the same period the Georgian states of Colchis and Tabal arose around the Black Sea and central Anatolia respectively.
During this same period, slave-holding border states had more free African-Americans and European immigrants than the lower South, which increased Southern fears that slavery was threatened with rapid extinction in this area.
During this period he published 18 plays and 3 novels, including the murder mystery The Red House Mystery ( 1922 ).
During this period winter sports were slowly introduced: in 1882 the first figure skating championship was held in St. Moritz, and downhill skiing became a trendy sport with English visitors early in the 20th century, as the first ski-lift was installed in 1908 above Grindelwald.
During the post-World War I period ski-lifts were built in Swiss and Austrian towns to accommodate winter visitors, but summer tourism continued to be important ; by the mid-20th century the popularity of downhill skiing increased greatly as it became more accessible and in the 1970s several new villages were built in France devoted almost exclusively to skiing, such a Les Menuires.
During the first 11 months of 2006, net imports grew by 21 percent to $ 1. 95 billion, while exports stood at $ 895 million, up 0. 3 percent from the same period in 2005.
During the first 11 months of 2006, the European Union remained Armenia's largest trading partner, accounting for 34. 4 percent of its $ 2. 85 billion commercial exchange during the 11-month period.
During January – February 2007, Armenia ’ s trade with Russia and other former Soviet republics was $ 205. 6 million ( double the amount from the same period the previous year ), making them the country ’ s number one trading partner.
During this period, spectator attendances dropped and media condemnation increased, but Simpson and Lawry flatly disregarded the public dissatisfaction.
During the Tokugawa period ( 1600 – 1868 ) the Ainu became increasingly involved in trade with Japanese who controlled the southern portion of the island that is now called Hokkaido.
During the Akkadian period, the Akkadian language became the lingua franca of the Middle East, and was officially used for administration, although the Sumerian language remained as a spoken and literary language.

During and Agamemnon
During the fighting, Agamemnon killed Antiphus and 15 other Trojan soldiers.
During the Trojan War ( prior to the actions described in Homer's Iliad ), Agamemnon took Chryses ' daughter Chryseis ( Astynome ) from Moesia as a war prize and when Chryses attempted to ransom her, refused to return her.
During the Achaean council held, Agamemnon asked for a volunteer to spy on the Trojans.
During the Trojan War, he was killed by Agamemnon.
During the Earth civil war to overthrow President Morgan Clark the Agamemnon defected to rebel forces led by Sheridan.
During this final battle, the Agamemnon was seriously damaged by the defense platforms, and its weapons were disabled.
During the 20-year impasse the three remaining Titans, Agamemnon, Juno and Dante, are struggling to rebuild their cymek empire.

During and brother
During the first years of the reign of his older brother as Elector, Anton was the third in line, preceded only by his older brother Karl.
During this period he re-established contact with his brother Conrad for numerous practical and financial matters, disclosing some of his inner feelings in the process.
During the reign of his elder brother, Emperor Tenji, Temmu was forced to marry several of Tenji's daughters because Tenji thought those marriages would help to strengthen political ties between the two brothers.
During this period, he also enjoyed shooting, fishing and birdwatching with Jacintha's brother and sister.
During Robert III's reign ( 1390 – 1406 ), actual power rested largely in the hands of his brother, Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany.
During Hank's minor league experience, he was very homesick and faced constant racism, but his brother, Herbert Jr., told him not to give up the opportunity.
During the Third Macedonian War, thirty-five vessels allied to Rome, carrying about 1, 000 Galatian troops, as well as a number of horses, were sent by Eumenes II to his brother Attalus.
During one controversial episode Downey introduced his gay brother, Tony Downey, to his studio audience and informed them Tony was HIV positive.
During the episode Downey stated he was afraid his audience would abandon him if they knew he had a gay brother, but then said he did not care.
During the reign of his brother, he was confined to his room in virtual imprisonment, a system called Kafes, for fourteen years.
During World War II, Miyazaki's father, Katsuji, was director of Miyazaki Airplane, owned by his brother ( Hayao Miyazaki's uncle ), which made rudders for A6M Zero fighter planes.
During the century in which the lists correspond well with the annals, the succession to the kingship of Alba was held in an alternating fashion by two branches of the descendants of Kenneth MacAlpin, one descended from Kenneth's son Constantín, Clann Constantín mac Cináeda, and one from Constantín's brother Áed, Clann Áeda mac Cináeda.
During her years at Washington Seminary, Mitchell's brother, Stephens, was away studying at Harvard College ( 1915 – 1917 ), and he left in May 1917 to enlist in the army, about a month after the U. S. declared war on Germany.
During this time, the Ottoman sovereign was actively occupied in perfecting the civil and military institutions which his brother had introduced, in securing internal order, in founding and endowing mosques and schools, and in the construction of vast public edifices, many of which still stand.
During his time in North Africa, he found himself in financial difficulties and was forced to mortgage his estates to his brother.
* During the struggle for power in Sweden, King Halsten is killed and his brother Inge the Elder is deposed in Svealand, only ruling Gothenland for the next three years.
During their Tonsure ( religious profession ), Eastern Orthodox Monks and Nuns are given a prayer rope, with the words: Accept, O brother ( sister ) ( name ), the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God ( Ephesians 6: 17 ) in the everlasting Jesus prayer by which you should have the name of the Lord in your soul, your thoughts, and your heart, saying always: " Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.
During Rama's exile in the forest, Ravana kidnapped his wife Sita from their hut while Rama was hunting a golden deer, and his brother Lakshman went after him.
* During the Swedish power struggle, Boleslaw is killed, but his brother Kol continues as king of Östergötland until 1173, in opposition to king Knut Eriksson of Sweden.
During his reign, a succession dispute broke out between the houses of Welf and Staufen, the latter which was led by Frederick II and his brother Duke Conrad of Franconia.
During the summer semester of 1919, Fromm studied at the University of Heidelberg, where he switched from studying jurisprudence to sociology under Alfred Weber ( brother of the better known sociologist Max Weber ), the psychiatrist-philosopher Karl Jaspers, and Heinrich Rickert.
During Bedford's absence, the government of England was headed by Henry V's other surviving brother, Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, who was appointed Protector and Defender of the Realm.
During visits by his brother Admiral Horatio Nelson, Lady Hamilton is reputed to have danced on a table in what is now the head of house's study.

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