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Each and cell
Each information cell in the chain contains the address of the Y-cell where the form to which it is assigned is stored.
Each cell except the last in the chain also contains the address of the Y-cell that is the next element of the chain ; ;
Each time a dictionary form matches a text form, the information cell of the matching text form is saved.
Each cell represents a subshell, and lists the values of available in that subshell.
Each cell or hut, according to Sozomen, contained three monks.
Each actinophryid are unicellular and roughly spherical in shape, without any shell or test, and with many pseudopodia supported by axopods radiating outward from the cell body, which adhere to passing prey and allows it to roll or float about.
Each type of protein is usually sent to a particular part of the cell.
Each turn of the cell cycle divides the chromosome s in a cell nucleus.
Each daughter cell formed after cell division will inherit one of these pairs ( one older and one newer centriole ).
Each adult is a spherical cell around 10-20 μm in diameter surrounded by a perforated organic lorica or shell, with many radial pseudopods projecting through the holes to capture food.
A partition of X is a set P of nonempty subsets of X, such that every element of X is an element of a single element of P. Each element of P is a cell of the partition.
Each electrode may become either the anode or the cathode depending on the direction of current through the cell.
Each reaction is undergoing an equilibrium reaction between different oxidation states of the ions: when equilibrium is reached, the cell cannot provide further voltage.
Each nerve cell in this path begins in the brainstem and passes down the neck along the vagus nerve, then branches off into the recurrent laryngeal nerve which passes back up the neck to the larynx.
Each reed sits inside a single cell in the comb.
Each successive change moves the cell closer to the final cell type and further limits its potential to become a different cell type.
Each daughter cell now has half the number of chromosomes but each chromosome consists of a pair of chromatids.
Each cell is filtered independently much like the process used by a spectrum analyzer to produce the display showing different frequencies.
Each cell contained small arms and some form of RPG ( RPG-7V or RPG-18, for example ).
Each perovskite unit cell contains a Y or Ba atom at the center: Ba in the bottom unit cell, Y in the middle one, and Ba in the top unit cell.

Each and site
Each site contains up to the full 3. 9 gigabytes of data, or a subset of it if the mirror's maintainer wishes to selectively choose.
Each original site expands with an expansion velocity v, and establishes additional sites that survive for a lifetime L < nowiki >'</ nowiki >.
Each Guide's site has at least one forum, provided at the Advanced level ( with HTML capability and uploading ), for registered users.
Each cell type can be specifically targeted by choosing the appropriate combination of AAV serotype, promoter, and intraocular injection site.
Each March Harlingen is the site of the Rio Grande Valley International Music Festival.
Each site and painting has a name.
Each of these sites is described, with most published in the Geological Conservation Review series, and so becomes a GCR site.
Each site was composed of three missile silos ( 9 total ).
Each October, Yachats is the site of the Yachats Village Mushroom Festival.
Each neighborhood had within its boundaries a site donated by Levitt & Sons for a public elementary school.
Each triplet of nucleotides of the coding region is called codon and corresponds to a binding site complementary to an anticodon triplet in transfer RNA.
* Each power-producing reactor site has resident inspectors who monitor day-to-day operations.
Each site contains a number of artificial caverns created in salt domes below the surface.
Each site provides 15 days of teacher training.
Each base site requires precise timing and location information to synchronize data across the network.
Each missile site had three Titan I ICBM missiles ready to launch at any given time.
Each of the smaller chambers has a large flat " basin stone ", which was where the bones of the dead were possibly originally deposited, although whether it was actually a burial site remains unclear.
Each Roman home had a set of protective deities: the Lar or Lares of the household or familia, whose shrine was a lararium ; the Penates who guarded the storeroom ( penus ) of the innermost part of the house ; Vesta, whose sacred site in each house was the hearth ; and the Genius of the paterfamilias, the head of household.
Each site yielded different artifacts, some proved evidence of a home or residences, others may have been manufacturing sites.
Each camp has 1 to 8 sites for 1 to 5 persons per site.
Each day, the site posts new content consisting of conservative, libertarian, neo-conservative, and neo-liberal opinion articles.
Each of these organizations is free to issue any certificate for any web site and have the guarantee that web browsers that include its root certificates will accept it as genuine.
Each launch site had three parts, separated by at least 1, 000 yards ( 914 m ).
Each week on a construction site he digs into the dirt with a shovel until something interesting is dug up.

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