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Some Related Sentences

E and stands
If the cause of the crash is uncertain, this number is rendered as 48454C50, which stands for " HELP " in hexadecimal ASCII characters ( 48 = H, 45 = E, 4C = L, 50 = P ).
Professor of classics at Auckland University, E. M. Blaiklock, wrote: " For accuracy of detail, and for evocation of atmosphere, Luke stands, in fact, with Thucydides.
The superscript E indicates a zero, or constant, electric field ; the superscript T indicates a zero, or constant, stress field ; and the superscript t stands for transposition of a matrix.
E numbers are codes for chemicals which can be used as food additives for use within the European Union ( the " E " prefix stands for " Europe ") and Switzerland.
In 1885 a governor, H E Chetwynd Stapleton, bought a plot of land behind the Jesus Hospital, a building in Wood Street dating back to 1679 ; today the Stapylton field stands in front of the main School building and is used for rugby and cricket.
Clearly recognisable examples are stands of E. platypus, E. vesiculosa and the unrelated E. stoatei.
EEPROM ( also written E < sup > 2 </ sup > PROM and pronounced " e-e-prom ," " double-e prom ," " e-squared ," or simply " e-prom ") stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory and is a type of non-volatile memory used in computers and other electronic devices to store small amounts of data that must be saved when power is removed, e. g., calibration tables or device configuration.
St. John's Church ( C of E ) stands in Queens Road, near the end of the small High Street (" Station Road ").
In 1989 Harry Falk noted that, in the texts, both haoma and soma were said to enhance alertness and awareness, did not coincide with the consciousness altering effects of an entheogen, and that " there is nothing shamanistic or visionary either in early Vedic or in Old Iranian texts ", ( Falk, 1989 ) At the conclusion of the 1999 Haoma-Soma workshop in Leiden, Jan E. M. Houben writes: " despite strong attempts to do away with ephedra by those who are eager to see * sauma as a hallucinogen, its status as a serious candidate for the Rigvedic Soma and Avestan Haoma still stands " ( Houben, 2003 ).
The “ Estands for Eppaminondous, and Eppie used it to open a more formal restaurant on Zinfandel around 1980.
Ransom E. Olds, the founder and head of the Olds Motor Vehicle Company that was the foundation for the later establishment of Oldsmobile by General Motors Corporation, built a grand summer estate on Elba Island in 1916, which caught fire due to electrical mishaps in 2005, however was restored by the current owner and still stands today.
Although a few expeditions of white men had come into the Root River valley where Rushford stands, the first settler, E. K.
Kencelear, E. Bedard, E. H. Johnson, E. Plant, and others, at the mouth of Muddy Creek where Thacker & Jones ' grist mill now stands.
His cabin stood near where the Presbyterian Church now stands, who also erected a saw mill on the creek, not far from the residence of H. E. Bassett.
Eldon was a son-in-law of D. M. Bare, a member of Dr. Nason's hospital staff, and the town druggist, whose former store at E. Main Street stands next door to the Eldon House.
The village school ( Harewood C of E Primary School ) stands opposite the grounds of the Harewood estate on the A61 and was built by the Estate in 1864 for the estate workers ' children.
T. R. E stands for The Reign of Edward ( the confessor ) and s stands for shillings.
The designation was first applied to a low-roof model of the Rover P5 from 1962 until 1973, but was revived by the 1992 Infiniti J30 and finally by the first model 2005 Mercedes-Benz CLS, which stands in Mercedes hierarchy between the E and S class, and has appearance of a classic coupe and sedan.

E and for
Meaningful policies include: ( A ) kinds of cars the state should own, ( B ) when cars should be traded, ( C ) the need and assignment of vehicles, ( D ) use of cars in lieu of mileage allowances, ( E ) employees taking cars home, and ( F ) need for liability insurance on state automobiles.
For grant to the Government of India under subsection ( E ) of Section 104 of the Act, the rupee equivalent of not more than $538 million for financing such projects to promote balanced economic development as may from time to time be mutually agreed.
The rupee equivalent of $63.8 million, but not more than 5 percent of the currencies received under the Agreement will be used for loans to be made by the Export-Import Bank of Washington under Section 104 ( E ) of the Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act, as amended ( hereinafter referred to as the Act ), and for administrative expenses of the Export-Import Bank of Washington in India incident thereto.
Such loans under Section 104 ( E ) of the Act will be made to United States business firms and branches, subsidiaries, or affiliates of such firms in India for business development and trade expansion in India and to United States firms and to Indian firms for the establishment of facilities for aiding in the utilization, distribution, or otherwise increasing the consumption of and markets for United States agricultural products.
In the event the rupees set aside for loans under Section 104 ( E ) of the Act are not advanced within six years from the date of this Agreement because the Export-Import Bank of Washington has not approved loans or because proposed loans have not been mutually agreeable to the Export-Import Bank of Washington and the Department of Economic Affairs of the Government of India, the Government of the United States of America may use the rupees for any purpose authorized by Section 104 of the Act.
With respect to Article 2,, paragraphs 1 ( B ) and 1 ( C ): Uses of Section 104 ( E ) and Section 104 ( G ) rupees: The Government of India will use the amount of rupees granted or loaned to it by the United States pursuant to paragraphs 1 ( B ) and 1 ( C ) for projects to promote economic development with emphasis upon the agricultural sector including food reserve storage structures and facilities as may from time to time be agreed upon by the authorized representatives of the United States and the authorized representatives of the Government of India, in the following sectors: A.
Pattern for inner lid piece E fits inside Aj.
They were then centrifuged at 59,780 Pm for 35 to 80 min at 20-degrees-C in a Spinco model E ultracentrifuge at a protein concentration of 1.00 to 1.25%.
Thus if E is sufficiently small, there can be only one intersection of C and Af near Q, for if there were more than one intersection for every E then the difference between C and Af near Q would not be a monotone function.
For example Test 3, E 1 refers to a specimen which has been washed by procedure `` 3 ( '' ( at 160-degrees-F ) for a total of 60 minutes in the machine, has been dried in a tumble dryer by procedure `` E '' and has been subjected to restorative forces on the Tension Presser by procedure `` 1 ''.
This procedure is repeated for the second rinse, using the temperatures and time shown in Columns F and E of Table 2.
It is obvious that the careful choice of photocathode which maximizes Af for a given input E ( in the case of the second stage, for the first phosphor screen emission ) is very important.
* Robert E. Cox ( 1917 – 1989 ) who conducted the " Gleanings for ATMs " column in Sky and Telescope magazine for 21 years.

