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ELO and had
Despite predictions from the music press that the band would fold without Wood, who had been the driving force behind the creation of ELO, Lynne stepped up to lead the band, with Bev Bevan remaining on drums, joined by Gibson, Richard Tandy ( now on the Moog synthesiser ), Mike de Albuquerque on bass and vocals and Mike Edwards and Colin Walker on cellos.
ELO had become successful in the United States at this point and the group was a star attraction on the stadium and arena circuit, as well as regularly appearing on The Midnight Special ( 1973, 1975, 1976 & 1977 ) more than any other band in that show's history with four appearances.
The album also shed the customary ELO logo that had appeared on every album since 1976.
Upon completion of the album Lynne reformed the band with completely new members including his then-girlfriend Rosie Vela ( who had released her own album " Zazu ", in 1986 ) and announced that ELO would tour again.
* 2004, a team of computers ( Hydra, Deep Junior and Fritz ), wins 8. 5 – 3. 5 against a rather strong human team formed by Veselin Topalov, Ruslan Ponomariov and Sergey Karjakin, who had an average ELO rating of 2681.
ELO had soundtrack hits of their own with " I'm Alive " and " All Over the World ".
It includes an extra 21 minutes of music, considerably lengthening what had been the shortest ELO album.
It was while playing with Barefoot in Birmingham that he was spotted by ELO's Jeff Lynne ; and after Lynne, Bev Bevan and Richard Tandy had watched him play, he was invited to join ELO, to replace Mike de Albuquerque, who had recently left the band.
Upon joining, he was immediately asked to adopt a stage name because ELO had already had several members named Michael, Mike or Mik ; he chose Kelly as being a school nickname.
By this time ELO had become one of the most popular bands in the world, and Jet reissued ELO's back catalogue albums and some new singles in many different colours of vinyl.
In 1985 Tandy formed the Tandy Morgan Band featuring Dave Morgan and Martin Smith, both of whom had worked with ELO in live concerts.
Ponomariov had an ELO rating of 2710 at the time of the match.

ELO and their
The band released their second album, ELO 2 in 1973, which produced their first US chart single, a hugely elaborate version of the Chuck Berry classic " Roll Over Beethoven ".
ELO also made their first appearance on American Bandstand.
It was on the American tour that ELO first debuted their use of coloured lasers.
ELO Part II released their debut album Electric Light Orchestra Part Two in 1990.
The disc pays homage to classic rock songs of their childhood, originally recorded by Blondie, The Kinks, Sweet, ELO, and Badfinger among others.
Discovery is notable in that it was the first ELO album not to feature their resident string trio of Mik Kaminski, Hugh McDowell and Melvyn Gale, although they did make an appearance on the Discovery music videos that were created as a substitute for a live concert tour.
ELO played some live concerts in the UK and Europe ( their last for fifteen years ), and in one UK show George Harrison performed as guest guitarist.
ELO then set off on their Eldorado tour.
This album featured fellow ELO members Bev Bevan, Richard Tandy, Mik Kaminski and their orchestral co-arranger and conductor Louis Clark.
He replaced original ELO violinist Steve Woolam in 1972 and performed in their first live concert.
Later, in 1972, Tandy was the bass player in the first live line-up of ELO, then switching to keyboards when Jeff Lynne decided that their live sound needed improvement.
Olé ELO is the second compilation album by the Electric Light Orchestra covering their early years.
" Roll Over Beethoven " was the second single released by the band, and became their second consecutive top ten hit in the UK, as well as a hit in the United States when an edited version of the track was taken from ELO 2.

ELO and albums
Electric Light Orchestra ( ELO ) were a British rock group from Birmingham who released eleven studio albums between 1971 and 1986 and another album in 2001.
To help finance the fledgling band, two more Move albums were released during the lengthy ELO recordings.
Lynne made two albums (" Looking On " and " Message from the Country ") and a handful of singles with the Move, including the first version of " Do Ya ", as work on the first ELO album continued in the studio throughout 1970 and 1971.
Hipgnosis was an English art design group based in South Kensington, London that specialised in creating cover art for the albums of rock musicians and bands, most notably Pink Floyd, T. Rex, The Pretty Things, UFO, 10cc, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, AC / DC, Scorpions, Yes, The Alan Parsons Project, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, ELO & XTC.
While the two preceding ELO albums, Discovery and Xanadu, were heavily influenced by pop and disco, Time is much closer to ELO's roots of progressive rock music.
With albums like Out of the Blue and Discovery, ELO became one of the world's biggest acts.
Many members of ELO also released solo albums or singles on Jet in the late 1970s.
Tandy is featured on all ELO albums with the exception of the first.
Bevan played on all but one Electric Light Orchestra and ELO Part II albums ( the exception being 2001's Zoom which marked Lynne's return to recording under the ELO name, with only Richard Tandy present from previous band line-ups ).

ELO and singles
From 1972 to 1986, ELO accumulated 27 Top-40 hit singles in both the UK and the US.
The album spawned hit singles from both Newton-John (" Magic ," No. 1 in the United States, and " Suddenly " with Cliff Richard ) and ELO (" I'm Alive ", which went gold, " All Over the World " and " Don't Walk Away ").
The title track, performed by both Newton-John and ELO, is ELO's only song to top the singles chart in the United Kingdom.
This will be the third ELO compilation that presents a chronological run-through of ELO's singles / songs following US compilations Olé ELO in 1976 and Strange Magic: The Best of Electric Light Orchestra in 1995.
* " Drum Dreams " ( ELO ) ( non-soundtrack LP track released as B-side of the " I'm Alive " and " All Over The World " singles ) beginning of Xanadu opening night roller disco sequence, with Danny leading the group on skates ; segué into ...
The singles ' B-sides " Caught in a Trap ", " As a Matter of Fact " ( alternative lyrics ), and " ELO Megamix " are among the band's more collectible single tracks ; " Destination Unknown " and the standard version of " A Matter of Fact " were released on the 1990 compilation Afterglow.
He later made contributions to the ELO II album and performed on the hit singles " Roll Over Beethoven ", " Showdown " and " Ma-Ma-Ma Belle " playing alongside cellists Colin Walker and Mike Edwards.
The Xanadu soundtrack and all its singles by both ELO and Newton-John were released on MCA Records in the USA and Canada, and on Jet Records elsewhere in the world.

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