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Dutsi-til and is
The present head of the Surmang Dutsi-til monastery is Choseng Trungpa Rinpoche, the 12th Trungpa Tulku.

Monastery and is
He is notably the builder of Alcobaça Monastery, to which he called the Cistercian Order of his uncle Bernard of Clairvaux of Burgundy.
In July 2006, the tomb of the king ( which is located in the Santa Cruz Monastery in Coimbra ) was to be opened for scientific purposes by researchers from the University of Coimbra ( Portugal ), and the University of Granada ( Spain ).
A few kilometers to the north of Alcobaça is located the Monastery of Batalha, another wondrous gothic building constructed in memory of a different important battle, that of Aljubarrota.
The main feature of the city is essentially the Monastery that proudly presents a long and sombre façade with 18th-century embellishments.
Mipps escaped in the confusion of Syn's death and disappeared from England, but it is said that a little man very much like him is living out his days in a Buddhist Monastery somewhere in the Malay Peninsula, delighting the monks with recounting the adventures of Doctor Syn and the eerie stories of the Romney Marsh and the mysterious Scarecrow and his night riders.
A fresco from Rila Monastery, Bulgaria, medieval Eastern Orthodox Church | Orthodox tradition, renovated 20th centuryElijah is mentioned once more in, which will be his final mention in the Hebrew Bible.
In addition to Sir Walter Scott's The Monastery, a hand-fast marriage is mentioned in William Shakespeare's Cymbeline ( act I, scene vi ).
If Daniel's Vita is trustworthy ( and there is nothing against which to judge its accuracy ), then John came to the Vatos Monastery at Mount Sinai, now Saint Catherine's Monastery, and became a novice when he was about 16 years old.
John Climacus is shown at the top of the Ladder of Divine Ascent ( icon ) | The Ladder of Divine Ascent, with other monks following him, 12th century icon ( St. Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai ).
The first known reference to Lithuania as a nation (" Litua ") comes from the annals of the Monastery of Quedlinburg and is dated March 9, 1009.
* 1256 – The Augustinian monastic order is constituted at the Lecceto Monastery when Pope Alexander IV issues a papal bull Licet ecclesiae catholicae.
It is believed that the Cathedral of the Metropolitan Peter in Vysokopetrovsky Monastery, another work of Aleviz Novyi, later served as an inspiration for the so called octagon-on-tetragon architectural form in the Moscow Baroque of the late 17th century.
Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai | St. Catherine's Monastery is the oldest working Christian monastery in the world and the most popular tourist attraction on the peninsula
The most popular tourist destination in Sinai are Mount Sinai (" Jabal Musa ") and St. Catherine's Monastery, which is considered to be the oldest working Christian monastery in the world, and the beach resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba.
Shaolin Monastery or Shaolin Temple (, ; ) is a Chán Buddhist temple on Mount Song, near Dengfeng, Zhengzhou, Henan province, China.
Associated with stories of the supposed burning of Shaolin by the Qing government and with the tales of the Five Elders, this temple, sometimes known by the name Changlin, is often claimed to have been either the target of Qing forces or a place of refuge for monks displaced by attacks on the Shaolin Monastery in Henan.
In his book The Shaolin Monastery ( 2008 ), Tel Aviv University professor Meir Shahar notes that the bodhisattva Vajrapani is the patron saint of Shaolin Monastery.
* The Shalu Monastery is founded in Tibet.
* Mor Gabriel Monastery is founded and located on the Tur Abdin plateau near Midyat ( Turkey ).

