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Each and convex
Each point in that is not in the convex hull of the other points ( that is, such that ) is called a vertex of.
Each convex regular polychoron is bounded by a set of 3-dimensional cells which are all Platonic solids of the same type and size.

Each and set
Each time Letch `` went up '' in his `` lines '', I was the one to be patient, helpful and apologetic while he indulged in outbursts of temperament, profanity and abuse, blaming others, going into `` sulks '' and, on more occasions than I care to count, storming off the `` set '' for the rest of the day.
Each switch occupies one digit position in a word, can be set on or off, and is considered as logically equivalent to an electronic switch.
Each element has a specific set of chemical properties as a consequence of the number of electrons present in the neutral atom, which is Z ( the atomic number ).
Each orbital is defined by a different set of quantum numbers ( n, l, and m ), and contains a maximum of two electrons each with their own spin quantum number.
Each cell site will use a subset of these channels, and must use a different set than neighboring cells to avoid interference.
Each class of polymeric biomolecule has a different set of subunit types.
Each set consists of nine ends and the player with the most shots at the end of a set wins the set.
Each series was set in a different historical period with the two protagonists accompanied by different characters, though several reappear in one series or another, for example Melchett and Lord Flashheart.
Each series was set in a different period of British history, beginning in 1485 and ending in 1917, and comprised six half-hour episodes.
Each sub-group of two interacting couples is known to choreographers as a minor set and to dancers as a foursome or hands four.
Each tile pattern in the Chinese domino set is made up of the outcome of a throw of two six-sided dice.
Each province, and even some cities, set up its own autonomous juntas, which declared themselves sovereign from each other.
Each casino might set slightly different payouts for the various bets.
Each of these strings p < sub > i </ sub > determines a subset S < sub > i </ sub > of Cantor space ; the set S < sub > i </ sub > contains all sequences in cantor space that begin with p < sub > i </ sub >.
Each episode opened ( and closed ) with a short spoken introduction ( delivered by Morris ) describing, in surreal, broken language, various bizarre feelings and situations, set to ambient music interspersed with short clips of other songs.
: EXAMPLE: Each infinite RE set contains an infinite recursive set.
Each sender has a different, unique vector v chosen from that set, but the construction method of the transmitted vector is identical.
Each progressively larger set increases the maximum number of pips on an end by three, so the common extended sets are double-nine, double-twelve, double-fifteen and double-eighteen.
Each of the columns from 3 to N is set to a value derived from the first and higher derivatives of the polynomial.
Each row corresponds to a given member of the data set in question.
Each station transmitted a continuous wave signal that, by comparing the phase difference of the signals from the Master and one of the Slaves, resulted in a set of hyperbolic lines of position called a pattern.
A partition of X is a set P of nonempty subsets of X, such that every element of X is an element of a single element of P. Each element of P is a cell of the partition.

Each and containing
Each salesman was to read a sheet containing a description of the product.
Each node maintains a data store containing documents associated with keys, and a routing table associating nodes with records of their performance in retrieving different keys.
Each country should have an accessible Aeronautical Information Publication ( AIP ), based on standards defined by the ICAO, containing information essential to air navigation.
Each station displays the Underground roundel, often containing the station's name in the central bar, at entrances and repeatedly along the platform, so that the name can easily be seen by passengers on arriving trains.
Each entry must have an objectClass attribute, containing named classes defined in the schema.
Each society would maintain a ' master memex ' containing all papers, references, tables " intimately interconnected by trails, so that one may follow a detailed matter from paper to paper, going back through the classics, recording criticism in the margins.
Each player remaining in the game takes two chips or coins below the table, then brings up a closed hand containing zero, one, or two of the chips.
Each Unitarian congregation is at liberty to devise its own form of worship, though commonly, Unitarian services lack liturgy and ritual, while containing readings from many sources, which may include sermons, prayers, hymns and songs.
Each mature Volvox colony is composed of numerous flagellate cells similar to Chlamydomonas, up to 50, 000 in total, and embedded in the surface of a hollow sphere or coenobium containing an extracellular matrix made of a gelatinous glycoprotein.
Each whitish seed has a small, fleshy tail ( elaiosome ) containing substances attractive to ants which distribute the seeds.
Each cnidocyte cell contains an organelle called a cnidae or cnidocyst ( e. g. nematocyst, ptychocyst or spirocyst ), which comprises a bulb-shape capsule containing a coiled hollow tubule structure attached to it.
( a ) Certification of Periodic Financial Reports .— Each periodic report containing financial statements filed by an issuer with the Securities Exchange Commission pursuant to section 13 ( a ) or 15 ( d ) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 ( 15 U. S. C.
Each track has a unique shape, containing various obstacles, hazards, and short-cuts.
Each lararium features a panel fresco containing the same theme: two peripheral figures ( Lares ) attend on a central figure ( family genius ) or two figures ( genius and Juno ) who may or may not be at an altar.
Each page containing Google advertisements adds, reads, and modifies " cookies " on each visitor's computer.
Each page containing Google advertisements adds, reads, and modifies " cookies " on each visitor's computer.
Artists included Alexander Kipnis ( III, IV, V ); Herbert Janssen ( II, V ); Gerhard Hüsch ( II, III, IV, V ); John McCormack ( accompanied by Edwin Schneider ) ( II ); Alexandre Trianti ( II, III ); Ria Ginster ( IV, V ); Friedrich Schorr ( II ); Elisabeth Rethberg ( IV, V ); Tiana Lemnitz Each volume was accompanied by a booklet containing a short essay by Ernest Newman ( I: Words and Music in Hugo Wolf, II: Wolf's Goethe Songs, III: A Note of Wolf as Craftsman, IV: The Italienisches Liederbuch ) together with German texts, English translations ( by Winifred Radford ) and notes on each song ( by Newman ).
Each mound covered a single grave, containing a coffin made from a single split and hollowed oak tree.
Each album contained two seven-inch records, plus a fully illustrated booklet containing the text of the recording, so that children could follow along by reading.
Each plexus consists of a singular artery containing warm blood from the heart surrounded by a bundle of veins containing cool blood from the body surface.

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