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Each and kingdom
Each illustration features an animal from the animal kingdom ( A is for alligator, B is for butterfly, etc.
Each king then swore his individual oath in front of their assembled armies, not in Latin nor in his own language, but in the vernacular of the other's kingdom.
Historian Sylviane Diouf states that " Each vassal kingdom — Walo, Takrur, Kayor, Baol, Sine, Salum, Wuli, and Niani — recognized the hegemony of Jolof and paid tribute.
Each kingdom has a College of Heralds which prepares submissions to go to the Society College of Arms, headed by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms.
Each SCA kingdom is " ruled " by a king and queen chosen by winning a Crown Tournament in armoured combat.
Each of the three brothers was already established in one kingdom: Lothair in Italy, Louis the German in Bavaria, and Charles the Bald in Aquitaine.
Sylviane Diouf states that " Each vassal kingdom — Walo, Takrur, Kayor, Baol, Sine, Salum, Wuli, and Niani — recognized the hegemony of Jolof and paid tribute.
Each son ruled a distinct realm, which was not necessarily geographically coherent but could contain two unconnected regions, from a chief city after which his kingdom is called.
Each cycle is called a " kingdom " in reference to the fact that in each cycle one player ( the King ) determines which contract to play in each of the five games.
Each tribe had its own kingdom, known as a zhao.
Each of the four valleys of Bumthang has its own dialect, and the remnants of the Kheng kingdom, near and in Zhemgang District to the south, speak Khengkha.
Each kingdom is a Not-For-Profit Organization registered in their state of origin.
Each king ruled directly only within the bounds of his own petty kingdom and was responsible for ensuring good government by exercising fír flaithemon ( rulers ' truth ).
Each early Welsh kingdom was divided into lesser administrative units, Cantrefs, which were further subdivided into Cymydau ( commotes ).
Each of the Twelve Kingdoms has a monarch and a kirin, a mythological beast who first selects, and then serves, the monarch of his or her kingdom, and can assume human form.
Each kingdom contains three platforming levels.
Each of the Georgian kingdom ’ s tsars would henceforth be obliged to swear allegiance to Russia ’ s emperors, to support Russia in war, and to have no diplomatic communications with other nations without Russia ’ s prior consent.
Each of those dialects was associated with an independent kingdom on the island.
Each famjh has a boat, its own little kingdom, and, there being plenty of fish, all look better fed than most of our land neighbors.
Each kingdom was ruled by a king claiming authority under divine right by descent from a heroic ancestor who ruled from a palace situated within a citadel, or acropolis.
Each of the other sons was entitled to a share of land within the kingdom, a similar system to appanage, but the laws do not prescribe the division of the kingdom itself, though this was frequently done to avoid civil war.
Each Rajput kingdom evolved a distinct style, but with certain common features.
Each city, kingdom and trade guild had its own standards until the formation of the Akkadian Empire when Sargon of Akkad issued a common standard.

Each and had
Each song or ditty was prefaced by an author's note which indicated the origin and meaning of the song as well as special interest the song had, musical arrangement, and most of the chorus and verses.
Each had developed a hair-trigger chuckle and the habit of saying `` zounds ''!!
Each year from 1941 on, its medical staff had conducted intensive field investigations to determine changes in population structure and vital rates and, as its primary objective, the incidence of major diseases.
Each time his objective had been the same -- a direct water passage from Western Europe to the Far East.
Each human being, known only by a given name, had a cash value.
Each scene is shot straight through, as had been the universal custom, from a camera fixed in a single position, but in the outdoor scenes, especially in the capture and destruction of the outlaws, Porter's camera position breaks, necessarily, with the camera position standard until then, which had been, roughly, that of a spectator in a center orchestra seat at a play.
Each had been shot in the back several times with a
Each high note had the crowd in ecstasy so that it stopped the show midway in the `` Mad Scene '', but the real reason was a realization of the extraordinary performance unfolding at the moment.
Each boy opened his small mouth wide and rocked back and forth on the bench in the way his grandfather and great-grandfather had studied and prayed in the ghettos of Europe.
Each of us had his own specialty besides.
Each man had a bubble to himself, privacy after the long period of enforced intimacy on board the ship.
Each separate community had its own oeconomus or steward, who was subject to a chief steward stationed at the head establishment.
Each language had its own name for the local version.
Each Episcopal see had its own bishop and his presence was necessary to consecrate any gathering of the church.
Each monastic community, also, had one of its own.
Each guild had its own monopoly, and tradesmen might not belong to more than one.
Each office had a minimum age for election.
Each of the animals were reported to have had their bodies bled dry through a series of small circular incisions.
Each city had its own law, courts, and independent administration.
Each cabal was usually dedicated to one very specific area of the game which meant the cabal had to meet very regularly, in the case of Half-Life the members had to meet four days a week, six hours a day for five months.
Each caste had their distinct dresses, mores, hierarchical status.
Each had their own mores, hereditary privileges ( maiores natu et dignitate ), and endogamous practices.
Each of these had their own segregated sub-hierarchies-for example the prelates, the magnates and the nobles-in-laws.

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