Monastery and being
On being offered the Russian crown, Filaret's 16-year-old son Mikhail Romanov, then living at the Ipatiev Monastery of Kostroma, burst into tears of fear and despair.
As well as being made a Duke, Nelson was given as a fief the Castello Maniace, which at the time was the remains of a Benedictine Monastery.
p. 404 ) considers that Peter was originally a member of the convent of the Akoimetoi, which he places in Bithynia on the Asiatic side of the Bosphorus, at Gomon, " The Great Monastery " and being expelled thence for his behavior and heretical doctrine, passed over to Constantinople, where he courted persons of influence, through whom he was introduced to Zeno, the son-in-law of Leo I ( 457 – 474 ) and future emperor ( 474 – 491 ), whose favor he secured, obtaining through him the chief place in the church of St. Bassa, at Chalcedon.
He was elected a dean and rector of the St. Tikhon's Seminary where he spent the last years of his life as an example in humility being an elder to the students and monastics at St. Tikhon's Monastery.
In the early 1850s it is recorded as being used in Cetinje Monastery and Njegoš's Biljarda.
The modern town took its name from being the site of the Sarova Monastery next to the Sarovka River.
This town already had old traditions in education, being home to the highly successful school of the Monastery of Santa Cruz.
On August 11, 1945, at Cetăţuia Monastery in Iaşi, the priest Ioan Marina was tonsured a monk, receiving the patronymic Justinian and being ordained an archimandrite as well.
Mount Sinai is a two hours drive, with Saint Catherine's Monastery being a popular tourist destination.
Solovetsky Monastery () was the greatest citadel of Christianity in the Russian North before being turned into a special Soviet prison and labor camp ( 1926 – 1939 ), which served as a prototype for the GULag system.
Title of Afife was held in the hands of Mendo Pais ( one of the sons of the Count of Tui ) and, later, one of his nephews, Paio Soares, before being transferred to the Monastery of São Salvador da Torre ( at its foundation ).
The large-scale urban development under Prince Şerban and Prince Constantin Brâncoveanu saw the building of numerous religious facilities, including Anthim the Iberian's Antim Monastery ; in 1722, boyar Iordache Creţulescu added Kretzulescu Church to the city's landscape, during a period when most new places of worship were being dedicated by trader guilds.
Today, the provincial house is located in Dublin with other communities being found in Belfast ( Clonard Monastery and the parish of Saint Gerard, Cork, Dundalk, Athenry in Galway, Limerick and four houses are established.
This was granted, with a new community of monks being established at the Monastery of Santa Maria del Parral in Segovia.
The third fall is represented by the current ninth station, which is not actually located on the Via Dolorosa, instead being located at the entrance to the Ethiopian Orthodox Monastery and the Coptic Orthodox Monastery of Saint Anthony, which together form the roof structure of the subterranean Chapel of Saint Helena in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre ; the Coptic and Ethiopian Orthodox churches split in 1959, and prior to that time the monastic buildings were considered a single Monastery.
There were, however, under the umbrella of this general consensus, various opinions about the Moscow Patriarchate, ranging for those who held the extreme view that the Moscow Patriarchate had apostatized from the Church ( those in the orbit of Holy Transfiguration Monastery being the most vocal advocates of this position ), to those who considered them to be innocent sufferers at the hands of the Soviets, and all points in between.
The foundation of the Church and Monastery by Manuel I on the site of the older church, resulted in its transfer from the Order of Christ to the Hieronymite monks, at the same time being renamed to the invocation of Santa Maria de Belém.
He died in the favor of the caliph sometime between 827 and 829 CE and, being Christian, was buried in the Monastery of St. Sergius in Ctesiphon which is in modern-day Iraq, on the east bank of the Tigris.
Kadaň is a tourist centre with highlights being the Franciscan Monastery and the historical square with late Gothic Town Hall Tower.
By 1907 there were only nine Sylvestrine communities, the principal one being in Rome, the Monastery of St. Stephen the Protomartyr, which was founded in 1563 to serve as the Motherhouse of the congregation.
His family was long associated with the Abba Garima Monastery near the town, and he entered the monastery as a young boy as a deacon trainee, eventually taking monastic orders and being ordained a priest.
The oldest known surviving example of the icon of Christ Pantocrator was painted in encaustic on panel in the sixth or seventh century, and survived the period of destruction of images during the Iconoclastic disputes that twice racked the Eastern church, 726 to 787 and 814 to 842, by being preserved in the remote desert of the Sinai, in Saint Catherine's Monastery.
She has thirteen Catholic Press Association awards, the most recent being three in June, 2012 for her books The Monastery of the Heart and Happiness.

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