E and execution
The B Score ( or E Score ), is the score for execution, and is given for how well the skills are performed.
Thomas E. Devine ( who served in a postal Army unit ) wrote Eyewitness: The Amelia Earhart Incident which includes a letter from the daughter of a Japanese police official who claimed her father was responsible for Earhart's execution.
Before her execution ( scene: 斬竇娥 " Zhai Dou E "), Dou E swore that her innocence would be proven when:
* December 16, 1985 – Mob boss Paul Castellano is shot dead in a gangland execution on E. 46th Street in Manhattan.
* In the Raymond E. Feist novel Shadow of a Dark Queen, a group of men are led to a mock execution to form a regiment of men who are above the fear of death.
* 20 February 1940-Flying Officer J. W. E Davies was Mentioned in Dispatches for gallantry and devotion to duty in the execution of air operations.
The Book of Daniel ( 1971 ) is semi-historical novel by E. L. Doctorow, loosely based on the trial and execution of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.
* Ira E. Whitlock, licensed electrical engineer, said that during the execution of Allen Lee Davis, the readings produced by Old Sparky's chart recorder indicated that the circuitry operated as it was designed and intended to operate.
In San Francisco, defense attorneys had asked to present an argument, and U. S. Judge Louis E. Goodman had decided to issue a stay of execution as Chessman was being strapped into his chair, and instructed his secretary to call the prison, but the secretary had copied only four of the five digits of the telephone number, after which the call took a full minute to go through.

E and moment
So, substituting the angular momentum and moment of inertia into E < sub > rot </ sub >, the rotational energy levels of a diatomic molecule are given by:
The k < sup > th </ sup > moment about the mean ( or k < sup > th </ sup > central moment ) of a real-valued random variable X is the quantity μ < sub > k </ sub > := E
Parametric and lossy ' instantaneous ' ( i. e. electronic ) nonlinear optical phenomena, in which the optical fields are not too large, can be described by a Taylor series expansion of the dielectric Polarization density ( dipole moment per unit volume ) P ( t ) at time t in terms of the electrical field E ( t ):
The originally selected pseudonym (" Gus Pillsbury ") was the name of King's maternal grandfather ; but at the last moment King changed it to " Richard Bachman ," in tribute to crime author Donald E. Westlake's long-running pseudonym Richard Stark.
where μ < sub > 3 </ sub > is the third moment about the mean μ, σ is the standard deviation, and E is the expectation operator.
The formula expressing skewness in terms of the non-central moment E can be expressed by expanding the previous formula,
Wilson would forever recall standing for a moment at Robert E. Lee's side and looking up into his face.
Height difference between barrel centerline and average point of contact is height C. Forces A and B operating over moment arm / height C create torque or moment D, which rotates the firearm's muzzle up as illustrated at E.
The EDM is defined through the shift in the energy of a state when it is put in an external electric field: Δe = d · E + E · δ · E, where d is called the EDM and δ, the induced dipole moment.
We assume for the moment the system in question consists of a subsystem being studied, A and the " environment ", and the total Hilbert space is the tensor product of a Hilbert space describing A, H < sub > A </ sub > and a Hilbert space describing E,: that is,
Having for the moment absorbed some of Ares's power, Rogue easily dispatches a small group of H. A. M. M. E. R.
MR. CHANNING ( Northamptonshire, E .) I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade whether 11 years ago, in reporting upon a serious collision on the Great Northern of Ireland Railway, between two portions of a train which had become separated, General Hutchinson pointed out to the Company that an automatic brake would have absolutely prevented the collision, by arresting the carriages the moment the separation occurred ; whether at that time the secretary of the company informed General Hutchinson that the simple vacuum brake, whose failure caused this accident, was being merely tried experimentally on the line, and that the company had not yet come to a decision as to what brake would be finally adopted ; and, whether, in spite of this recommendation, this simple vacuum brake, upon the failure of which General Hutchinson reported in 1878, has remained in use on the Great Northern of Ireland line ever since, and is the same brake that was in use in the recent disastrous collision near Armagh?
So, any point on or inside the sphere could send a signal moving at the speed of light or slower that would have time to influence the event E, while points outside the sphere at that moment would not be able to have any causal influence on E. Likewise, the set of events that lie on or inside the future light cone of E would also be the set of events that could receive a signal sent out from the position and time of E, so the future light cone contains all the events that could potentially be causally influenced by E. Events which lie neither in the past or future light cone of E cannot influence or be influenced by E in relativity.
One reason is that on the space of square-integrable real random variables ( in other words, real random variables with finite second moment ) the mapping X → E ( X | N )

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